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Think Concepts is a nationwide IT consultancy with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. We service SMB and enterprise clients from all industry sectors, providing managed services, IT consulting, cloud services, and cybersecurity to businesses throughout New Zealand

Our Work — ThinkConcepts. When Think Concepts was founded in Auckland in 2002, pharmacy IT was our speciality.

Our Work — ThinkConcepts

Thanks to our unique understanding of the market, we were able to gain an early advantage by offering customers a single point of contact for software and hardware installation, IT support services, and pharmacy procurement. Early adopters of technology with consistently high standards, we soon earned many glowing referrals and decided to expand our range of services to customers from all industries, nationwide. Our client base grew quickly, as did our company.

Procurement Services — ThinkConcepts. TaaS Services & VoiP Phone System for Business. What is TaaS?

TaaS Services & VoiP Phone System for Business

TaaS, or “telecommunications as a service,” turns your phone system into a monthly subscription service which is managed by the provider. Eliminate the need for on-premise hardware and high upfront costs – your provider stores and maintains the hardware so you don’t have to. All you need to do is make the same easy payment each month. Our customers love TaaS because it’s scalable and hassle-free. Add or remove users as needed to keep pace with fluctuating business demands. What are unified communications? Unified Communications (UC) refer to systems that offer multiple communication and collaboration features in one platform.

We supply, install, and support leading UC solutions for online collaboration including Microsoft Teams, Bria, and Access4. . · Videoconference, group chat, and collaborate in real time · Share your screen · Customise your background and create virtual rooms · Securely store, access, share, and co-author files from anywhere Onsite solutions. Cyber Security — ThinkConcepts. Q: What are the most common cyber security issues?

Cyber Security — ThinkConcepts

+ A: There are a wide range of cyber security threats to your business. The most common issue we see are: Hackers Hackers break through digital security barriers to access data. 24/7 On Demand IT Support Helpdesk for Business. Cloud IT Support & Cloud-Based IT Solutions. Our full range of cloud services includes remotely hosted infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS).

Cloud IT Support & Cloud-Based IT Solutions

These pay-as-you-go solutions allow you to access business systems and tools from anywhere you have an Internet connection, without the burden of infrastructure ownership. We supply, install, and support Microsoft Azure, which provides full server and database functionality in the cloud, as well as Office 365 and Amazon Web Services.

With competitive subscription pricing and an elegant solution designed for your specific business needs, we can help you reduce or eliminate server upkeep costs, gain access to industry-leading technology, and minimise business disruptions with automated cloud backups. Best of all, you’ll pay only for what you need. Unsure whether you can do away with on-premise servers? IT Consulting Services Business. Q: How can an IT consultant help my business?

IT Consulting Services Business

+ A: The IT landscape changes rapidly. You need to implement the best technology for your business today that will also factor in where your business will be in the future. After our discovery sessions we recommend the right IT solutions for your specific business needs. We can then help you plan, install, and maintain your company’s IT systems and avoid costly outages and downtime. Q: I already have in-house IT staff. A: Our team of professionals specialises in a wide array of IT disciplines and solutions.

Q: Can I afford the cost of IT consultants? A: Absolutely. IT Systems & Network Management Support. Q: Can managed IT services save my business money?

IT Systems & Network Management Support

+ A: There are three ways your business can save money through using a managed IT service. Getting expert advice about new technology infrastructure will help you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your business.We can advise you on ways technology can improve your productivity and connectivity.When you use our managed service, there is no need to hire an in-house IT person. You can use our team, on demand, to resolve your IT issues at a fraction of the cost of an employee. Q: How can managed IT services help my business? A: Managed IT services help prevent costly downtime. ThinkConcepts - IT Services & Support.