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Bitcoin. Ethereum. Blockchain. Google Analytics. Auction Website. Marketing Tools. Price Comparison website. Joomla. Traffic Travis. Scrooge. Données Personelles. Handwriting font creator. Driving Dreams by Daniel Tomicic and Gianluca Migliarotti. Slide Makeovers: Buffer’s Social Media Guide. Given the popularity of the last Slide Makeover, I’ve decided to offer up another example for your learning and education.

Slide Makeovers: Buffer’s Social Media Guide

This one comes to us from our friends at Buffer, and their guide for how often to post on social media. The deck has gotten more than 38,000 views, but we think it could have gotten more with a more powerful design. Consistency & Logo The original slides were dark with the exact same background, which can quickly lose a viewer’s attention.

For for the redesign, we chose to make it fun and exciting by utilizing photography-based backgrounds.


SEO. Analytics. Cristiana. SCPI. Classic Cars.

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