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Calgary based Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency with expertise in Marketing Technologies - SEO, Online Advertising on Facebook, Google; Web Technologies - Ruby on Rails, PHP, Wordpress, iOS/Android development, AWS, Heroku, AngularJS, MongoDB etc.

Best Local SEO Services Calgary. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that aims to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Best Local SEO Services Calgary

The purpose of SEO services is to enhance online visibility, build credibility and ultimately, generate organic traffic that translates to sales conversions. Staying top of mind with your target audience is the competitive edge you can leverage against your competitors and gain more customers. SEO is transforming day-by-day. With new technologies, such as voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and the rise and evolution of mobile experiences, Google is focusing more on mobile-first indexing. To get you high return-on-investment (ROI), we help you to connect with the right audience, streamline the traffic to the sales funnel and tap the benefits.

The need for a local SEO company in Calgary & Edmonton like us is essential because SEO is complex. Monthly Ecommerce Website Maintenance Services Company Calgary & Edmonton. Remember the first time you bought your brand-new car and want to make sure you keep it as shiny and running for as long as possible?

Monthly Ecommerce Website Maintenance Services Company Calgary & Edmonton

And to do so, you have to bring it in for maintenance to get the oil changed or simply through a car wash to keep the exterior clean. To stay healthy in the long-run, we go for regular health checkups to keep the issues at bay. Similarly, for businesses, to have a smooth-running business and bring in more sales or customers, websites need regular check-ups and maintenance. For most companies, their website is the most valuable asset online, and yet, very few have it maintained. Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services Company Calgary & Eddmonton. “I don’t need an ecommerce site because there are other platforms I can sell through.”

Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services Company Calgary & Eddmonton

This is true, you can do that. However, nothing builds customer trust and loyalty than having your own, customized ecommerce site. LinkedIn Advertising Services Company, Marketing Company Calgary,Edmonton. Website Development Services Company/Web Application Agency Calgary, Edmonton. “Buying a template should be a suitable alternative to a custom-designed website.”

Website Development Services Company/Web Application Agency Calgary, Edmonton

Website templates may be easier and cheaper to launch. Yet website templates do not consider the uniqueness of your business and the lack of customization won’t generate new business opportunities. Custom designed websites have its advantages: integrated with your CRM system, optimized for performance and designed to increase lead generation. “I know my business best so my website should reflect exactly that. Our website will be better done in-house.” Yes, we do agree that your website should reflect your brand. “Custom-designed websites are expensive.” There are freelancers that offer to build you a functioning website for $500 or less, but the quality won’t compare to a custom-designed website. “We have an existing website, we don’t need to update it.”

Customer preferences and shopping habits constantly change which means so should your website. Google Ads Management Company Solutions Calgary, Edmonton. “I’ll just place the highest bids and that should generate lots of clicks.”

Google Ads Management Company Solutions Calgary, Edmonton

Google may be out there to make profit from businesses that are advertising, but it also cares about its reputation. Google constantly updates its algorithm to make sure that the engine delivers results that are close to perfect from what was searched (they even hire people to make sure this happens). So by bidding high for a certain keyword does not guarantee that your ads will generate a lot of clicks. In this case, ‘quality over quantity’ holds true. “I don’t need Google Ads Services, I have SEO.”

Unless you are already on the first page of Google for the majority of your keywords and have maintained that position, we recommend to have both Google Ads and SEO work side by side. “I can run Google Ad campaigns on my own.” Shopify Ecommerce Web Development Company Calgary & Edmonton. There is an increasing demand for online shopping that it is hard for businesses to overlook this reality.

Shopify Ecommerce Web Development Company Calgary & Edmonton

We’re experienced Shopify development company with deep experience in design, branding, and digital marketing. And we’re veteran eCommerce entrepreneurs ourselves—so we see a business opportunity, not just pixels and code. We offer Shopify development services in Calgary, Edmonton and all over Canada building beautiful e-commerce solutions that engage, persuade and convert.

Shopify is the most recommended e-commerce platform, when you seek to have control on the entire e-commerce website and online store. This platform comes with a built-in app marketplace that can be easily integrated with any CRM automation software like HubSpot. Some of the notable features in Shopify: Social Media Marketing Services, Advertising Agency Calgary & Edmonton. Over the years, social media has gained a lot of popularity and is only continuing to rise.

Social Media Marketing Services, Advertising Agency Calgary & Edmonton

Social Media Marketing platforms are always evolving. In 2019 alone, an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide! No wonder social media advertising services are a widely used option by marketers in Calgary, Edmonton, and around the globe. Facebook Marketing Company,FB Advertising Agency Calgary & Edmonton. Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency, Calgary. Best SEO Services Company Calgary - ThinkTech Software Inc.