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Paul Davies is the only place to go for Kitchens and Appliances. Established for over 30 years the experience at Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances means you will only ever get the best advice on your new Kitchen or Appliances. At this family run business we ensure the staff will be friendly and professional offering only the best advice for you. As well as all the experience we provide we are also a Hotpoint Centre, A Canon Centre, An Indesit Specialist and a Hoover Centre of Excellence proving the fantastic quality you will find at Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances. All this is backed up by our fantastic prices ensuring only the highest quality and value. We having been pleasing customers for 30 years and you could be the next to sample and enjoy our fantastic range. To all of you, from all of us at Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Buy Washing Machine to Wash Away all your Clothes Washing Worrie

Kitchen Appliances. How fitted kitchen design adds fitness to your house - Paul Davies Kitchens And Appliances. Don’t make bloopers, Buy gas range cookers. Don’t make bloopers, Buy gas range cookers Want to cook something scrumptious and delicious?

Don’t make bloopers, Buy gas range cookers

Something which makes mouths water? Then you need Gas range cookers to help you in your culinary adventure. Here are some reasons why Gas Range cookers are you perfect cooking buddies- 1) Mr. Literally. 2) Mr. Electric cookers are energy guzzlers. 3) Mr. Electric cookers have a high maintenance cycle. 4) Mr. You can depend on gas range cookers in an emergency as well as in daily use. 5) Mr. Our latest range of gas range cookers are stylish and will look great in your homes. 6) Mr. Gas range cookers are cost affective. 7) Mr. If broiling is what you want to do, gas range cookers can provide an appealing unevenness to your food such as with potatoes or cheese on French soup.

Gas range cookers are a very good alternative to electric cookers. Buy fridge freezer online and make your food happy. Imagine the relief that your food would feel when it enters a fridge freezer.

Buy fridge freezer online and make your food happy

It would now not get spoilt. It would be free of worries. It would feel so happy to stay fresh and nutritious for you so that you can consume it safely whenever your hunger pangs hit you. Do something good for your food. Online Kitchen Appliances. We’ve been putting new thought and innovation into food for over eighty years, so it’s little wonder that at Stoves we have many industry awards to our name, including the Domestic & General TEQ Award for Customer Service.

online Kitchen Appliances

But in all that time, we couldn’t have done any of this without one person - you! You see, the people who inspire our thinking the most, are the people who use our products day in and day out. To that end, every product you’ll find in this website, be it a built-in, freestanding or range cooker, microwave, dishwasher or refrigeration, they have all been designed and built with you in mind.

Each design is fresh and inspirational, our technology's smart and revolutionary, and our build quality is always of the highest standard. Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances | 455 Manchester Rd Bolton United Kingdom BL3 2RG | Company Reg Number: 04188882 Registered Address: P & S DOMESTICS LIMITED, CRAVEN HOUSE, 32 LEE LANE, BOLTON, LANCASHIRE, BL6 7BY | Email Us. Get Dishwashers for Sale on exciting offers!

Dishwashers act as “God savers” for number of women.

Get Dishwashers for Sale on exciting offers!

It is the best alternative to washing the utensils by hand. With dishwashers you are satisfied as it is the most hygienic way of washing dishes. Welcome the leading Range Cookers in UK by thompsonprince. Range Cookers are specially designed to make your cooking easy.

Welcome the leading Range Cookers in UK by thompsonprince

Reliable cooking is one of the specialities of a Range Cooker. It is very important for you to choose the right Range cooker for you. Range Cookers are of various kinds like Gas, Electric, and Duel Fuel. It depends on you which Range cooker you select for your Kitchen. There are many things that you need to consider before buying a Range cooker. What Kitchen Showrooms offer? Kitchens are the most amazing thing that every woman loves to think upon in her house.

What Kitchen Showrooms offer?

There are a lot of Kitchen Showrooms that offer Readymade kitchen designs with well equipped cabinets and shelves. Creative Kitchen ideas and designs should touch the heart of people. Many modular kitchen designs reflect a sense of class through their design. Buy Teka Kitchen Appliances. Buy Teka Kitchen Appliances. One of the most popular brands: Candy Appliances. Candy appliances have won a great support of people all over the world.

