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Finance and insurance software development. Strategic Software Partner. With reliable services and the ability to meet a range of IT needs, TMA became a strategic software partner for most of our clients.

Strategic Software Partner

By choosing TMA as a strategic software partner, you can: Focus on your core businesses and leave the IT challenges to our engineering team Leverage our solutions, resources, and competencies to expand your capabilities and service offerings Have a one stop shop for all your IT needs instead of working with many small vendors Minimize overhead on contracting for each new project Since our principle is to grow with our partners, we offer our full capabilities to meet our partners’ needs: Flexible service offerings Support from different teams on technical matters Strategic planning with top management. Offshore Software Development Services. Software outsourcing to Vietnam – guidelines for first time outsourcers. Now that you have decided to go with Vietnam offshore software outsourcing, you must make a decision on which city and vendor to select.

Software outsourcing to Vietnam – guidelines for first time outsourcers

Since this is your first time with a Vietnam outsourcing company, choosing a city and evaluating vendors can become very complicated if you don't know how to approach it from the very start. Below are some guidelines to help you get started, as suggested by a top Vietnam software outsourcing company with extensive experience working with global clients in 25 countries over 18 years.

Step 1: Define your objectives and vendor criteria Based on. International rankings of Vietnam software outsourcing –2015 updates. Vietnam is considered the new outsourcing powerhouse of the world, with positive international rankings, for software outsourcing in general and workforce in specific.

International rankings of Vietnam software outsourcing –2015 updates

Below are the most updated rankings in 2015: General rankings Top 5 Tier 1 Emerging-Market Locations in APAC, Gartner 2015 Top 20 outsourcing cities in the world for Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi – two major cities of Vietnam, Tholons’ 2015 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Workforce Top 10 countries with highest human capital index in APAC, Human Capital Index 2015 Top 10 countries with the most engineering graduates, Human Capital Index 2015 Top 2 countries in the world with best English proficiency of IT workforce, English Proficiency Index for Companies 2015 Top 5 countries in Asia with fastest improvement in English skills, English Proficiency Index 2015 For details, please refer to the whitepapers below. KPMG 2015: Workforce – the key reason to outsource to Vietnam.

A strong labor force is among the top reasons that Fortune 500 technology corporations brought their outsourcing operations to Vietnam.

KPMG 2015: Workforce – the key reason to outsource to Vietnam

The country is in a period of “demographic bonus”, when the labor force participation rate (population aged 15 – 64) is over 50%. With a young, dynamic, and well educated workforce, Vietnam is becoming a new outsourcing powerhouse of the technology world. With the Vietnam ITO Conference being held in 2015, KPMG conducted a survey on the Vietnam ITO industry from July to August of 2015. A total of 80 companies operating in the IT business participated in the survey which revealed the customers’ insights on Vietnam software outsourcing. According to the report, Vietnam is considered to be an attractive destination for IT outsourcing services due to its young and highly trainable labor force, competitive cost structure, and a stable business environment.

Key highlights from Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference - VNITO 2015. Ho Chi Minh City – Oct 16, 2015 - VNITO 2015, the biggest Vietnam IT Outsourcing conference was successfully held at Saigon’s Times Square for the first time.

Key highlights from Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference - VNITO 2015

The conference gathered 100+ international investors and vendors from 20 countries including the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, and Singapore, as well as 100+ Vietnam software outsourcing companies and many IT universities, creating an effective business matching platform for buyers and Vietnamese software outsourcing vendors. The conference included a notable lineup of speakers discussing the potential of Vietnam software outsourcing from different perspectives All keynotes and presentations from the conference are available for download here: Some of the key highlights from the conference include:

TMA - Largest telecom software outsourcing provider in Vietnam. Presentation-checklist-select-viet-nam-software-outsourcing-vendor.pdf. TMA Solutions: Offshore Software Development Services. TMA Solutions: Offshore QA & Software Testing Services. Why Vietnam for Offshore Software Outsourcing. One of the most stable and secure countries Young and well-educated population 60% of 90M population under 40 66% of Vietnam’s population are in the working age range Literacy rate of more than 90% 1.6M students Large talent pool for software industry 50,000+ ICT graduates per year Supply will continue to exceed demand for many years.

Why Vietnam for Offshore Software Outsourcing

TMA - 2nd largest software outsourcing company in Vietnam. Top Offshore software outsourcing company. TMA has good customer focus and they are good at listening to our feedback and taking action.

Top Offshore software outsourcing company

Rick Hansen, Regional CIO, Brightstar (Australia) What sets TMA apart is its ability to ramp up a project quickly with TMA employees. Other software development companies often have to hire to fill demand for new work. Steve Roatch, President & CEO, 27Global (USA) The management team is attentive, responsive to feedback and demonstrates initiative in continually improving effectiveness. Lori Ciaralli, Engineering Director, Network Management & Security, GENBAND (USA) With dedication and training, TMA were able to successfully grow this team. Avaya Engineering Director (USA) It is the ramp up capability which differentiates TMA from other providers. Rick Hansen, Regional CIO, Brightstar (Australia) Although there is a significant time difference of 11-12 hours between us it appears that we receive 16 hours daily service.

Avaya Engineering Director (Canada)