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The Art of Happiness - Retreat Book. Importance of taking time off - Mindfulness Meditation. When I was living in Europe, five years ago, I would take time off by taking my dog every weekend to the nearby hills to walk on trekking trails with my friends for hours.

Importance of taking time off - Mindfulness Meditation

Walking outdoors reduces stress and tension In the past three years after moving to Bali, hiking in the jungle being a bit less, I switched to walking along the ocean. Walking outdoors rejuvenates both body and spirit, whether it is a long hike in the wilderness or walking in the park or green areas in the city. NLP Training, Writing, Detox, Surf and Yoga Retreats in Bali. 6 available offers Jump to page: Page: 1 of 1 Previous Next.

NLP Training, Writing, Detox, Surf and Yoga Retreats in Bali

Chakra Balancing & Healing - Guided Meditation. Writing Retreat in Italy. Writing Retreat with Joseph Novakovich Josip Novakovich is a Man Booker International Award finalist.

Writing Retreat in Italy

He published the following: a novel, April Fool’s Day (in ten languages), a novella in three different forms, Three Deaths, and story collections Infidelities: ‘Stories of War and Lust, Yolk and Salvation and Other Disasters’ and also three collections of narrative essays and two books of practical criticism, including Fiction Writers Workshop. His work is anthologised in Best American Poetry, the Pushcart Prize collection and O.

Henry Prize Stories. He is the winner of the Whiting Writer’s Award, a Guggenheim fellowship, the Ingram Merrill Award and American Book Award. How to Balance Your Chakras with Sound. How Does Sound Healing Work AwaHoshi Playing the Quartz Crucibles to produce Pure Tone Octave Few weeks ago i have attended the annual Bali Spirit Festival for the second time in my life and it was a blast!

How to Balance Your Chakras with Sound

Very high energy, unconventional yoga sessions, breath work, lectures, good healthy food…All so yummi, equally so for your soul and for your body. Meditate easier with binaural beats. I’ve been meditating for years and it has always been a pleasant experience.

Meditate easier with binaural beats

My busy mind would calm down, thoughts would come and go and I’d always feel peaceful after meditation. But sometimes it was hard to concentrate, or should I say – let go and just be. How to be happy? How to be happy?

How to be happy?

My reading of the book Dalai Lama: The Art of Happiness What is happiness? Yoga Surf Retreat Bali. This surf and yoga retreat is not about filling you up with new ideas, it’s about making a space for you to be still, to tune into your own Guidance, to relax and be yourself, to discover what matters to you.

Yoga Surf Retreat Bali

You and the other participants fill in the space, that’s actually how magic happens. The Self Reflection and Writing Workbook On the Bali Yoga and Surf Retreats Rick uses the technique of self-reflection and writing The Purpose~Presence~Dreams Workbook. What Is A Retreat? Meditation on retreat It is an active type of vacation, in a quiet spot close to nature, which enables you to take time away from busy, stressful, everyday life.

What Is A Retreat?

On a retreat you get a chance to take care of your self-trough the holistic approach to body, mind and soul. It is a holistic way of reconnecting with your inner self, with your core, your internal power and with the rest of the world. Luxury Bali Detox Retreat - Retreat Organizing Services.