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Filing for a divorce can be confusing and time-consuming! Grab a chance to get your divorce done without any hassles whatsoever only with the best Paralegal services at From filling out your divorce legal forms to keep you updated about the dates and latest motions in the case, we do all the confusing work for you. website:

Divorce with child. Do it yourself divorces. Divorce kit. Disability claims consultant. Disability claims consultant. Medical power of attorney. FAQ - Health Care Power of AttorneyCall (734) 425-1074 or Click Here Advance Directive for Health Care What is an "advance directive"?

Medical power of attorney

An advance directive is a written document in which a competent individual gives instructions about his or her health care, that will be implemented at some future time should that person lack the ability to make decisions for himself or herself. Must I have an advance directive? No. Are there different types of advance directives? Yes. What is a "Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care"? A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, also known as a health care proxy, is a document in which you give another person the power to make medical treatment and related personal care and custody decisions for you. Is a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care legally binding in Michigan? Yes, based on a state law passed in 1990, called the Designation of Patient Advocate (PA 312 of 1990, later repealed/replaced by Article V, Part 5 of PA 386 of 1998).

Yes. Yes. Yes. Quit Claim Deeds. Quit Claim Deed KitCall (734) 425-1074 or Click Here A Quit Claim Deed is used to transfer or "quit" any interest in real property from one person to another or to add a person(s) interest in a property.

Quit Claim Deeds

A Quit Claim Deed can be used to transfer the interest (ownership) of a property from one person to another person or persons. A Quit Claim Deed can also be used to ADD a person's (interest) name to a property. For instance, adding a new spouse, child or grandchild with: Joint Tenancy Rights with Rights of Survivorship: A joint tenancy with rights of survivorship means that two or more owners hold title to an asset together.

Financial power of attorney. Disability claims consultant. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITYLEGAL REPRESENTATION AND ADVOCACY SERVICESNo cost to you to get started Representation that works your case personally, from start to finish, with nationwide supportCall (734) 425-1074 or Click Here Everyone knows that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can be extremely difficult to obtain.

Disability claims consultant

Many people feel that the system is designed to be so complicated and time-consuming that the average applicant will simply give up the struggle to win. Many people also feel that the system expects you to give up on fighting for the benefits you deserve! We don't stop till you win, we are YOUR winning team, we don't give up.

AGAINST ALL ODDS, we win disability claims! Our Advocates have received training in a program designed to exceed any requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration in compliance with the Social Security Protection Act of 2004. Temporary Custody Orders. Do it yourself divorce. FAQ - Divorce KitsCall (734) 425-1074 or Click Here Is the price listed on this website the TOTAL price?

Do it yourself divorce

Our price covers everything except the initial Court Filing Fee for Divorce, which we may be able to get waived if you are on Social Security Disability, meet Federal guidelines for low-income households, or are receiving FIA benefits. All other filing fees for other paperwork and motions (all of which we file for you) are included in our price. For all the divorce packages that are listed? After I fill out the information request form and pay for my divorce package, what happens next? We email you the forms needed for filing. So you're not going to send me a bunch of paperwork all at one time for me to try and figure out which form I'm suppose to be filling and when I'm suppose to file it? We walk you through EACH step, and we take each step ONE step at a time.

I don't have much knowledge of the court system. That's what we're here for! Qualified Domestic Relations Order. Medical power of attorney. Financial power of attorney. Health Care Power of Attorney KitCall (734) 425-1074 or Click Here As with planning for authority over finances, planning may also be made for the possibility of health care needs or living arrangements should a person become incapable of giving direction.

Financial power of attorney

Again, a clear understanding of what legal arrangements are available and when they are useful allows you to keep control of these choices as much as possible. While a General Durable Power of Attorney is needed to give your agent authority to make financial decisions, a Health Care Power of Attorney is needed to give another person authority to make health care choices for you. The Health Care Power of Attorney, like the General Durable Power of Attorney, is authorized by Michigan law and, when properly completed, the patient advocate (the appointed person) speaks for you when you are not able to communicate your own wishes.