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Think Fencing - Farm & Yard Fencing Supplier & Manufacturer. Think Fencing Pty Ltd - Local Online Fencing Community. Best Farm fencing Service in Victoria. Fencing Supplier & Manufacturer. Best Picket fencing Service in Victoria. THINK FENCING PTY LTD. Fencing Supplier & Manufacturer. Need Picket fencing in Portarlington. Need Rural Fencing in Portarlington.

Timber Picket fencing. Timber Picket fencing. Safety concerns behind fencing on school field - Suffolk Free Press. A Sudbury school has defended its decision to fence off playing fields that have been enjoyed by residents for more than 40 years.

Safety concerns behind fencing on school field - Suffolk Free Press

In an effort to ensure student safety and resolve a persistent dog fouling problem Ormiston Sudbury Academy has recently constructed fencing around fields at the back of the school building in Tudor Road. However the restriction on public access has led to criticism in some quarters. Felicity Kirton, from Springfield Road, said she had lived in the area for 35 years and could not remember a time when families and dog walkers could not use the fields.

“In the summer evenings children play there and people have picnics at the weekends,” said Mrs Kirton. Vandals target fence at deadly Fife quarry. A fence built to prevent further tragedies at a Fife quarry has been repeatedly targeted by vandals.

Vandals target fence at deadly Fife quarry

The barrier was put up at Prestonhill Quarry in Inverkeithing following the deaths of 18-year-olds John McKay and Cameron Lancaster, who drowned in separate incidents at the water-filled pit. It has been repeatedly damaged, sometimes as soon as the contractors mending it have left for the evening. Helen Doig, who chairs Inverkeithing Community Council, said: “We were greatly disappointed to learn of the damage done to the fencing at the top of Prestonhill Quarry. “The raising of fencing where there was none is a hugely important safety feature and will hopefully prevent people accidently falling over the edge. “Despite not owning the quarry, Fife Council have paid for this fencing in order to protect local people.

Best Way to Install Farm & Rural PVC Fencing In Australia. Farm Fencing Suppliers & Manufacturer in Australia. Huntington Beach secret garden grows community spirit - Huntington Beach Independent. It's like Huntington Beach is writing its own version of the Frances Hodgson Burnett novel "The Secret Garden.

Huntington Beach secret garden grows community spirit - Huntington Beach Independent

" The story, echoed in the movies that followed, is about near destruction and eventual spiritual and physical renewal, all revolving around children's interest in a secret garden that needs them as much as they need it. Since October 2014, members of the nonprofit Huntington Beach Tree Society have been reviving the secret garden behind Central Park, a nearly acre plot filled will trees, succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. Every Friday for the past 16 months, Tree Society members Shari Engel and Juana Mueller, and numerous volunteers from the community, have spent countless hours trimming back overgrowth, digging out stone walkways, ripping out weeds, planting new flora and otherwise renovating the site to restore its beauty. The garden was installed in 1992 as a demonstration garden showcasing drought-tolerant plants. High Quality Rural and Farm Fencing Supplies in Victoria. How to Easily Transform Your Home with the Beautiful Timber Picket Fence.

Rabbit Fence Reminder : Yard and Garden News : University of Minnesota Extension. Love Your Garden. Has anyone used your pool this summer?

Love Your Garden

There comes a point when the kids grow up and you’re left with what was once an essential part of your family life turning into a money-pit taking up valuable space. So what do you do? You can keep running the filter, adding chlorine or salt and cleaning it to maintain a nice appearance. You could break it up, fill in the hole and turf over it to make a garden. You could build a deck over it leaving the pool underneath for the next owners to use. Or, you could turn off the filter and let Mother Nature take over.

I haven’t met a person who has regretted converting their pool yet.Jason Hodges. Santa Cruz installs temporary fence at Beach Flats garden. SANTA CRUZ >> Santa Cruz city officials’ intentions to move forward in slimming down the Beach Flats Community Garden became more visible Wednesday morning when city workers stretched orange plastic construction fencing across the site.

Santa Cruz installs temporary fence at Beach Flats garden

The city has leased the garden site for more than 20 years from owner Santa Cruz Seaside Co., which recently opted to end its year-to-year agreement. Under a new lease still under negotiation, Seaside Co. aims to take back 10,000 square feet of the 26,000-square-foot garden for its own uses, allowing temporary continued community garden use for another three years. Best Way to Install PVC Picket Fencing of Your Home. Budding jackaroos and jillaroos gain practical experience for agriculture career - ABC Rural. Updated "In Hay or Hell, but, gracious Lord — Deliver us from Booligal!

Budding jackaroos and jillaroos gain practical experience for agriculture career - ABC Rural

" The infamous line from AB Paterson's 1896 poem is not exactly what you would call a marketing pitch to attract workers to rural Australia But the open plains of the Riverina in southern New South Wales is the setting for 15 young people hoping to get enough experience to get a job in agriculture. PVC Plastic Picket & Horse Fencing Manufacturer in Australia. Tax changes ground Qantas pilot's retirement farm. A veteran Qantas pilot is the latest "hobby" farmer to say he was forced off the land because of changes to federal tax laws that made it financially prohibitive to continue investing.

