Continuous Integration In PHP w/Jenkins According to Wikipedia, continuous integration implements continuous processes of applying quality control — small pieces of effort, applied frequently. In simple terms, you verify that your project meets the quality standards frequently. This way, you can catch any deviation early. Doing the integration in small increments makes it easier. Continuous Integration In PHP w/Jenkins
Inspiring Conference Last week I attended the Inspiring Conference, the leading event for all things TYPO3 FLOW and TYPO3 NEOS, in Kolbermoor, Germany [...] Disintegration Testing Sebastian Bergmann uses NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter as a hook to discuss different scopes of testing [...] PHPUnit 4.0: Test Proxies Sebastian Bergmann Sebastian Bergmann
PHPTAL :: Template Attribute Language for PHP 5 PHPTAL is a PHP implementation of ZPT work. To be short, PHPTAL is a XML/XHTML template library for PHP. While most web developpers continue to use ASP/JSP/PHP tags as the core language of their templates, the Zope community came with a refreshing idea named TAL. The idea was to move presentation actions inside XHTML attributes instead of using plain tags or elements. PHPTAL :: Template Attribute Language for PHP 5