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New Year Revolution Retreat with NLP and Breathwork. Anshu Singh is an International yoga teacher, breath work facilitator, intuitive energy healer mindfulness coach, mother of two and all round advocate for joyful healthy living, at present calling Bali her spiritual home.

New Year Revolution Retreat with NLP and Breathwork

Being born in India and through exposure to her mother’s practice, yoga has been a part of her life since her childhood. Throughout her pursuit of ‘the American Dream,’ it was yoga that ultimately became the catalyst for her shift from corporate culture to spirituality. Anshu is passionate to bring fitness oriented yoga back to its ancient roots and essence. She has been teaching people to create their own home practice of yoga and meditation. Anshu is also very passionate about helping young women reconnect with themselves, their purpose and awaken their sexual life force creative energy. Detox Retreats Bali. Give your self a gift of self-love and change your life by choosing personalized detox program at Villa Gaia retreat specially catered to you and your needs.

Detox Retreats Bali

Our in-house herbalist will formulate the detox regime and type of juice drinks and herbal teas that are personalized according to your health needs. Do you ever get time only for you? To healTo cleanseTo be healthyTo be inspiredTo be wholeTo be nurturedTo rejuvenate in nature We adjust the nutrition package depending if you want to do a full deep cleanse based on liquids or can combine with raw food menu and vegetables broth. New Year Resolution Retreat - Gekko Retreats, Bali. ~ Helene Weiss Day 1 How to break out of anxiety now. How to break out of anxiety right now- Watch video. Detox Retreat Bali - Detoxification. The Power of Detox - Detox Bali Retreat. Photo from by Kimberly Snyder | Sep 2, 2011 | Weight Loss The benefits associated with detoxing the body are numerous and widespread.

The Power of Detox - Detox Bali Retreat

Just to be clear, a detox and a diet are two totally different things. Diets are all about restriction, elimination, and counting calories. The word “diet” has a negative connotation associated with it that can be summed up in one word: temporary. Let’s face it, the world we live in is toxic, and although we can’t control our environment, we can control what we eat.

The Beauty Detox Solution (BDS) is about a lifestyle change, starting with adjusting the way we treat our bodies. The good news is that it is never too late to start nourishing your system on a cellular level, and you can start today. 1. Most people are overfed and undernourished. 2. The key word here is natural. 3. It simultaneously cleans out your system like a gentle sponge while promoting healthy eating. 4. 5. Retreats, Yoga, Spa, Massage, Surf Yoga - Gekko Retreats (Denpasar, Indonesia) Things will happen when you live your dream. You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, haven’t you?

Things will happen when you live your dream

You’ve reveled in shallow friendships, numbed yourself in trivial distractions, and justified low-living for long enough. You’ve tried convincing yourself — to no avail — that you’re not the person you can’t seem to escape. Overtime, you’ve disconnected with your environment and relationships. You’ve started, little-by-little, to be more authentic with yourself and the world around you. Surprisingly, what took years to hide only took a moment of honesty to recover. Looking out. Are you living the best version of yourself? - NLP Training Bali. How NLP helps you reach your goals faster I feel very grateful to have had opportunity to take a course with Anita Kozlowski M.Sc., the founder of Live with Power NLP Seminars and Structural Psychology training institute in Canada.

Are you living the best version of yourself? - NLP Training Bali

I personally witnessed her courses bring intense transformations in participants lives. Anita Kozlowski likes to think of herself as mind scientist, she is internationally licensed NLP trainer, master of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Human Designer Engineering and a coach. Gekko Retreats: Anita, tell us what is neuro-linguistic programming and why is it so successful in creating fast changes in personal growth? Anita: True Neurolinguistic Programming is a powerful methodology in Applied Psychology. We are a product of how we communicate with ourselves. Fear of success is a good example. All about Azoospermia and Testosterone. Personalized Detox Retreat Program in Bali. Self Sabotage- How to Stop It - True NLP. Have you ever found yourself incapacitated, stifled, stuck and unable to complete a task you knew you had to complete?

Self Sabotage- How to Stop It - True NLP

Have you ever found yourself unable to start working on a task you knew was important? You probably experienced frustration, anxiety and self-doubt. You may have lost some sleep, thinking of what was going to happen if you didn’t finish the task? Perhaps you found yourself diverting your attention to other things such as television, housework, eating out. People are good at avoidance, at a cost. Self-Sabotage means “stopping yourself from succeeding”. Except when the voice of doubt wins and we are stuck incapacitated. How any times have you seen someone succeed, only to watch them crumble, seemingly without any logical reason? I have coached great many sales professionals whose results suddenly became less than what they were capable of achieving.

When I was done with them, they often quadrupled their sales. The “I Am….” Whatever follows these words, defines my outcomes. Travel Diary: Riding the Wave in Bali - Surf & Yoga Retreat. Surf and Yoga Retreat Bali Getting Ready to Surf I’m convinced I was a surfer in another life.

Travel Diary: Riding the Wave in Bali - Surf & Yoga Retreat

I love everything about the surfing lifestyle. The Retreat for Professional Development. Detox Bali Retreat. Retreat, Self Help & Motivational Books. Ayurveda Yoga Massage – get stretched! One of of Gekko’s great therapeutic finds on Bali is Ayurveda Yoga massage.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage – get stretched!

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a combination deep tissue massage followed by series of yoga stretching accompanied by breath work. You just lay there, breathe and the therapist does all the work! What are the benefits? The purpose is to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, release tension, restore harmony trough series of yoga postures and detoxify the body with the use of Ayurvedic oils and herbal powder applied during the massage. Even though your body is relaxing, it is a 90 minute healing workout! The Ayurveda Yoga massage has been developed in India, in Puna and studied and practiced for a number of years in the west. Ayurvedic oil and herbal powder applied during Ayurveda Yoga massage helps release the toxins from body and balance the three energies in our body: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and assists healing. Sesame oil and Calamus powder are doing the trick The therapist gives you a passive workout!

NLP Training Bali.