One of the most popular brands: Candy Appliances

Candy kitchen appliances are gaining popularity day by day for its quality and advantages it offers its customers. What are the advantages that Candy appliances give? There are many brands in Kitchen appliances but Candy kitchen appliances offer many benefits on its appliances that you would love to know: Candy washing machines: The washing machine which can take large loads is always preferred. Candy washer dryer: Candy washer dryer allows you to save space in your kitchen. Candy ovens: Candy ovens are available in variety. New world Appliances online. Reflect your personality with Ready Made Kitchens.

Benefits of both the worlds with Dual Fuel Range Cookers. Dual Fuel Range Cookers give the advantage of both the worlds of electricity and Gas.

Benefits of both the worlds with Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Dual Fuel Range Cookers are very important for people who love to cook some dishes evenly and other in medium or high flame. They are the most famous Range cookers used by professional chefs. What are the sizes that we should consider when we buy Dual Fuel range cookers? The sizes of Dual Fuel range cookers are 50cm, 55cm, and 60cm. One thing that should be kept in mind before buying it is these cookers require a specific amount of space around them for ventilation. Smeg Kitchen Appliances online. Buy Neff Kitchen Appliances.

Welcome the simple design of Visor cooker hoods by thompsonprince. Visor cooker hoods are one of the famous kinds of cooker hoods that most of the people like to go for.

Welcome the simple design of Visor cooker hoods by thompsonprince

Visor cooker hoods are quite affordable to buy and give great advantages like removing grease and odour from the kitchen in fewer prices. Well, we all love smell that is produced while cooking but if this smell stick around in the kitchen, it produces foul odour. Thus, buying a cooker hood that extracts this smell and makes you survive in a cleaner environment becomes really important.

Dishwasher – a boon of technology by Thompson Prince. AEG Appliances Cash Back offers Up To £200. Special Designed Built-under fridge - Experience the world of cookers online. Cookers are the heart of a woman!

Experience the world of cookers online

The secret of every woman’s yummy recipe is a food cooked well in a cooker. Different types of Cookers are generally designed as per the requirement of a person. Buy Leisure Kitchen Appliances. Take advantages of Fitted Kitchens. Fitted kitchen designs can be the smartest choice if you are planning to renovate your kitchen. A fitted Kitchen design gives you an advantage of a professional as well as a clean kitchen. Why to choose Island cooker hoods? Buy Kitchen Appliances Online. Cooking appliances are best friend of a woman! Obviously they have become an integral part of modern kitchens nowadays. It has not only become easier for women to use these appliances but it has also become easier for men to operate these modern cooking appliances.

You can commonly find a stove, oven, fridge freezers, sink, dishwashers etc in a modern kitchen. It is obvious that these revolutionary technological developments in cooking appliances have changed the concept of conventional cooking methods. Buy Luxair Kitchen Appliances. Buy Hoovers Appliances. Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances. Why should you go for Candy Appliances?

Get ready for the Hotpoint appliances online! by thompsonprince. As, you all know Hotpoint is one of the best brands which is admired by people. Kitchen appliances always attract customers but Hotpoint is that one brand name that is well known for its best quality! Hotpoint provides varied range of products like Hotpoint washing machine, Hotpoint fridge freezers, Hotpoint Electric oven, etc. You can visit our website and search for the manufacturer you trust! Many people that visit our e-store want to know why Hotpoint is the most recommended brand. Well, you may get all your questions answered here: Does Hotpoint offers guarantee in all its products? It provides 5 years of guarantee in its products. What make its products so special? Every brand comes with its own importance and speciality which is different from its competitive brands. If my product comes out to be defective or if it requires any repair, how will the manufacture serve me?

Well, Hotpoint is great in providing customer service. Fridgemaster Kitchen Appliances. Experience the elegance of White Gloss Kitchen. If you think of adapting a style, I am sure you would prefer the elegance in it. Kitchens ought to be neat and clean and thus, Gloss white kitchens have made its way towards success. A little lustre always adds beauty to a kitchen. If you are renovating your kitchen or want a built-in kitchen then go for one of the most recommended kitchens in the world that is the Gloss white Kitchen. Reasons you should go for Gloss White Kitchen: 1) White is the color of elegance: White Kitchens would give you a deep sense of peace and relief whenever you enter in it. Experience the elegance of White Gloss Kitchen.

