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Sunrise Brilliantly Redefines Calendar Apps On iOS. Meet Sunrise, the calendar app that will replace every calendar app that you’ve tried so far.

Sunrise Brilliantly Redefines Calendar Apps On iOS

It’s the best calendar you’ll ever use. Behind its apparent simplicity, there’s a server component (like Mailbox), making it significantly smarter with data from Google Calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The app was made by ex-Foursquare designers who believe they may have finally figured out how to make the calendar a powerful tool. Sunrise first launched as an email newsletter that delivers your calendar information in your inbox everyday. Food Discovery App Burpple Now Available On Android.

Burpple, the social discovery app that seeks to connect food lovers from around the world, just released their Android app in public beta.

Food Discovery App Burpple Now Available On Android

Their iOS app was launched in December 2011. The app now boosts users from 140 countries and 4,000 cities who have shared 300,000 “food moments,” including photos of dishes consumed and check-ins at different establishments. In addition to functioning as a social discovery platform, Burpple also serves as a personal food diary and automatically fills in the time, place and food for meals frequently eaten by each user. While the Android app is in public beta, Burpple’s developers say they will release and update with more features frequently.

Avec cette application, votre smartphone prend en photo celui qui l'a volé. Lundi 28 janvier Mobiles et PDA - 28 janvier 2013 :: 09:13 :: Par Eric Lookout Mobile Security pour Android est une application qui prend en photo à son insu le voleur ou celui qui tente de dérober votre précieux mobile.

Avec cette application, votre smartphone prend en photo celui qui l'a volé

Ceux qui se sont déjà fait voler un smartphone de dernière génération et qui avaient laissé le GPS activé puis souscrit à un service de localisation ont déjà sûrement vécu cette scène quelque peu surréaliste, qui consiste à géolocaliser en direct les déplacements du voleur. Fuelled By A $200K Seed, Free Mobile Marketplace Vendly Wants To Be A ‘Twitter For E-Commerce’ Chilean startup Vendly, backed by a $200,000 seed from UDD Ventures – and now relocated to San Francisco and looking to raise a Series A this spring – wants to cash in on mobile by turning your smartphone into a free mobile marketplace.

Fuelled By A $200K Seed, Free Mobile Marketplace Vendly Wants To Be A ‘Twitter For E-Commerce’

The Vendly iPhone app lets you sell (aka ‘vend’) items; impulse buy from your friends (or strangers); and help others sell their items by ‘revending’ (think retweeting) their item on your profile so that all your friends/followers get to see it, too. Vendly is free for sellers to list and sell items on the marketplace, which sets it apart from auction sites such as eBay that generally charge sellers to list and take a cut of any sale. But Vendly’s social component is its key differentiator, according to Strauss. The app wants you to find and follow existing friends to create a trusted network to sell to and buy from — letting you link Vendly with your Facebook account, or invite friends and contacts via email to help build this circle.

L'application gratuite du jour : Footalk - Téléphoner gratuitement. Spraffl Launches As An Anonymous, Location-Based ‘Social Experiment’ Spraffl is a new iOS app that’s attempting to buck the trend of real name policy, or even semi-identifiable pseudonyms, in favour of an entirely anonymous social network, tied to a user’s location.

Spraffl Launches As An Anonymous, Location-Based ‘Social Experiment’

I say social network, when in actual fact the UK startup is dubbing the app a ‘social experiment’, and in some ways the concept is reminiscent of the anarchic and experimental nature of the Internet of yesteryear. Can Your Mobile Apps Be Trusted? [INFOGRAPHIC] Kicksend Releases An Android App For Sharing All Your Photos, Videos, and More. Last December, file-sharing startup Kicksend went mobile, with an iPhone app designed to enable easy sharing of photos and videos that are captured from your mobile device.

Kicksend Releases An Android App For Sharing All Your Photos, Videos, and More

Now, six months later, the startup is taking that same functionality and making it available to Android users as well. Kicksend, which was incubated as part of the Y Combinator Summer 2011 class, aims to make file-sharing easy, with a way to share and access photos, videos, and other large files across multiple platforms. The startup has a web application at that lets users connect to all their files online.

KurbKarma: A Social Network, And App, To Find Parking Where And When You Need It. We have all been there: you are in your car, you need to park, and you cannot, no matter how much you try, find a space.

KurbKarma: A Social Network, And App, To Find Parking Where And When You Need It

You see cars pulling away, but it’s too far for you to get there before another car swoops in. You see people walking and you trail them, hoping they’re heading to a vehicle. It’s a frustrating state of affairs, but a new startup, KurbKarma, is launching today at TC Disrupt New York to try to solve it. “Parking where and when you need it” is the basic idea here: you have people who have spaces they are about to leave; and you have people who need spaces.

The app (available for iOS) works like an ad hoc social network to link these people up. Spaces are “sold” with KarmaKredits: people who donate their spot pick up one KarmaKredit. Like many of the best ideas out there, KurbKarma came out of the immediate needs of its founders. About Last Night Wants To Improve Your Nightlife By Making It Even More Social. They say that all work and no play makes for some dull boys, and I think brothers Darren and Derek Dodge would definitely agree with that sentiment.

About Last Night Wants To Improve Your Nightlife By Making It Even More Social

The two of them have just launched a new iPhone app called About Last Night here on our Disrupt stage that aims to connect fans of the nightlife and help them find the best parties, clubs, concerts, and games every night. “We like to think of ourselves as a social network completely geared around nightlife,” Darren told me. Pair, the Social Network for Two, Launches an Android App. Pair, an app that helps couples stay in touch, no longer discriminates against cross-platform romance.

