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Salesforce debuts, a smart social productivity app for small teams. Salesforce has revealed a new web-based application called that combines task management with social features to create a smart way to get things done on your own and in groups.

Salesforce debuts, a smart social productivity app for small teams

Several other companies have tried and failed to make task management successful (there’s fresh competition from former Facebook staffers with Asana), so it’s telling to see Salesforce, which is known for its enterprise apps, trying to take a stab in this space. This suggests companies continue to believe there’s a huge market in helping people manage online tasks — and that no one has cracked the nut yet. captures the laid-back style of an upstart web application with a simple interface and intelligent HTML5 deployment, but it’s also built with Salesforce’s emphasis on reliability, accessibility and security. Pivotal Tracker - Simple, Effective Agile Project Management & Team Collaboration, from Pivotal Labs. Cohuman. Project management software, online collaboration: Basecamp. Netvibes.

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