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Vail, Colorado

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Bike Paths in Vail CO. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about Bike Paths in Vail, CO helpful.

Bike Paths in Vail CO

Colorado has adopted an ambitious, state-wide recreation path initiative to create a non-motorized, multi-use recreation path to connect Denver International Airport to the border of Utah and be accessible to all residents and visitors. The Eagle Valley Regional Trail is the 63-mile, Vail Valley section of this state-wide recreation path and is a paved, arterial trail, that spans the county from Vail Pass at the east end to Glenwood Canyon at the west end. Eventually, it will also include a major spur trail traveling from Dowd Junction to the town of Red Cliff, through Minturn, CO. Currently, although a majority of the paved path is completed, the trail still relies on some shared use of roads by bicycles, pedestrians and motor vehicles. Pump Tracks Near Vail, CO. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about pump tracks near Vail, Colorado helpful.

Pump Tracks Near Vail, CO

When the snow begins to melt in the mountains of Vail, Colorado most people look forward to trading in their skis for their bikes to hit the trails. Local bike parks are a great place to practice your biking skills and lately many bike parks have been expanding to include pump tracks. Pump tracks are the newest rage for bike enthusiasts of all abilities and they are the perfect way for kids to burn off energy in a safe and controlled environment What are Pump Tracks Pump tracks are carefully designed dirt trails that allow riders to maintain or increase their speed by strategically weighting and unweighting (“pumping”) their bikes through turns, dips and hills, with no need to pedal. Riders stand and use their legs and upper body to propel their bikes around the trails. Rock Climbing near Vail, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about rock climbing near Vail, CO helpful.

Rock Climbing near Vail, Colorado

The Vail valley boasts a diverse array of world-class climbing, and many are just a short drive from town. Whether you are a never-ever or a seasoned pro you will find tons of routes that are fun and challenging. Climbers can enjoy a multitude of sports climbing, trad climbing and bouldering in the area. Sport Climbing –Sport climbing is the latest trend in rock climbing and requires a climber to follow a pre-bolted climbing route that allows them to safely clip into pre-placed bolts and anchors. Sport climbers can safely fall repeatedly while trying to solve a tough move or learn a particular route because they are already roped in.

Trad Climbing -Traditional(Trad) climbing is both a demanding physical and an intellectual endeavor that involves carrying and placing protection along the rock as you climb rather than clipping into pre-placed bolts. The YDS grading system is made up of 3 parts: Skateboard Parks near Vail, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about skateboard parks near Vail, Colorado helpful Snowboarding and skate boarding share many similarities so it’s no surprise that when the snow begins to melt in Colorado many start looking forward to trading their snowboards in for skateboards.

Skateboard Parks near Vail, Colorado

Most skateboard parks around Vail are made for skateboarders, bikers, scooters and aggressive inline skaters or roller bladers to use and enjoy. Each park is designed for its specific location and to provide unique challenges to its users. However, most parks fit one of three types of design: bowl, street plaza or flow parks. Bowl Parks – Designed to emulate pool skating, the curved walls of bowls allow skaters to ride around and across the bowl as well as back and forth. Street Plaza Parks – May be the skater’s favorite and are designed to improve street skating skills.

Alpine Touring in the Vail Valley. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about alpine touring in the Vail Valley helpful.

Alpine Touring in the Vail Valley

Alpine touring, also known as skinning, uphill skiing, splitboarding, off-piste or randonee skiing are all different synonyms for backcountry skiing that embraces the idea of “skiing” or “touring” the mountains, and there is no better place than Vail for this type of adventure. When skinning, specialized bindings leave your heel free and allows the toe portion of your boots to pivot so you can move like you are hiking, but with skis on your feet. With this freedom you can “skin” uphill and then ski down or across mountain terrain. This fun, Nordic activity shuns the ski lift and embraces climbing to the top of each run without mechanical assistance, under your own power and then gliding back down the slope. In order to go up the mountain you will employ “skins”. The adhesive side sticks to your skis and the mohair side goes towards the snow and allows for traction as you ascend. Camp Hale. Airports Near Vail, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about airports near Vail, Colorado helpful.

Airports Near Vail, Colorado

There are many airports in the area that are dedicated to getting visitors to the mountains quickly and safely, but flying into Vail, Colorado is not always an easy feat. Deep snow, ice, high elevation, mountainous terrain, regular air turbulence, decreased engine performance and complex high altitude flying conditions all lend themselves to making flying into western Colorado challenging. But with certified pilots and state-of-the-art facilities, these regional airports make sure you get here safely. So whether you are coming for skiing, rafting, hiking or golfing pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable Colorado adventure. See Also: Best Travel Ski Bags.

Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about horseback riding in Vail, Colorado helpful.

Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado

There is no better way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Colorado than from horseback. These magnificent animals can get you into the back-country and onto an adventure like no other. Whitewater Parks near Vail, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – We hope you find this article about whitewater parks near Vail, Colorado helpful.

Whitewater Parks near Vail, Colorado

This list of local whitewater parks in western Colorado ensures boaters and spectators enjoy a beautiful day riverside. What is a Whitewater Park? Whitewater parks, also known as kayak parks are dedicated areas on rivers constructed with boulders or man-made features to create waves, holes and eddies that allow boaters to hone their boating skills while having fun. Whether you enjoy kayaking, rafting, canoeing, SUP, packrafting, fishing, swimming, tubing, picnicking or just spectating these whitewater parks offer tons of recreational opportunities throughout the summer months. When’s it Open? Whitewater parks in Colorado are generally open from May though September but the actual season is dependent on the weather, the spring snow melt-off and the daily water flow of the river. Best Ski Runs at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about the best ski runs at Beaver Creek helpful.

Best Ski Runs at Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek Resort is a luxurious, world-class ski area that is located just 8 miles from Vail, Colorado. It consists of 3 very distinct European-like villages, each with its own corresponding ski mountain; Beaver Creek, Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch. It offers 1,800 skiable acres with more than 150 ski runs accessible via 25 lifts. The mountain offers an ideal mix of 19% beginner trails, 42% intermediate trails and 39% expert/advanced areas. Every year Beaver Creek hosts the Birds of Prey World Cup —currently, the only World Cup race held in the United States. Ikon vs Epic Pass -Which Pass is Best? Welcome to ThinkVail – We hope you find this article about Ikon vs Epic Pass helpful.

Ikon vs Epic Pass -Which Pass is Best?

The Epic Pass debuted in 2008, and it was a game changer for the ski industry, today the Epic Pass and the Ikon Pass have emerged as the two competing powerhouse ski passes. These popular, multi-destination, multi-day ski passes are revolutionizing the industry because they enhance the visitor’s experience while reducing risk for the ski resorts, creating a win-win scenario. Although, both passes boast ski destinations around the world, Colorado has the most concentrated number of major ski resorts in North America and is hands-down, the most popular for ski vacations. In addition, Colorado is home to millions of native skiers in the Denver area who buy a season pass every year, so it’s sensible to start by comparing what both passes offer in terms of Colorado amenities. Hot Springs Vail, CO. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about Hot Springs near Vail, CO helpful. Vail, Colorado is blessed to live smack dab in the middle of an abundance of amazing hot springs from primitive, undeveloped, natural mineral springs tucked into river banks to luxury resorts that offer every convenience while soaking.

Geothermal heated hot springs boast a variety of therapeutic benefits and leave soakers rejuvenated, relaxed and soothe sore muscles. These traits are why these springs have been sought after for centuries, starting with Ute Indians who would travel for days to reach these warm, miracle waters. Hot springs in Colorado can be enjoyed summer and the winter, and hiking to and soaking in a hot spring as the snow gently falls down is a memory you will never forget. Enjoy these inviting waters and all they have to offer. Hot Spring Tips See Also: Best Colorado Hot Springs Guidebooks.

Vail Area Golf Courses-Golfing on High. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about Vail area golf courses helpful. The elevation of the Vail Valley ranges from East Vail at 8,200 ft. in elevation to Gypsum at 6,300 ft. in elevation and includes summit courses that top out at 9,200 ft in elevation. We are certainly up there in elevation, and it will affect your game, but mostly for the better. Higher elevation means thinner air and thinner air means less friction on the golf ball, which mean shots will travel considerably farther than usual.

Vail golfers will enjoy watching their balls fly 10 percent farther than at sea level, so get ready to hit the ball distances you’ve only dreamed of before. In addition to your ball traveling significantly farther, it will curve less. When golfing at elevations above 5,000 ft, choose a softer golf ball, it will spin more than normal and help compensate for the thin air and lack of friction. Hooking and slicing the ball is also affected by altitude. Vail Valley Disc Golf Courses & Tournaments. Disc golf is a popular activity that seems like it was custom-made for the Colorado mountains. Vail Valley disc golf courses get you outdoors on beautiful, natural courses, hiking from hole to hole, with a quiver of lightweight discs. You will enjoy breathtaking scenery and lovely weather while trying to avoid obstacles like trees, rocks and rivers to sink the disc into the target. These disc golf courses are the perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiasts looking to have fun.