The ultimate relief: Don’t miss washing machine Sale! Don't miss the opportunity of buying best Kitchen appliances! Go for American style fridge freezers this year. American style fridge freezers have become popular among people. It is a unique kind of fridge freezer that allows storing more food. Get Tumble dryers on sale! - 3 Year Warranty on Leisure Range Cooker at Paul Davies Kitchen and Appliances.

Buy Online Miele Appliance. Welcome one of the best Kitchen showrooms in Manchester. There are various kitchen showrooms but the best one is that understands your requirement well. Bosch Kitchen Appliances. Traditional yet modern New Decor Cream Kitchen. Welcome an innovative way of washing dishes with Table Top Dishwasher. First of all I have explained why and how table top dishwashers are important. Go classy with Gloss White Kitchen. Nothing can ever beat the serenity of pure white colour! How_to_buy_fridge_freezer.

Aperfect guide to buy Dual Fuel Range cookers! Go with Ready-made Kitchens! Best Guide to buy washing machine online! - How to choose Kitchen Appliances? What changes has technology brought in our lives? Rangemaster Hood: The best Cooker Hood! Fagor Kitchen Appliances. Paul Davies Kitchens & Appliances. Buy online LG Appliances. LG is the brand that is Delightfully Smart. "Life's Good" slogan, and futuristic logo are a great representation of what we stand for. Global, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity and Technology are the pillars that this corporation is founded on; with the capital letters L and G positioned inside a circle to center our ideals above all else, humanity. The symbol mark stands for our resolve to establish a lasting relationship with, and to achieve the highest satisfaction for our customers.

Which Refrigeration appliance is best for you? It’s obvious that to choose a refrigerator is really a tedious job. You don’t have only one option available. Numerous options for refrigeration appliance leaves many buyers confused! We thought to avoid your confusion and guide you to buy a refrigeration appliance that would suit your requirement.

Paul Davies Kitchens and Appliances. Ovens are a great relief when it comes to cooking food easily. Thus, it becomes very important for us to make a wise decision when it comes in buying an oven. You should have an idea about which oven would go with your requirement. Here are some tips when you look forward to buy different ovens: Looking for an oven to bake and grill at a time. Know the types and go for best washing machines online! Cooking Appliances for Kitchen UK. Cooking Appliances for Kitchen UK. Cooking Appliances for Kitchen UK. Buy Hobs for Kitchens. Gas Cookers, Electric & Dual Fuel Cookers UK. Types of Hobs and Their Advantages and Disadvantages. Buy Cookers for Kitchens Online. Blog - Why gas hobs is an ideal choice for kitchens? Benefits Discussed.

How to Buy Hoods & Splashback for Kitchen Online? How to buy double oven? – A life saver cooking appliance. Blog - Single Oven: Ultimate and Exclusive Buying Guide. Belling Kitchen Appliances. Blog - Types of Hoods for Kitchen : Basic Kitchen to Professional Kitchen Needs. Blog - The Best of Falcon Appliances at Paul Davies UK. Blog - Belling Kitchen Appliances for a Stunning Kitchen. Beko Kitchen Appliances. Baumatic Kitchen Appliances. AEG Laundry & Kitchen Appliances. Cooking Appliances Online. Blog - Buying Guide for Dishwashers: Be a Smart Shopper. Cooking Appliances Online. Buy Hoods & Splashback for Kitchen Online.

Buy All in One Dual Fual Range Cookers Online. Blog - Bosch Appliances Offers Complete Range Of Home Appliances. Electric Range Cookers Manchester, UK. Blog - Why AEG appliances are an idle choice for perfect home setup? Gas Range Cookers Manchester, UK. Buy Gas, Electric & Dual Fual Range Cookers Online. Blog - Best Cooking and Home Appliances from Rangemaster. Free Standing Fridge Freezers Online. Integrated Fridge Freezers Online. LG, SMEG, Rangemaster Fridge Freezers UK. American Style Fridge Freezers. Buy Refrigeration Appliances. Blog - Cream Kitchens for Modern Elegant Look. Rangemaster Hood at Best Price in UK. Paul Davies Manchester UK. Buy Condenser Dryers Online. Washer Dryers - Laundry. Buy Washing Machines Online UK. Integrated Dishwashers for Sale in Manchester, UK. Buy Integrated & Slimline Dishwasher in UK. Rangemaster Hood at Best Price in UK.