Welcome to the Java OpenGL section of the j3d.org site. Here you will find a collection of tutorials, code and links relating to the combination of the OpenGL graphics APIs and the Java programming language. There are several different projects that are aimed at providing Java bindings to OpenGL. While there are no formal, officially-blessed bindings to OpenGL, there is one on the way courtesy of JSR 231. OpenGL Java @ j3d.org OpenGL Java @ j3d.org

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What follows are links to small bits of code and examples submitted by outside parties. Many of these use functionality no longer available in core OpenGL. GPU Skinned Skeletal Animation: Features GLSL GPU matrix palette skinning, normal mapping and LOD for animated OGRE XML files. Based on VC 2010.GPU Geometry Clipmaps: A minimal OpenGL implementation of the 2004 Siggraph paper on terrain rendering. Based on VC 2010.OpenGL 4 Tessellation Shader Tutorial: A simple OpenGL tutorial for using OpenGL 4 Tessellation Shaders. Based on VC 2010.OpenGL Win32 AppWizard: This appwizard creates a basic OpenGL application in MFC. Code Resources - OpenGL.org
In a follow up to my previous post that Mesa3D (the open-source implementation of the OpenGL API) will begin supporting OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 from the next release; Phoronix is reporting that the open source AMD driver for the R600 series of chipsets can now leverage the new OpenGL 3.0 support in Mesa. The open-source AMD drivers are remarkably stable, although slower than AMD's official "fglrx" driver. The new OpenGL 3.0 support is an amazing step forward for the open-source driver stack. NeHe Productions - Everything OpenGL

NeHe Productions - Everything OpenGL