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Popcorn Sweet Potato With Homemade Barbeque Sauce. Welcome to my popcorn sweet potato with homemade barbeque sauce.

Popcorn Sweet Potato With Homemade Barbeque Sauce

If you are going to have something healthy then it doesn’t get any better than this. The inspiration for this recipe came from one of my all time favourite fast food places…..KFC. In fact I am so naughty I was only last there a couple of weeks ago. I am really not bothered for pieces of chicken and have probably only had them twice in my life. Impress Your Friends With Fancy Homemade Butter and Crème Fraîche. 5 Minute Easy Sweet Bread Recipe. I love a great sweet bread.

5 Minute Easy Sweet Bread Recipe

It’s easy to eat for breakfast, a snack or dessert. It’s just as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Sweet bread takes just 5 minutes hands on time and requires just staple ingredients. Paprika Cheez-Its. For the past few weeks, everyone has begun gushing about the commencement of fall, and all I could think about was ice cream, cold drinks and basically dunking my entire head into a vat of iced water.

Paprika Cheez-Its

We just finished up a pretty intense heatwave and pumpkin spice was the furthest thing from my mind. Homemade Beer Bread - Julie's Eats & Treats. Homemade Beer Bread ~ Quick and easy beer bread with ingredients you have on hand!

Homemade Beer Bread - Julie's Eats & Treats

Ok who knew homemade beer bread could be this easy? Not me. I always bought the prepackaged boxes that you added beer to and poured butter over the top. Obviously making your own was much more labor intensive right? Not so much. Even I can carve out an extra 5 minutes in a day to make homemade beer bread. If you want to you could even mix up some bags of the mix so when you want a loaf of beer bread you have it all ready to go. Carrot and cheddar bites. Coconut oats with brown sugar bananas. Hello, new favourite breakfast!

Coconut oats with brown sugar bananas

Microwave potato crisps. There are certain aisles in the supermarket that I avoid going down because there’s just no point in tempting myself.

Microwave potato crisps


Coffee Shop Oatmeal to Go! This year has been awesome!

Coffee Shop Oatmeal to Go!

It's been a really busy year, full of traveling for both work and fun times. :) I've found myself grabbing breakfast at many a coffee shop, or even the airport. I've come to love, what I call "coffee shop oatmeal. " It's fast, delicious and super filling. This also makes a fantastic breakfast for when you need something quick but crave something homemade. This takes minutes to put together and provided that you have a travel mug or bowl, an easy breakfast to take on the go. Coffee Shop Oatmeal, makes one serving. 2/3 cup quick cooking oats1/2 cup mixed nuts (I used pecans, sunflower seeds and chia seeds)1/4 teaspoon cinnamon1 tablespoon sugar, brown sugar or honey*2/3 cup milk *You can adjust the sweetness level to your liking or cut out the sweetner entirely. Combine all the ingredients, besides milk, in a heat proof mug or small bowl. For added flavor you could add fresh berries or dried fruit. Enjoy this friends!

Makeat herkkupalat

Sparkling champagne and strawberries recipe. Strawberries and champagne are a classic pairing that can be served at weddings, galas or just a good old fashioned girls night.

Sparkling champagne and strawberries recipe

Pop open a bottle of champagne! Whether it’s used to welcome the New Year, toast the bride and groom, or pour over bikini-clad women in a music video, champagne is a sign that something special is going on. This celebratory gelatin encases fresh ripe strawberries in effervescent layers of the perfect bubbly.

To get the full champagne glass effect, mold the gelatin in tall cups—just make sure, for unmolding purposes, that the opening is wider than the base. Ingredients3 tablespoons (3 envelopes) unflavored gelatin powder2 cups cold water1 cup sugar1-1/2 cups cold champagne1-1/2 cups cold ginger ale1 cup sliced fresh strawberriesDirections1 In a saucepan, sprinkle the gelatin evenly over the cold water and allow the gelatin to absorb the water for 2 minutes. 2 Transfer the gelatin mixture to a bowl, add the sugar, and stir until dissolved.

Mango Coconut Striped Popsicles. We are in the midst of the dog days of summer.

Mango Coconut Striped Popsicles

The days are long, the sun is bright, and the nights are cool and fresh. In the summer, I'm drawn to fresh foods, light dinners, and chilled treats. Though my usual desserts during the summer are ripe fruits, some days I just need something a little different. While ice cream can be oh so nice, sometimes it's just too rich to eat by the side of the pool. I recently rediscovered popsicles after buying a popsicle mold. When I was growing up, popsicles were part of the daily culture at daycare. Blue was my favorite flavor simply because it would dye my lips and tongue a bright shade of the sea—a fun accessory for any seven year old. Minimally Invasive » Macaroons. Gil tends to half-ass his way through Passover every year (since I showed up) and I’m more than happy to indulge that half-assery, as it makes things So Much Easier for me in the kitchen.

Minimally Invasive » Macaroons

He avoids the major grains, but still indulges in beans and spices and continues to be all honey badger about pork and shellfish. Yes! Because I’m already gluten-free, I’ve taken this grain-free opportunity to go more fully Primal this week, using the 80/20 principle (if you’re doing the Primal thing 80% of the time, don’t worry so much about the other 20%). These macaroons were my entire 20% for the day and I wish I’d made more. Despite lacking the baking gene, I resolved to make macaroons after eating one of those canned abominations so prevalent this time of year. It turned out to be quite easy, surprisingly enough, thanks to Martha. The recipe didn’t include chocolate, but c’mon. Homemade Extracts. Hi guys! As you can probably tell Jenny and I are way into Christmas and love giving homemade gifts as presents.

We already shared with you a cute wrapping situation for one of our banana bread recipes, and today we thought we would do homemade extracts. We are giving you recipes for five different kinds: lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and orange. So you can either made all five, or pick you favorite and go with it. Extracts are really easy to make, the only thing you really need to give it is time, these extracts take about two weeks to make.

Homemade Extracts Makes 1 cup each extract Ingredients:cinnamon extract:1 cup brandy4 cinnamon sticksvanilla extract:1 cup brandy3 vanilla beans, split with the “caviar” scraped outorange extract:1 cup high quality vodkapeel of 5 oranges, ALL pith removedlemon extract:1 cup high quality vodkapeel of 5 lemons, ALL pith removedgrapefruit extract:1 cup high quality vodkapeel of 3 ruby red grapefruits, ALL pith removed Directions: 1. 1. 2. 3.