Scroll down for more information about Vail Valley disc golf courses & tournaments. Colorado Elk Hunting Tips & Information. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about Colorado elk hunting tips & information helpful. Elk and big game hunting is HUGE in Colorado and fosters positive benefits to the economy and its wildlife management efforts. Generating approximately $2 billion each year, big game hunting, and Rocky Mountain Elk hunting, specifically, is an important part of the Colorado experience.Regulated hunting seasons manage and track the number and health of elk and deer and keeps herd populations healthy and sustainable. Hunters help to make sure the herds grow and thrive here, in Colorado! More than 125,000 big game licenses are issued each year to hunters for several hundred dollars each. But it does not end there, studies show that the average hunter will spend upwards of $275 per day during their hunting trip.

Although Elk hunting is not inexpensive, it is unforgettable, and to bag a trophy elk in Colorado is thrilling. See Also: Best Gear for Elk Hunting. Snowmobile Rentals in Vail, CO. Welcome to ThinkVail – we hope you find this article about snowmobile rentals in Vail, CO helpful. After a few days of skiing and snowboarding Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts, you may want to take a day off from the slopes, but what should you do? Snowmobiling is a great alternative to the busy slopes and an opportunity to do something different with your family. Snowmobiling is a fast-growing sport and it’s easy to see why, you can cover miles and miles of breathtaking terrain and elevation without breaking a sweat, enjoy incredible scenery, and all while having the time of your life!

Whether you’re a never-ever or a snowmobiling pro, the Vail area has tons of options for a good time. Alpine Touring in the Vail Valley. Vail Mountain Biking Trails. There are a TON of amazing Vail mountain biking trails in the Vail Valley. From the iconic single track trails of Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek to the hidden gems of Minturn and Eagle Vail and the new mountain bike utopia of Eagle, Colorado. Bike riding is the perfect way to explore the new areas. It combines speed and a sense of adventure with the ability to go further and faster than you can just walking or hiking. By riding a bike you can span entire mountains, from top to bottom and ridge line to ridge line and take in an array of breathtaking views along the way.

Ice Climbing Vail Colorado. Spring in Vail Colorado-Events you Can't Miss. Kids Winter Activities in Vail Colorado. Vail Ice Skating. Dog Joring Equipment. When the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops, try a new outdoor adventure with your dog and go winter DOG JORING! Dog joring is skiing or snowboarding while being pulled by a canine. Any medium to large, active dog that loves to run will enjoy this activity and it’s a great way to bond with your favorite four-legged friend. If you have been thinking about dog joring, check out these tips and suggested dog joring equipment to get you started safely and quickly with all the right tools. Vail Dog Parks - Dog Friendly Parks & Trails. Yoga in Vail, Colorado. Yoga is the practice of tying breath to movement. Yoga strengthens the body while inducing flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation and satisfaction. Weddings in Beaver Creek Colorado. Vail Wedding -The Best Venues for your BIG Day. Looking for something exceptional for your Vail Wedding?

Vail, Colorado has a wonderful array of wedding venues for your special day. Vail Weddings - Venues in Beaver Creek and Beyond. Perfect Ranch Weddings in Colorado. Looking for an authentic Colorado setting for your wedding? These ranch inspired venues in the Vail Valley are perfect, if you dream of walking down the aisle in cowboy boots surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking scenery. These venues embody the rustic beauty of Colorado and let you and your wedding guests be a part of it. Check out this list to find the perfect ranch wedding in Colorado for you.

See Also: Wedding Cowboy Boots for Women. Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Colorado. A list of where to go paddle boarding in the area, local outfitters that rent and give lessons and a video of paddle boarder on the Colorado river. My newest obsession is stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) around the Vail Valley. It started at the beginning of last summer when I took a SUP yoga class with Colorado Mountain College. Halloween Events in the Vail Valley.

Best Vail, Colorado Gift Souvenirs. How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado. The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain. What To Do In Vail - Fun Adventures. Beaver Creek Ski-In Ski-Out Hotels. Vail Hotels-Pet Friendly Resorts. Vail Winter Events Calendar. Best VAIL Holiday Gifts. Vail Ice Skating. Best Ski Runs in Vail-Where the Locals Ski. Vail Weddings - Venues in Beaver Creek and Beyond. Vail Wedding -The Best Venues for your BIG Day. Churches in Vail, Co-Vail Valley Worship Services. Hut Trips Colorado- Awesome Huts Near Vail. Vail Discount Ski Tickets- 5 Ways to Save. Skijoring Leadville CO - a Rodeo on Skis. Beaver Creek Snowshoeing & Snowshoe Race Series. Preventing Altitude Sickness in Colorado. Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado.