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"Think Studios is a design focused Architecture and Interior Design Studio with an Intent on creating meaningful relationships through its work. Contact Number:- +917675040666 Visit:-

Luxury interior designing or designers in Hyderabad

Home furniture designing in Hyderabad. Think Studios Interior Designers in Hyderabad, India is an innovative designing firm that aims to give superior results.

Home furniture designing in Hyderabad

Our designs are inventive and original. Customise interior furniture designing in Hyderabad. Interior furniture in Hyderabad. Workspace furniture designing company in Hyderabad. Office furniture designers in Hyderabad. Workspace interior designing in Hyderabad. Commercial office interior designers in Hyderabad. Best Corporate office interior designer in Hyderabad. Top modern interior designing company in Hyderabad.

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Building Designers in Hyderabad. Best Architects in Hyderabad. Home Theatre Interior Designs. Family time is the best time.

Home Theatre Interior Designs

Even if it is just watching a movie together. Especially, when the movie watching experience can be mind-blowing with your very own home theatre. So, what makes a good home theatre? There are some very crucial elements that go into making the perfect home theatre and today we will tell you those elements and how we at Think Studios incorporated them for one of our movie-buff clients.

Sound A movie watching experience can be immersive only if you are getting enveloped by the accompanying sound. Light A perfect home theatre has just the correct amount of darkness, with no stray slivers of light spoiling your movie experience. Seating A great seating in a home theatre would be the kind which will give each viewer an uninterrupted view of the screen and perfect comfort.

Fun That is the crux of the whole thing. Residential & Villas -Thinkstudios. Every new year comes with unlimited possibilities and a chance to make life even better, realise dreams, scale new heights.

Residential & Villas -Thinkstudios

The turn of the year brings a promise of being exceptional. Of expanding horizons and testing boundaries. The year-end often witnesses people taking stock of the year gone by, evaluating successes and learning from failures, getting wish-lists and goals and plans ready for the new year. For it is a fresh start, a new beginning where nothing has gone wrong yet. And as we prepare to welcome the new year in our own special ways, here are some tips to welcome positivity and abundance this 2020 into your homes. Bring In The Sun Our immediate surroundings impact our mental health. Clutter Be Gone We have become hoarders with so many lovely things around us.

Residential & Villas - Thinkstudios. One of the most iconic scenes of the movie Sex and the City, takes place in a walk in closet.

Residential & Villas - Thinkstudios

When Carrie Bradshaw puts on an impromptu fashion-show for her friends and revisits all her favourite clothes. This fashion extravaganza takes place in the walk in closet of her apartment, with the friends cheering from the bed. Another momentous scene from the same movie is again in yet another gorgeous walk in closet. Much bigger, roomier with bright lights, when Mr. Big proposes Carrie with a Manolo Blahnik shoe right there on the floor of the beautiful closet. An Architect’s Tips On Modular Kitchen Designs - Think Studios. A good modular kitchen design can be a life saver, especially in situations like the lockdown, which has had us spending more time than ever in our homes and invariable our kitchens.

An Architect’s Tips On Modular Kitchen Designs - Think Studios

Kitchens are the spaces which glues together any household. This is where anyone turns to for comfort food, for an occasional sinful indulgence after a job well done, or for an opportunity to have a good time with your family over a favourite dish. What makes a perfect kitchen design? Over the years working on a wide variety of projects we have worked on kitchens of all kinds and strived to answer various questions. What can be the most frustrating or cumbersome element in the kitchen design. Here are some handy pointers assimilated over time by our team, addressing all the major problem areas for a fabulous kitchen design. Sustainable Architecture Designs. Architecture is a profession with many rules, some written and some not.

Sustainable Architecture Designs

An architect is continuously oscillating between two states. That of following all the rules by the book or making allowances for the imagination and experimentation. And a lot of imagination is inspired by nature. We don’t have to look far to see the proof of this. Our own heritage offers a plethora of things to learn from. Continuing from my last instagram post on World Heritage Day, I want to reinstate and reemphasis the fact that Indian architecture in its silent eloquence tells us how man and nature are intricately connected.

