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Thomas Wattson

Thomas Wattson has always been a car lover. His obsession started with wheels when he was very young and later dwelled into the intricate working of the parts of the different make and models. He keeps up with the latest trends, models, news, and the buzz of the car town, and passionately brings that information to the world.

How to Fix Car Dents: Tips for Car Dent Repair. Book Full Car Service with Acton Service Centre. The Best Power Steering Fluid of 2020. What To Look for When Buying a Used Vehicle: The Essential Checks. Winter Car Care: How to Take Care of your Car Battery & Tyres. Car Wash at home: How to Wash Your Car Easily. Exhaust systems and their ailments – Wheels Alive. Auto Detailing Guide: Which Colour is the Ideal one for your Car? The automotive world offers a plethora of options when it comes to its various parts, modifications, models, and of course, colours.

Auto Detailing Guide: Which Colour is the Ideal one for your Car?

Even though we may not view colours as a primal aspect when planning to buy a car, however, there is an emotional view involved in finalizing a car’s look. We have had so many people asking which car colour is the best to buy, which usually translates into which colour leads to minimal care and maintenance. The sporty ones go for red while the more serious ones opt for black and so on. If you’re stumbling across this article while planning the appearance and overall look of your car and are utterly indecisive on the colour, we are here to help. In this article, we will talk about the various popular car colours along with their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision and commitment to your choice of machine. Black – The Most Popular Choice Most car owners choose the dazzling Black colour as it enhances the overall look and feel of the car.

Grey. Car Brake Service - Car Brake Repair. A well functioning break is a vital part of the car and road safety which may result in loss of life and property.

Car Brake Service - Car Brake Repair

Delaying your car brake service or repair possesses a threat to you and others. When you sense something is off with your brake, contact Acton Service Centre for a quick check-up to rest the claim of something being damaged or broken. From squeaky noise to stickiness, your brake shows many signs before failing. Recognize these and come for an early in-depth check-up at the nearest car service centre and let our expert technicians do the rest. How to Check Tyre Pressure? Best Car Air Conditioning Service in Acton. How To Choose The Right Tires For Your Car In 2021. If the engine is the heart and soul of a vehicle, tires are the personality that decides where the engine goes.

How To Choose The Right Tires For Your Car In 2021

Known to be the most crucial part that guides the safety of any vehicle, tire maintenance and replacement becomes a crucial aspect of any repair work. It is interesting to note that even though the rubber covering of the wheel is responsible for accurate stops, slides, turns, and much more, many people tend to ignore it until the absolute last minute or do not have enough information to make a solid decision. And this is why we have this very simple and easy to read guide that will take you through the jargon of the automobile world and explain how you can choose the perfect tires for your machine. Coronavirus Cleaning: Are you Properly Disinfecting Your Car's Cabin? DIY: How to Change Car Windscreen Wipers. Motor Oils: How to Pick the Best Engine Oil for Your Car?

Auto Car Repair Services in Acton London

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Sports Car. However, the road is not without caution here, and we need to get some knowledge before diving into a huge investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Sports Car

Right from the Ferrari Series to a more nominal and pocket-friendly sports car; they all have their own set of specification, maintenance, fuel-efficiency, resale value, etc. In this article, we are looking at a few essential points that you need to know before purchasing a sports car. Let’s get started. Book Full Car Garage Services in Acton. How Does a Car Brake System Work? How to Take care of your Car During Winter? Top 5 Green Cars 2020 in the UK. Every country, whether big or small, is taking steps towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow, and the automobile industry is one that has brought forward the biggest change – Green Cars.

Top 5 Green Cars 2020 in the UK

Green Cars – cars that are eco-friendly, leading to minimal harm to the environment. Previously, 99% of the vehicles that we saw on the road used petrol or diesel. Green Cars are also more appealing to business users as the lower emissions lead to lower Benefit-in-Kind tax rates, from electric cars to hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Here are the top Green Cars of the year. BMW i3 It’s a BMW and a green car – so pretty much tops the list. The one-box design encompasses a four-seater interior with bare carbon fibre-reinforced plastic on the door sills and rear-hinged doors for access to the inside.

You did have a choice with the i3, either full electric with the i3 EV model or the range extender i3 REx. Nissan LEAF Toyota Prius The Prius Plug-in returns emissions of 49g/km and economy of 134.5mpg. Book Car Air Conditioning Services in Acton. Car Air Conditioning Service is as vital as maintaining any other part of the car.

Book Car Air Conditioning Services in Acton

Apart from improving the air quality of the car, it also brings major enhancement to passenger comfort. You might need it to beat the heat in summer, but there is much more than that. Like any other part, air-con is also subjected to wear and tear. Did you know that manufacturers recommend servicing your air-con every 2 years to keep it functioning at the optimal level? A well-functioning air conditioner improves the air quality inside your car, keeping the pollutants and bacteria at bay.

Car Servicing 101: Top Benefits of Regular Car Servicing. 10 Warning Signs that Tell Your Car Needs An Exhaust Repair. MOT Failure: What is MOT Failure & How to Avoid It? Rainy Season Car Care: 10 Tips for Driving in the Rain. What are the Different Types of Car Repair Services? Car Service Near You - Book Car Service Appointment. Best Car Repair Shops. Acton Service Centre is a leading car service centre serving Acton, a town in the United Kingdom.

Best Car Repair Shops

With expertise and years of experience to its name, ASC strives to bring the highest quality service at a competitive price. Car Servicing is something that every vehicle owner struggles with. Acton Service Centre works to reduce the hassle and provide you with fair pricing, expert advice, complete transparency, and many interesting offers to make it as easy as possible for you. Furthermore, you can also avail free pick up and delivery up to 1.5 miles radius (subject to availability). You can be assured of the quality as we only use manufacturer's recommended parts and original. At Acton Service Centre, we ensure that every customer has a pleasant and safe driving experience once we hand over the car. What is SORN? Statutory Off Road Notification Explained. When it comes to automobiles, the lengthy and complicated jargon and the working system can become exhausting.

