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Is a Google+ Profile Going to be Essential to Future Job Searches? Despite heavy promotion, Google+ has you suspect not delivered the results hoped for by Google (yet).

Is a Google+ Profile Going to be Essential to Future Job Searches?

They do appear however to be making some changes that could see your Google+ profile proving fundamental to your job search. They have updated their company job board so as to support Google+ profiles. This allows users to not only see more relevant search results, but to star jobs they want to save. The update seems to suggest that Google are planning a push into the job market. This isn't a huge surprise, as both recruiters and candidates have long used social profiles to promote themselves online. Google+ désormais intégré au Chrome Web Store. Mercredi 4 juillet Réseaux sociaux - 4 juillet 2012 :: 12:12 :: Par Rénald.

Google+ désormais intégré au Chrome Web Store

Google+ Now Has A Tablet Version, Events, 250M Users, 75M Daily, More Mobile Than Desktop. Today at Google I/O , Google announced it has 250 million total users, 150 million monthly users, and 75 million daily users, with more usage from mobile than desktop.

Google+ Now Has A Tablet Version, Events, 250M Users, 75M Daily, More Mobile Than Desktop

It released an Android tablet version too, and an iPad version is coming soon. [Infographie] 20 bonnes raisons de passer à Google + Vous songez à quitter Facebook pour Google+ et ainsi en faire votre réseau social de prédilection?

[Infographie] 20 bonnes raisons de passer à Google +

Le site Internet Mashable met en avant une infographie convaincante, mise sur pied par un cabinet d’études, sur les raisons pour lesquelles le service Google est utile, voir plus utile que les autres réseaux sociaux. Google+ Local, les recommandations locales et sociales. Par Olivier Duffez, Vendredi 1 juin 2012.

Google+ Local, les recommandations locales et sociales

Exclusive: New Google+ Study Reveals Minimal Social Activity, Weak User Engagement. Larry Page recently called Google+ the company's "social spine.

Exclusive: New Google+ Study Reveals Minimal Social Activity, Weak User Engagement

" If that's the case, then Google's backbone might be much weaker than Page has been letting on, at least according to a new report from RJ Metrics. This week, the data analytics firm provided Fast Company with exclusive new insights on Google+. The findings paint a very poor picture of the search giant's social network--a picture of waning interest, weak user engagement, and minimal social activity. Google calls the study flawed--we'll explain why in a second--and has boasted that more than 170 million people have "upgraded" to the network. With Its New Google+ iPhone App, Google Finally Gets It Right. Some people just love Google+ and others just hate the company’s efforts to create a social network and a social layer across all of its services.

With Its New Google+ iPhone App, Google Finally Gets It Right

Google+ reached 20 Million Unique Visitors, Facebook still tops with 171 Million Unique Visitors. Digg The recent report of unique visitor’s traffic from Compete shows great growth in all of the social media platforms.

Google+ reached 20 Million Unique Visitors, Facebook still tops with 171 Million Unique Visitors

Much anticipated Google+ seems show fastest growth among the giants with 20 Million Unique Visitors on the url The biggest jump that any social media platform ever experienced was during last quarter of 2011. With only 3.1 Million in August 2011 to 13.4 Million in September 2011. That’s a more than 10 Million unique visitors hike. Facebook, after much debate of underestimating Google+ as the smaller version of its supremacy, continues steadily.

However, what we can analyze here is not a very good success in itself for Facebook. Google+ Gets Video Status Updates. Google+ just got a feature that takes a bite out of YouTube.

Google+ Gets Video Status Updates

Google+ users can now post video recordings as updates to their circles. In the video sharing menu, there's now a 'Record video' option that turns on the webcam. After recording, the video can be shared as an attachment to a post. This kind of personal broadcasting is something YouTube is known for, but now informal video updates can be shared straight to Google+ circles.

The Google+ stream allows all kinds of in-your-face content, including animated GIFs and Google Music players, and now it adds impromptu video updates to the mix. These video status updates bypass YouTube and go straight to the stream. Would you post a video update to your circles? Oh Great. Google+ Got A Built-In LOLcat Generator. Google+ now has a meme text generator for images, allowing the Internet to parody itself until it's no longer funny.

Oh Great. Google+ Got A Built-In LOLcat Generator

The Google+ stream, already jammed with animated GIFs, full-width images and videos, Google Music players (theoretically) and 1,000-word rants, is now a full-fledged competitor to I Can Has Cheezburger. Google engineer Colin McMillen announced the feature this morning. The Google+ Creative Kit for editing images already had a text tool with lots of fonts to choose from, but this "funny text" tool is more brutal. Just drag an image into the share box, click 'Add Text,' and then there are boxes for top, middle and bottom text. The default font is white Impact, perfect for LOLcats. Google+ dans le collimateur des autorités de la concurrence ? Et si Google+ était en fait un succès ? Passée l’euphorie des premiers jours, les analystes ont été nombreux à qualifier Google+ d’échec. Les utilisateurs se sont inscrits en masse… pour ne pas faire grand chose. Un réseau social que personne n’utilise, c’est forcément, un échec, non ?

Google+ Is Coming To Gmail & Contacts, Including An Automatically Updated Address Book. Been avoiding Google+? Too bad! Google announced today that Google+ is being deeply integrated into both Gmail and Google Contacts. Through a widget on the side of your Gmail screen, you’ll be able to see the most recent Google+ post from the person whose email you’re viewing, and you’ll be able to add them to your Google+ Circles right there. You’ll also be able to sort your email and your contact lists using the Google+ Circles you’ve created. But the absolute best part?

Oh hey, look at that. Google+ Introduces Automatic Face Recognition To Photo Tagging (But It’s Completely Opt-In) No, Google is not launching super-creepy facial recognition, so put those pitchforks down. But it is introducing a new feature to Google+’s photo app, which now makes it a bit easier to quickly tag your friends. It’s called ‘Find My Face’, and while the name leads me to recall scenes in the classic Nic Cage/John Travolta film Face/Off, it’s a feature that plenty of users will find handy.

It’s pretty straightforward: opt into Find My Face, and the next time one of your friends uploads a photo that you’re in, they’ll see your name as a suggested tag. It’s very similar to the semi-automated facial tagging that Facebook launched earlier this year, though with one key difference: unlike Facebook’s feature, which automatically opted users in, Google is asking for explicit permission before it turns it on. Of course, the fact that the feature is opt-in means that fewer people are going to be using it.

Google+ To Take On Foursquare With Upcoming “Check-in Offers” Feature. It looks like Google+ is adding a feature that will allow users to “check-in” via the Google+ mobile application in order to receive a time-sensitive deal or discount. This feature is mentioned in Google Places’s help documentation, but has not yet been made available to business owners using the Google Places service. Google check-ins have a confusing history, it has to be said. Participate in a Google+ Hangout Without an Android or iPhone. Google+’s greatest feature is Hangouts. It lets you have a multi-person video chat with up to 10 people. It is also very easy to use and, best of all, is free to use. But, what if do not have a iPhone, iPad or Android phone with a front facing camera?

This is no longer a big problem because Google just added…A new extra for Hangouts with extras: make phone calls from inside a hangout The Google+ user starting the Hangout can’t use the Hangouts button on his or her default page. Once there, you and your ordinary landline or cell phone can be added to the Hangout if the initiator follows these instructions. 1. These outgoing calls are free for phone numbers in the U.S. or Canada. Via TechCrunch. [Infographie] Qui sont les adeptes de Google + ? Ages, genres, nationalités, revenus, activité… Flowtown a récemment publié une infographie synthétisant les dernières statistiques de Google +.

On y apprend notamment que la plateforme est largement plébiscitée par les hommes (63%), contre seulement 37% de femmes. Parmi les autres chiffres clefs : La tranche d’âge la plus représentée sur la plateforme : les hommes de 24-25 ans.Sur 40M d’utilisateurs, seuls 17% seraient réellement actifs.La plateforme compte 5,3M de VU aux Etats-Unis. L’inde arrive en deuxième position avec 2,8M de VU. La Grande Bretagne se positionne pour sa part sur la 3ème marche du podium avec 860 000 VU. Google+ Was Never a Facebook Competitor. The social web is a well reported topic within the media today, and for good reason. We are in a transitional change with how we communicate with each other online, how brands reach consumers and how organisations market to their audience. We are undoubtedly immersed in the technology age, and our lives, the way we interact with others, is changing totally. The monumental success of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's world leading social platform, has enticed brands, consumers, investors alike, and the world is continually awaiting for that 'next big thing'.

A likely reason therefore that the majority of news stories, magazine articles and blog posts on Google's latest foray into the social web repeatedly draw up comparisons to Zuckerberg's global giant. Brad Jordan is Head of Social at U.K. Predicting the next big thing is often easier than some might think. Take the iPod for example. Google+ Gets Its TV Commercial. La plateforme Google+ contre Facebook, ou l’enjeu des données personnelles pour la publicité online. Google+ intègre YouTube. Jeudi 3 novembre Web - 3 novembre 2011 :: 17:56 :: Par Jean-Baptiste. Google+ Launches Brand Pages [updated] Google has launched Pages for brands and businesses, creating a new type of profile analogous to Facebook's fan pages. Pages show a verified account symbol as well as a new, square icon, both at the top and on a 'Share this page' button on the left sidebar. It also has a blue 'Create a Google+ page' button.

The +1 button is prominently displayed below the profile picture. Is Google+ worth your time and effort? “Why should I be interested in Google+?” This was a common question I both pondered and came upon from others while writing Google+ for Dummies. It’s a great question – after all, all my friends and family are on Facebook and I’m certainly not going to find them over on a new network by Google, at least not yet.

But the answer kept coming back to me as I got to know those working on the product, and as I started to understand the intentions of the product, that Google+ was not just any other social network. Google+ is simply a new feature of Google. In fact, I think it’s very likely that in the future we will see the “+” removed from Google+. The Brand Pages Faceoff: Google+ vs. Facebook. Last week Google+ introduced brand pages, an almost exact match for Facebook Pages. While Google now claims that Google+ is not a competitor to Facebook, the Pages products are so similar that they are bound to go head-to-head.

Brands are going to end up getting more value out of one or the other. In this post we look at the early efforts of two leading luxury car brands: BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The comparison shows that Facebook has a clear first-mover advantage in user numbers and its comparatively advanced developer platform. 4 Excellent Examples of Creative Google+ Business Pages. La gestion multi-administrateurs sur les pages Google+ : pas avant 2012 ! Google+ lance les "Tendances" (Trends) Google Plus Installs Photo Face Recognition.