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Making the planet a better place by practicing Simple Things. Spread the Goodness. Goodness doesn’t essentially lie in doing great things. It lies in performing small acts consciously. What does it take to spread little kindness on a daily basis?

KakaraVarnaSarvangi - Image source All Glories to Divine Mother!

KakaraVarnaSarvangi -

I offer my obeisance to Divine Mother my Kali who chooses Her Name 19 to be KakaraVarnaSarvangi. Kakara means “Ka”, Varna means letter and Sarvangi means all Her limbs. So KakaraVarnaSarvangi means the One who is all the limbs of the letter “Ka”. “Ka” means cause, in this case it refers to the primal cause of anything and everything. KasturiRasaLiptangi - Thethirdi. Image source All Glories to Divine Mother!

KasturiRasaLiptangi - Thethirdi

I prostrate at the feet of Divine Mother Kali with the name KasturiRasaLiptangi. Kasturi means musk, Rasa means juice and Liptangi means limbs smeared with. 10 Powerful And Classic Quotes To Understand Your Anger. Is it possible to be free from anger in the material world?

10 Powerful And Classic Quotes To Understand Your Anger

Not quite. Then, is it possible to be angry but not ruin your peace of mind? A big YES. To quote Om Swami, the realized Himalayan Monk and my Spiritual Master, “Anger remains the greatest test of one’s spiritual evolution, patience and wisdom.” 10 Powerful And Classic Quotes To Understand Your Anger. 10 Strong Quotes to Understand Desire - Thethirdi.

Desire is one of the tendencies of the mind that every human is familiar with.

10 Strong Quotes to Understand Desire - Thethirdi

Every human life runs through a plethora of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires. Om Swami, a Himalayan mystic, a realised master and an author of several bestsellers like ‘A Million Thoughts’ and ‘Mind Full to Mindful, very simply puts “When we fail to abandon our thoughts, they assume different forms. They can become desires, expectations or emotions.” How To Break Free From The Clutches Of Being An Introvert or Extrovert? Arijeet Dey, one of my team members from the SEO team, requested me to share my thoughts on this question.

How To Break Free From The Clutches Of Being An Introvert or Extrovert?

How to break free from the clutches of being an introvert or extrovert? I asked him the reason of such topic and he said due to the pandemic and the lockdown, some people have started thinking of themselves as introverts, especially since the social life is all ruined. What does that mean? Does it mean that they had never reflected on it before and thought themselves as quite outward person and due to the lockdown, in the absence of going out they have started feeling like an introvert? Let us try having a look at why is there a big fuss about being an introvert or extrovert in the first place. 12 Influential Tips to Memorize Chantings - Thethirdi. It’s an individual thing when it comes to memorizing long chants.

12 Influential Tips to Memorize Chantings - Thethirdi

Just from my experience of memorizing the Rudram, Chamakam, Vishnu and Lalita Sahasranamam, the Gita, and many other chants, it’s about discipline and practice. The chant must consume you. It should be the foremost thing on your mind. That’s the first requirement. This usually happens on its own, where the chant calls to us, and not the other way around. Here are some tips: Record yourself chanting and take notes – did you miss an anusvara? 10 Powerful And Classic Quotes To Understand Your Anger. KamaniyaSvabhavini - Thethirdi. Image Source.

KamaniyaSvabhavini - Thethirdi

Piecefull Mind or Peacefull Mind - The This is a true incident.

Piecefull Mind or Peacefull Mind - The

It so happened the other day, the Team leader of one of the teams in a company dropped his resignation stating that he won’t be able to serve anymore and that the staff is capable enough to take care of the projects. This was the second time he had resigned in less than 3 months. Previously when he resigned the reason, on being asked, he told was that he was frustrated as there weren’t enough projects. 3 Simple Ways to Understand Fear - “There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires” – Lord Buddha.

3 Simple Ways to Understand Fear -

Musings on Divine Mother - How to overcome fear in life? Steps to overcome fear. Last week in the wee hours of the morning I had a dream.

How to overcome fear in life? Steps to overcome fear

There was a mighty tiger I saw. Not a zoo tiger or a circus tiger, a real wild mighty beauty of nature. And it was crouching towards me. 7 Ways to Calm a Restless Mind - Human mind is a fabulous tool handed over to us to accomplish whatever we wish to. The power of the human mind is unparalleled and incredible. It has been seen those who are able to understand their mind are better able to handle every situation no matter how challenging it may seem. To quote Eckhart Tolle “All problems are illusions of the mind”. Does that mean there are no problems for those who have a comprehension of their minds? Kamini - Thethirdi. Image Source. Oh Secret Santa! Do visit again. - Christmas is around the corner. Probably that is why the Divine Mother thought of giving me a break from writing on Her name.

She’d rather I reflect on the merriment that Christmas brings every year negating the biting chill of the winter season. Her wish is my command. So here I am taking a stroll down the alleys of nostalgia, laden with fond childhood memories woven around this beautiful festival. My father had made this a thumb rule that our early education must be completed in convent school.

Our boundless exhilaration was met with full support at home too. One such Christmas eve, I remember I was in grade 8 at that time, I was lying in my bed, wrapped in the warmth of blankets, trying to sleep. 9 Powerful Mantra Chants to Improve your Mental Wellness - Today is Mental Wellness Day and here are my two cents for you with a sincere hope that you benefit from them. Out of the several things that I have been blessed with in this life, one of them is chanting. Earlier I used to do it only as a part of my devotional exercise but ever since I started using the Black Lotus App, chanting has become my best buddy. I have been devoting certain time daily now to my chanting for more than a year, thanks to Black Lotus for making it so simple. Mantras are positive energy laden words that have the power to reprogram your mind, break patterns that disturb you and make you more mindful and aware. Chanting helps you to cope better with the ever bustling 21st century world that apparently results in stress, anxiety and depression.

Chanting is as old as the probably the world is, especially in Hinduism.