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Think of us - One stop shop for the Best Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories at the Best available prices. We specialize in the sale of unlocked mobile phones, tablets, cameras & laptops. We sell hard-to-find, exclusive and first-to-market devices to a wide range of retail customers, corporate organizations, wholesalers and resellers worldwide.

Games with Gold Update - May 2017. Games with Gold May 2017 are all set to have an update & include four new titles to download.

Games with Gold Update - May 2017

Two of the four new titles will be available on Xbox One & another two on Xbox 360. All these four titles will also be available together as part of the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program. Microsoft is offering the following games in the coming month: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut; Available May 1 – 31 on Xbox OneLara Croft & the Temple of Osiris; Available May 16 – June 15 on Xbox OneStar Wars: The Force Unleashed II; Available May 1 – 15 on Xbox 360 & Xbox OneLEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga; Available May 16 – 31 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One The Walking Dead Season 2 is a part of the Gold April collection.

The Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program fans are in for a treat if they love thrilling adventurous games. 5 Hidden Features of Google Pixel. Google's Allo Chat App is finally coming to the desktop. Google’s Allo chat was just limited to the Smartphone screens but now it is finally going to come to the desktop as well.

Google's Allo Chat App is finally coming to the desktop

Google Allo was developed by Google & was launched on September 21st, 2016. The App was available on Android & iOS. Google Allo included a virtual assistant & provides a “smart reply” functionality that allows the users to reply to the messages with automatic suggestions instead of typing. Google Allo was only available on the mobile phones, which made the set up easier & potentially helped the app spread. Not having a desktop client definitely affected its chances with the early adopters who have desktop & laptops. 1. 5 Features coming soon to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is all ready to update Edge.

5 Features coming soon to Microsoft Edge

According to the speculations surfacing the Internet, Microsoft has been using a preview build of Windows 10 & the next update to Microsoft OS, dubbed Windows 10 creator’s update, will include the new Edge. Here are some of the features that you will come across in the next version of Edge. Tab Preview Bar Edge will now offer an expandable bar that shows a preview of all the tabs that are open via small thumbnails. This is a useful concept but then the favicon is a better indicator as to which tabs are open.

Set Tabs Aside The new version of Edge will allow you to set aside all the open tabs that can be opened later when required. New Taskbar Options Edge will get two new taskbars on the menu. Mushroom 11 Finally Releases on Phone. For long we have been waiting for the Mushroom 11 to hit the smartphone screens.

Mushroom 11 Finally Releases on Phone

The game is no doubt perfect for the touch screens. Now, the game is ready to be released on 9 March 2017 on iOS. LG G6 detailed overview. LG has finally managed to grab eyeballs with the new LG G6.

LG G6 detailed overview

LG launched its spec- packed, metal & glass G6 at the world’s largest mobile show MWC 2017 & people seemed to like what they have seen so far. But, the main battle that the phone has to fight is with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Design LG G6 does not sport a modular body. Samsung, LG, All Going Big for Foldable Smartphones. The bendable smartphones are something that we are looking forward to & the companies are working hard to provide us that.

Samsung, LG, All Going Big for Foldable Smartphones

Over the years, the camera quality & the user experience have drastically improved but this is not the case with the design. Every now & then many smartphones are launched with great features & design but nothing can beat up the bendable smartphones. Samsung & LG have already invested in the foldable display technology & probably this year, we may get to see the first commercial smartphone with a bendable, form factor. Here are some of the leading smartphone brands that are looking forward to providing us with the foldable smartphones: Samsung The idea of a bendable smartphone goes back to 2013 when Samsung first showcased its flexible display, & the year later it demonstrated its first foldable phone prototype in a private screening at CES 2014.

Just like Samsung, LG is also working on a flexible display smartphone. Microsoft Apple. Think of Us Review - Customer Testimonials, Feedback & FAQ: What customers Think of Us. Think of Us is one of the most renowned online gadget shopping portal offering excellent services in Australia.

Think of Us Review - Customer Testimonials, Feedback & FAQ: What customers Think of Us

They deliver unlocked mobile phones, camera, tablets, laptops and many other gadgets at never before prices. Their devoted support and delightful services have made them a famous name among numerous online gadget shopping providers. Think of Us offer best and exclusive smartphone to a wide range of corporate companies, retail customers, traders, and resellers. If you are keen in knowing more about Think of Us wonderful services, just give a visit to their user-friendly online shopping portal. Think of Us (@thinkofus_store) Think of Us - Best Destination for Mobile Shopping. Mobile or handheld devices have become a necessity of life just like water and air in today’s fast moving digital world.

Think of Us - Best Destination for Mobile Shopping

The mobility technology has gone through a drastic change in the recent decade from wired landline phone to ultra slim wireless phones. And with seamless connectivity of data technologies mobile industry has bloomed much faster in the 21st century. In Australia, mobile industry is a billion dollar sector and with so many options to choose from finding a right handheld device under your budget and according to your preferences can be very difficult. Think of Us - The Brand of Trust. Think Of Us: Clyde Mobile Phone Shops. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us, 42 George Street Clyde NSW - Cameras. Shop mobiles online in Uustralia - Think of Us.

Mobile phone technology has drastically changed in the past few years, from simple calling gadgets they have now become a machine that is capable of doing almost all tasks.

Shop mobiles online in Uustralia - Think of Us

One can not only make voice calls but also video calls, watch movies, play games, manage office work and almost all those things which a computer used to do. Today there are a number of mobile brands that launch new phones in every month or time interval. And finding a trustworthy source to buy these latest mobiles in Australia is a very tough job. But with website like Think of Us this problem can be easily solved. Think of Us is an Australia based online mobile and gadgets shopping portal that offers unlocked mobile phones, tablet, laptops, cameras, gadgets and parts at most affordable price. They offer a wide range of mobile phones that are under budget and at a bargain price.

Think of Us Australia - Complete Review - Think of US REVIEWS. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us (@thinkofus_store) Think of Us - Best Price Mobile store in Australia. Think of Us is one of the stand out performers in Australia when compared to other similar mobile stores.

Think of Us - Best Price Mobile store in Australia

The market is kind of saturated at this point of time. This has enabled this particular mobile store to make good use of the available customer base and stand out among all the other similar mobile stores. This is a new concept and it is reaching great heights especially in Australia. Each and every person in Australia would be having some idea about this great mobile store. There is no doubt about that. Best prices. Think of Us Review - Customer Testimonials, Feedback & FAQ: Know more about the Think of Us. Online shopping has become very popular in recent times. This is mainly because of the great deals that are available for the consumers and users. They tend to save a significant amount of money by using these online shopping websites or E-commerce websites. Know More About The Think of Us.

Think of Us Reviews

Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us Reviews. Think of Us Reviews.