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We are THiNK, a marketing operations advisory. Bottom line; we come in and help make marketing more simple.

The 4 L’s of lead generation strategy for better conversion. When it comes to attracting audiences to your business and converting them to leads, times have changed.

The 4 L’s of lead generation strategy for better conversion

Businesses can no longer just rely on advertising… leads do not want you to buy their attention, they want you to earn it. The measure of any marketing team is the quality and volume of leads they bring in. By generating leads, you're setting up your sales team for success by driving more quality revenue opportunities. Before we get into the 4 L’s, THiNK has compiled a guide of 30 tips and tricks to help businesses get started with lead generation. Download your copy here: The Rocks, Pebbles and Sand of Marketing and Lead Generation Are you familiar with the analogy of the professor who presented his class with the challenge of trying to fit rocks, pebbles, sand, and water into a jar as efficiently as possible?

Try as they might, the students couldn’t quite get all the items in the jar. What are the large rocks that are the most essential to your strategy? 1. 2. 3. 4. Common scenarios when lead generation fails and how to fix them. I have a question for you – are you generating so many leads that you're struggling to find enough hours in the day to follow them all up?

Common scenarios when lead generation fails and how to fix them

If you are, then please check out one of our blogs on marketing automation, so you can nurture those leads rather than losing them. For everyone else, let’s get serious and start looking at what might be going wrong. In our blog Why Traffic Matters, we discussed the basics of funnel logic, and in its simplest form, there are three phases to a funnel: Top of the Funnel (TOFu), traffic – attracting strangers to engage and become a prospect.Middle of the Funnel (MOFu), convert – keeping lead’s interest and converting them to opportunities.Bottom of the Funnel (BOFu), sales – a focus on sales and revenue. The mistake a lot of businesses make, is they focus on the end of the funnel (or BOFu). Generating traffic and leads effectively for your business. How to Make Leads Fall in Love with your business. A lot of business owners believe lead generation is simple, almost like turning on a light you just flick a switch and boom… customers on tap.

How to Make Leads Fall in Love with your business

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Need more clients? The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips Tricks & Ideas. Selecting the best lead generation tools and platforms for business. It’s simple in theory, but in practice, the lead generation equation is a lot more tricky – attract more visitors than competitors, capture their details, nurture them, and convert them into leads/sales prospects.

Selecting the best lead generation tools and platforms for business

Even if you have a whizz-bang CRM and inhouse support, lead generation activities can all be difficult to implement, track, and manage. Get your free RCSA marketing in uncertain times guide. Who doesn’t like quality free stuff?

Get your free RCSA marketing in uncertain times guide

Especially when it’s backed up by the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand - The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA). Last week, THiNK’s Founder and Director Lawrence Allum was invited by the RCSA to present on Marketing in Volatile Times. This free one-hour training session was well-received, as Nikki, from Big Fish Creative Recruitment, commented, “I've seen many webinars recently, but this was one of the best because Lawrence really knew his stuff and gave excellent ideas and examples that we can use.” If you missed it…don’t worry, you can still access the 10 strategies THiNK provided to help recruiters reach and convert more clients here.

Tap into an affordable CMO level experience. If you find yourself wondering how you are going to approach your marketing and if you’re going to be effective, it might be worth considering a Virtual-CMO.

Tap into an affordable CMO level experience

Here’s a quick video on what a Virtual-CMO is: If you don’t know where to start or just need some marketing advice, a V-CMO provides marketing direction to align your business goals at every level. SME businesses, regardless if they have a marketing person/team, can lack that strategic marketing direction and infrastructure to fully realise their goals. The THiNK Marketing Officer, or V-CMO service The TMO is a cost-effective service, offering a one-stop-shop of marketing structure, know-how, and methodologies, based on over 20 years of experience working across big brands as-well-as SME businesses.

Starting from just $525 a month, The TMO takes a multi-disciplinary approach to helps clients attract and nurture more clients, whilst influencing audiences. Could the TMO get you more clients? How THiNK can help. How do you plan to win in your market in FY21. We’re at the beginning of a new Financial Year, and it’s the perfect time to take a step back and work on your business not just in it!

How do you plan to win in your market in FY21

For many businesses, regardless of whether you’ve exceeded targets or missed them altogether, we’re in a time of rebuilding. We need to find ways to engage/reengage with existing or new markets to either build or maintain momentum. So you need to ask yourself a not so simple question: how are you planning to capture an unfair market share in FY20/21? Last year was difficult for most businesses but if you’ve made it through, you are probably in one of two positions; Adding value to your business through Virtual CMO. As businesses grow/want to grow, they need to move from basic sales models to a more mass market, or at the very least, a larger market perspective.