Pair, the Social Network for Two, Launches an Android App

The startup launched its first Android app on Tuesday.

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Photos & Videos apps. Ephemeral messaging. Social Networking And Gaming Mobile Apps Are Now Neck-And-Neck For Time Spent On Android, iOS. In another sign that something fundamental is changing on the iOS and Android platforms, mobile analytics provider Flurry has found that consumers are spending as much time in social networking apps as they are in mobile games.

Social Networking And Gaming Mobile Apps Are Now Neck-And-Neck For Time Spent On Android, iOS

Games have historically led usage on mobile. The last time that Flurry took a look back in January, it found that half of app sessions were spent in games while 30 percent was spent in social networking apps. “We take the rise in Social Networking apps as a signal of maturation for the platform,” wrote Flurry’s vice president of marketing Peter Farago. “As game demand may be hitting its saturation point, consumers are also discovering other apps, namely Social Networking.” You can actually visually see the changes on the charts compared to a year ago. Flurry also found that the time spent is affecting the revenue that apps in both categories earn. Flurry results are a little worrying for the mobile gaming industry. Cinemagram, an app for creating and sharing animated GIFs, adds 1 million users in six weeks.

The animated GIF is one of the few native art forms on the web, a delightful micro-movie which has spawned countless memes. Cinemagram combines the stylish filters and simple sharing of Instagram with a app that allows users to turn short three-second videos into animated GIFs. In the six weeks since it was released as a free app on iOS, it has added more than one million users. “We released it as a paid app back in February and tried to keep the community small while we worked out the kinks,” said co-founder and CEO Temo Chalasani. “We built a strong group of creative minds, figured out to flag inappropriate content, and since launching the free version in March, have just seen incredible growth.” Chalasani is in Silicon Valley right now raising money — we hear a round in the million dollar range. The 25 Most Important Online Project Management Solutions. Ski Lift Ticket Retailer Liftopia Goes Live On iPhone. San Francisco-based Liftopia, an online retailer of lift tickets and mountain resort activities, is launching its iPhone app today.

The app’s title is quite the mouthful: “Liftopia Ski Reports, Snow Conditions and Ultimate Lift Ticket Deal Engine App.” Whoa! So there’s the news, I guess – it’s all in the app’s name. Oh you want more info? OK. Mappy lance un GPS gratuit pour Android et l'iPhone. Lightbank Backs Belly, A Customer Loyalty And Rewards Platform For Local Businesses. A new Chicago-based startup is emerging today as a contender in the local business customer loyalty and rewards space. Belly (formally Bellyflop) is hoping to replace those old punchcards you receive at local merchants. And the startup is debuting with an investment from Lightbank, the venture firm founded by Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell.

While the exact amount of the investment was not disclosed, we understand it is in the seven-figures. Belly wants to reinvent customer loyalty rewards through gamification and digital check-ins. But the startup has a slightly different take on how to achieve this. Ness Adds Social Sharing To Its Mobile Restaurant Recommendation App. Ness Computing has just launched a new version of its restaurant search engine app that takes its existing recommendations technology and adds in new sharing services. Yes, there are plenty of restaurant recommendations apps out there, and social tie-ins are increasingly common on mobile devices. But what Ness does is already special, and getting better with the new version. [La Start-Up française de la Semaine] : Europa Apps. Cet article fait partie d’un nouveau rendez-vous hebdomadaire sur Presse-Citron. Une nouvelle start-up française vous sera présentée chaque semaine : le Jeudi à 11h.

Ce mois de Décembre sera consacré aux start-ups en pleine phase de lancement. [LeWeb'11] Foursquare, Instagram, les derniers chiffres clés ! Depuis 10 heures ce matin, les conférences s’enchaînent à LeWeb’11. Karl Lagerfeld, Eric Schmidt, Joanna Shields ont notamment pris le micro. Appoke et Genymobile lancent une solution d’app store clé en main. Appoke, la plateforme alternative et sociale d’applications Android, et Genymobile, jeune entreprise spécialisée dans le domaine de la mobilité, viennent d’annoncer un partenariat dont l’objectif est de proposer une solution d’app store en marque blanche, adaptable aux besoins des clients.

[Chiffres] 85% des applications payantes vendues dans le monde sont sous iOS. Selon les estimations de Gene Munster, analyste chez Piper Jaffray, reprises par le site Fortune, Apple serait le leader incontesté du marché des applications payantes. En effet, selon le cabinet, entre 85% et 90% des applications payantes vendues dans le monde seraient sous iOS. Ecrasé, Android ne récolterait donc que les quelques miettes que lui laisse son concurrent. Le cabinet précise toutefois que la dominance d’Apple baisserait légèrement dans les années à venir pour s’établir à 70% des parts de marché d’ici 4 ans. The mobile app is going the way of the CD-ROM: To the dustbin of history. “Forget being in love with the open web and all that touchy-feely stuff.” Jay Sullivan is Mozilla’s vice president of products, and for a spokesperson of one of the open web’s dearest darlings, he’s on a tear.

“If you want to have a variety of mobile apps, it gets expensive… that’s a lot of apps to build,” he told VentureBeat in a recent interview. Sullivan is making a strong case against building native apps and for the mobile web as the new platform to (literally) end all platforms. Now, a number of developments make his words especially timely. Yahoo has just announced Yahoo Cocktails, a set of tools for developers to use that make web apps look and behave more like native apps. Even Adobe is scrapping Flash for mobile phones and pinning its hopes on HTML 5 for the mobile web. “This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.” Stop Making Apps. There are a bunch of iPhone apps I own though I have no clue what they do.