Over the last century, as buildings reached higher into the sky, they not only housed growing populations, but they became symbols of modernity and progress. But for smarter planet, buildings can be designed differently – buildings that harness gifts of nature, buildings that need less energy, buildings that breathe. Stunning Elegance In Residential Apartment - Think Studios. Project Name: One Bangalore West, Bangalore Builder: Phoenix Area: 3500 sq.ft.

Stunning Elegance In Residential Apartment - Think Studios

Villa Architecture Design - Scots Baronial Style - Think Studios. Project Name: Prestige Bougainvillea, Bangalore Builder: Prestige Builders Area: 4500 sq.ft.

Villa Architecture Design - Scots Baronial Style - Think Studios

Interior & Furniture Designing. Project Name: Mayfair Villa, Hyderabad Builder: Greenmark Developers Area: 4800 sq.ft Project type:

Interior & Furniture Designing

Renovation Of Corporate Guest House Interiors -Thinkstudios. An IT company approached us for renovation of their Guest House which hosts the senior and mid-level management layer, where employees would sometimes stay for a couple of weeks or more. 2 formats were designed – Standard Room with a bedroom and attached bathroom and Suite Room with living room, dressing area along with the bedroom, bathroom and balcony.

Renovation Of Corporate Guest House Interiors -Thinkstudios

The rooms were refurbished with new furniture which was primarily sourced from local furniture shops in Hyderabad due to time constraints. The theme and vibe of the guest house was designed to make any stay pleasing and comfortable. A soothing colour palette of varying shades of browns used to generate a feeling of calm and serenity. Strategically planned lighting to give just the right amount of brilliance while illuminating the key design elements of the room. Luxurious Residential Apartment Interior Designing -Thinkstudios. Project Name: Rajapushpa Atria, Hyderabad Builder: Rajapushpa Properties. Artchitecture & Interior Designing. Residential & Offices. Interior Designers par excellence Each space is unique and needs to be treated with great care and respect.

At Think Studios, our extremely competent team of interior designers work relentlessly to match the uniqueness of the space and the singular expectations and aspirations of our clients. The resulting amalgamation is the interior designing of exceptional quality and great functional value, irrespective of the kind of space. Office Interior Designing, Workspace Designing - Thinkstudios. Taking Office Interior Designing To Another Level The productivity of an organization depends on the work environment as much as the employees. And for the work environment to be conducive for great workdays, for inspiring those within to give their best, the layout, the interior design of the office needs to be impeccable.

Not just that, for anyone coming in for a meeting to your office for the first time, what they first see will be what creates the first impact. We offer the most innovative and creative office interior designs, that will ensure the best first impressions which will last forever, and a workplace where your team will love to come back to every morning. Houses, Office & Commercial. Best Architect & Architecture Designing Firm - Think Studios. Architecture Design – Creating livable art. ‘Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness’ – Frank Gehry At Think Studios, one of the Best Architect & Architecture Designing firm in Hyderabad, we strive to bring spaces to life. Each plot of land, each chalked out space has a story to tell, through its walls, through its design, and through its inhabitants.

We help write that story and share it with the world. We undertake architecture projects of all shapes and sizes, from residential complexes to even a studio apartment. Think Studios, believes architecture design that delivers buildings and structures that are aspirational and in cadence with nature, the environment, surroundings, and of course the humans who will be frequenting it or inhabiting it. Think Studios undertake architecture design projects of a wide variety, from residential architecture design, commercial architecture design which includes offices, office buildings, restaurants et al.

Architecture, Interior & Office Designing, Furniture Designs. Contact Us - Architecture & Interior Designs - Think Studios. FAQ's - Architecture Designing, Interior & Office Designing. When clients contact us for their project, we make sure that we send them a link to this website or a mail that contains a gist of this website’s content. If the clients are comfortable with our ideas of architecture/design mentioned in the details sent to them, we call them over for a meeting in our office after which we visit their site. After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the digital survey of the site done.

(This is to ensure that there isn’t any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we call the clients for a detailed discussion regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion, we note down all details regarding the project. About Us - Best Architects. Arch. Jasdeep Kaur (B. Arch): Architecture Designing & Interior Designing - Think Studios. Best Local Architecture & Interior Designer In Hyderabad – Think Studios.