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Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) BSPlink - A GLOBAL VISION. BSPlink - A Global Vision BSPlink is the global interface for travel agents and airlines to access the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).


IATA currently provides services for the settlement of financial transactions between travel agents and the airlines. BSPlink Manual Agents May 2009.pdf. HOMU Funct. guide.pdf. ADM FORWARDING to GDS.pdf. Billing and Settlement Plan. Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) (also known as "Bank Settlement Plan") is an electronic billing system designed to facilitate the flow of data and funds between travel agencies and airlines.

Billing and Settlement Plan

The advantage of such an intermediary organization is that instead of each travel agency having an individual relationship with each airline, all of the information is consolidated through the BSP. BSP's are organized on a local basis, usually one per country. However there are some BSP's which cover more than one country (for example the Nordics). The International Air Transport Association states that at the close of 2009, there were 86 BSP's covering more than 160 countries worldwide, while at the close of 2011, there were 88 BSPs, covering 176 countries and territories serving about 400 airlines, with gross sales processed amounting to USD 249 billion.[1]