Adding value to your business through Virtual CMO

Obviously, to convert more sales, they need to reach a bigger audience, so some sort of marketing is required to initially inform audiences about products and services so that sales can be more productive. Typically, when businesses need to start marketing themselves, like anything, there’s a huge learning curve. That’s because marketing is a fairly complex business discipline - it’s multi-faceted and made up of lots of components and moving parts, and it’s the number of options and depth of knowledge required to truly make marketing work for a company that makes it so complex. That’s why a senior level perspective is so important! SME businesses, regardless of if they have a marketing person/team, can lack the strategic marketing direction and infrastructure to fully realise their goals. 4 Critical Responsibilities. Making the most out of your marketing. THiNK Marketing Officer Program. When companies hire a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) they’re hiring years of experience, know-how, structure and methodologies.

THiNK Marketing Officer Program

The ability to deal with disruption, ups and downs, and get most out of marketing, because they’ve been there and done it. As such marketing can often be a tale of the haves – those with the structure, experience, and know-how – and the have nots – those who try lots of different things hoping to stumble on what works. At THiNK Marketing the very first thing we do is offer our clients that structure via, the THiNK Marketing Officer (TMO) – a digital marketing officer program specifically designed by distilling our senior marketers’ knowledge into an array of resources that all businesses need. How to use the right marketing strategies to beat volatility.

Here in Australia, FY20 has been difficult for most businesses.

How to use the right marketing strategies to beat volatility

We’ve had elections (state and federal), rising unemployment, negative growth (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one), an intense drought, record national bushfires and now… COVID-19. Looking through the bright side of marketing during volatile times. The current pandemic isn’t the first (or last) tough time Australian businesses will go through. But one thing is always true… during volatile times those businesses that market themselves bounce back quicker and generally do better than those that don't. Cutting your budgets and not marketing your company is the same as not talking to your customers and it will manifest itself as a much larger problem down the line.

Creating a different way to ROI when marketing in volatile times. Marketing can make or break a business, especially during a volatile time. Well thought out, properly executed campaigns can help to ensure that your company connects your customers with your brand, products, and services more effectively than competitors. Whenever you launch a new marketing campaign, you should, of course, test whether the cost of the project is helping or hurting your company.

To determine something's profitability, many business owners and managers look at ROI - or return on investment. At the most basic level, ROI compares the amount of money you spend on a project (in this case marketing) with the amount of revenue you gain from it. How to speed up marketing during volatile times. So far in the MiVT series we’ve talked a lot about understanding market volatility quickly and adapting to meet the changing needs and wants of clients. However, you may already have everything you need in your current marketing…let me explain. It’s understandable that if your business is slowing down and being negatively impacted, the first thing you want to do is pivot and try something new, which we’ve been advocating. The problem with that, of course, is time (the time it takes to figure out what will be effective and then execute) and money (the associated cost). And to add insult to injury… the longer it takes to get into market the more chance there is of further disruption.

How being present will change your marketing during volatile times. Have your clients and markets been disturbed recently? Why are SMART marketing goals important in volatile times. During volatile times it’s not uncommon for businesses to scramble… they dabble in different types of marketing, without a clear direction. There’s either lots of activity but not a lot of traction, or an absence of taking action.

Find market opportunities even in the times of uncertainty. Regardless of the size of a business, we must change to meet new demands or market challenges. If we fail to adapt to a situation, we run the risk of becoming irrelevant and our survival/viability could be called into question. Does that sound a bit dramatic? Well just ask Holden! Brand advocates may jump to their defence but, bottom line, not enough people purchased their vehicles. Marketing in volatile times tip no. 4: Is it time to go pro?

Marketing in volatile times tip no. 3: Add massive value. These days, we all hear this phrase practically every day – via motivational speeches, social media rants, and in almost every book about sales, leadership, or marketing management. Marketing in volatile times tip no. 2: Don’t forget to focus on others. Marketing in volatile times tip no. 1: To marketing, or not to market. Get SMART about your marketing. The 5 reasons your marketing (goals) aren’t working. Over my 20+ years in senior marketing and sales roles, I can confidently say that there are common marketing issues that businesses struggle with.

So if your current marketing activities aren’t quite hitting the mark, have a look at these 5 issues first and you may find the solution. Winning marketing in volatile times. Are you hitting your (marketing) goals? Determine Your SMART Marketing Goals. What are "SMART" marketing goals and why are they important for your business? Recruitment Online Marketing Strategy. What’s the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing? Your guide to attracting the right customers to your business. How can inbound marketing propel your company to success? THiNK Webinars - Inbound Marketing 101. What is inbound marketing for professional services. Why recruiters should embrace marketing. Marketing Your Professional Services Online. The new professional services marketing model.

What all recruiters need to know about marketing. The key elements of a successful recruitment marketing strategy. Marketing strategies that work for professional services. Recruitment case study - dramatically increasing leads. Recruitment case study - Discovering new ways to grow. Recruitment case study – making marketing effective. Recruitment Lead Nurturing. Essential Recruitment Marketing Tools. How Randstad 4X their leads with marketing automation. 5 Recruitment Marketing Strategies That Work. Comparison of the best recruitment marketing platforms. Your Ultimate Guide to the New Inbound Marketing Methodology. Strategy and Planning 101: 3 Trends That Can Bring You Closer to Customers.