What is SORN? Statutory Off Road Notification Explained

If that is not enough, you have to be well versed with the road and traffic rules to keep yourself updated and out of trouble. Surely, owning a car is a luxury and brings comfort and convenience into your life, but there are some things you should know if you’re a car owner. You might already be well-versed with the many benefits of regular car servicing and MOTs. In this article, we will be looking at Statutory Off Road Notifications (SORN), and all the rules and regulations involved with it. Let’s get started. What is the Difference Between a Car MOT and Service?

Best Acton Car Care Services. It is important to get your car regularly serviced to make sure any defects or problems do not go unnoticed and are rectified before they become a major problem for your car.

Best Acton Car Care Services

Although servicing your vehicle regularly is not a legal requirement, there are several good reasons why you should consider getting your car serviced on a routine basis. Moreover, routine service means you won't have to deal with a sudden breakdown and take on the additional stress. If you're worried that your vehicle is due for servicing, come into our service centre. How to Check a Used Car for Signs of Accidents. Buying a used car has its pros and cons.

How to Check a Used Car for Signs of Accidents

On the bright side, you can afford it easily, make your commute easier, and may even expand your choice to selective features that would otherwise be out of budget. On the other hand, you have to be cautious of dubious sellers who are looking for ways to pass the old issues to the new owner. It’s not an easy job, selecting a car that has been through its fair share of drive, but then it’s not entirely impossible. Whether you’re buying from a trusted source or just looking it up online, you must always indulge in a full-fledged inspection session before finalizing the deal. What may have passed on the first look can show itself during the test drive or on closer inspection. Car Repair Garage in Acton. Top 8 Ways to Improve your Car's Mileage.

Owning a car is more of a necessity than a luxury in the modern era. From family trips to emergencies, having your vehicle makes things considerably easy. With the car owners being responsible for regular maintenance, MOTs, and care, some people feel cars are comforting while others complain of too much work. If there is a single place where they both agree, it is the fuel efficiency. The ever-changing price of fuel along with the cost of maintenance proves itself to be heavy on the pocket.

Car Brake Fluid Check: Which Brake Fluid is Best for your Car? Full Car Service at Acton Garage. How to Revive A Dead Car Battery? Your car is a beast machine that has its cleaning and technical needs that are to be taken care of. From its internal working to its exterior, your car asks for regular check-ups and maintenance. Some of these jobs are not as important as others, depending upon the part of the car that we are talking about. This brings us to the issue that we are going to talk about today; the car battery.

It is, of course, a very crucial part of the vehicle, and without it, your vehicle will remain static and unable to even start. When you insert your keys and twist it, or push the start button, the starter motor is supposed to start the engine. Your car battery is designed to last for at least 3 years, and with good maintenance, you might even squeeze 7 years worth of work from it. Some causes that lessen the lifespan of the battery are: Top 5 Signs Your Car Suspension Needs Repairing. Seasonal Car Care: Top 20 Car Care Tips for Rainy Season. 5 Simple Car Checks to help Prevent a Breakdown. Your car is an intricate machine with its own set of maintenance and care which is essential for optimal performance. Whether you’re looking to buy a used car or simply are a new car owner anxious to keep it in good condition, preventive measures are essential.

All kinds of automobiles go through wear and tear which compels their owner to get them checked. But more often than not, they happen because of irresponsible drive, ignored filters and oils, and overused tyres. This car service centre in Acton has been keeping UK cars road-friendly since 2012. How often have you experienced a breakdown in the middle of an important day, either you are driving to your child's school competition or an urgent work meeting? A flat tyre, a heated engine, and so many little things derail you from the hustle of everyday life.

Your vehicle is a beast machine, with its own set of intricate functioning, parts, and work. And like any other machine, it demands attention with regular maintenance. For this reason and many more, a car servicing centre is an essential stop for car owners. Today, we are focusing on one such car service centre located in Acton, an area in West London, United Kingdom.

After eight years of business, the service centre has become a common stop for anxious car owners who want to know what is wrong with their machine. The benefit does not end here. Its booking system works on a personal basis, where you go on to its website, and fill in the details of your car and the services you are expecting. Contact Name: Full Car Service at Acton Car Centre. Best Acton Car Garage. A Definitive Guide to Car MOT: Is Your Car MOT Due? Squeaky Car Brakes: How to Stop Car Brakes from Squeaking? Car Service Dealership vs Independent Garage: Which is best? Car Suspension Guide: What is Car Suspension System? How To Check The Five Essential Fluids In Your Car? Your car needs as much maintenance and service as any other machine. With its wide range of benefits and convenience, it also brings the responsibility of servicing it regularly. While some of the tasks can only be performed by a trained professional, you can always find a way to ensure your car is in the best health with some DIY tips and tricks.

One of the essential parts of your car is the fluids that run through it to make the car more smooth and functional. When you go for a car service, your mechanic checks and replaces the fluids as and when required, but it is crucial to maintain them between the services also . Don’t worry! Let’s get started. Engine Oil The engine is the heart of your car, and you should be extra attentive to the engine oil as it keeps the internal parts lubricated and smooth. The rate at which your car consumes the engine oil depends upon the age of the car.

Coming to the ‘how to check it’ part, it is quite a simple process. Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid Coolant. Best Full Car Service Centre in Acton. MOT Rules And Extensions During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Car Servicing Checklist: What All Does A Car Service Include? Regular Car Servicing by Acton Car Service Centre in UK.