Tax changes ground Qantas pilot's retirement farm

Andrew Hewitt, a Boeing 747 pilot, said he spent up to $200,000 a year restoring and rebuilding his 800-hectare sheep farm near Yass, 280 kilometres south-east of Sydney. "I'm not a bleeding heart," said Mr Hewitt, a Sydney-based father-of-two. "If the Australian Taxation Office had sent someone to the property they would have seen that I was dinky-di. " Farmers say recent devastating bushfires in south west of Western Australia could be an opportunity to improve the way they farm - ABC Rural. Posted Bushfire could be an opportunity for change, according to a group of proactive West Australian farmers.

Farmers say recent devastating bushfires in south west of Western Australia could be an opportunity to improve the way they farm - ABC Rural

Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek. Audio: Farmers discuss bushfire recovery (ABC Rural) A group of producers affected by recent devastating Waroona and Uduc bushfires in the south west of the state has just concluded a two-day fire recovery workshop focussed on using fire as an opportunity, not just immediate landscape recovery. Excellent PVC Picket & Post, Rail Fencing Supplier in Australia.

Dick Smith to close all stores, 3000 staff to go. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Dick Smith employees 'a significant group of creditors' Dick Smith administrators address creditors at a meeting in Sydney.

Dick Smith to close all stores, 3000 staff to go

Entrepreneur and adventurer Dick Smith has accused the private equity group that listed the Dick Smith electronics chain in a $520 million public float of "destroying" the business and putting close to 3000 staff out of work after the chain's receivers, Ferrier Hodgson announced it was shutting down the troubled chain. The founder of the original Dick Smith business said he had no interest in buying back the rights to the 'Dick Smith' name or any part of the troubled business. Donald Trump as president: ‘global disaster’ waiting to happen. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican caucuses on Tuesday sweeping nearly every demographic group.

Donald Trump as president: ‘global disaster’ waiting to happen

During his victory speech Trump thanked his diverse group of supporters and said he "loves the poorly educated. " Photo: AP Donald Trump could be president, and it could mean disaster. BE afraid. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is crushing it in the race to represent his party at the polls, and, as bizarre as it sounds, it’s time to start seriously thinking about an existence with the eccentric billionaire as the most powerful man in the world.

The former reality TV star and failed steak entrepreneur's resounding overnight win in the key state of Nevada has all but cemented his spot in this year’s presidential election, putting him in a strong position ahead of next week’s “Super Tuesday” contests, where voters in a dozen states will cast ballots in presidential primaries. “On the other hand, it’s Donald Trump. A Trump/Clinton race is looking likely. Major Timber Picket & Rural Fencing Manufacturer in Australia. Picket Fence- Made Of Timber Is Best For Decoration Purpose. Nocookies. Tasmanian oyster hatchery tests positive for POMS virus. By Pablo Vinale Posted An oyster hatchery in Tasmania's south-east has tested positive to the Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) virus, Biosecurity Tasmania has confirmed. Shellfish Culture in Pipe Clay Lagoon is the first hatchery in the state where experts have found the virus to be present. Chief veterinarian with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), Dr Rod Andrewartha, said the discovery came while testing for areas that may be free from POMS.

"We found the oysters on the shore part of the hatchery [were infected], so we know the virus is present," he said. "We are working with that hatchery to look at the biosecurity and planning a way forward for them. "We know from other areas such as New South Wales where this virus occurs, that the virus can be present without causing disease. "It's only when an environmental affect such as increasing water temperature coming into summer, that the actual disease started to occur. " Picket Fence- Made Of Timber Is Best For Decoration Purpose. Many people cannot decide on the kind of fence they need for protecting their house. While selecting a fencing style, there are some factors to examine.

The style that you want to choose may depend on your needs like privacy, decoration and safety. Panel fencing style Panel fencing with pre-constructed panels have width of about six feet. Its decorative designs are placed between timber or concrete posts. Picket fencing style Picket fencing can be the best decorative hedge; however, from the viewpoint of privacy, this option is not right. Biggest Post and Rail Fencing Supply & Manufacturer in Australia. Alfred Bonbara examines fire-damaged fences at Lake Clifton. Post and Rail fencing Supplier & Manufacturer in Australia. Timber Picket, Rural & Farm fencing Supplier in Australia. How to grow an edible vertical garden this winter. With housing prices climbing out of reach for many Australians, staying level in your rental pad appears likely. Greenery-wise, this seems underwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Vertical gardens are snaking their way in to our (eco) consciousness, and with that comes ever-handier ways of planting them.

Aside from ease of planting, they can be filled with whatever tickles your seedling fancy; from fruit, veg and tea varieties, to exotic, fragrant blooms and succulents. In case you're not convinced you need a wall of plants in your life, Debbie Agnew, Planet Ark's National Tree Day Manager has this to say: "Research shows that you can grow happier by getting outside and connecting with nature. " Sounds promising.

Ultra Modern Plastic Picket Fencing Install Your Home. Young Gippsland backyard inventor traverses Australia on solar-panelled bike. Posted Known locally as East Gippsland's teenage backyard inventor engineer, 21-year-old Sam Mitchell has pedalled his way around Australia before. But this time he has a new and improved solar-panelled bike to get him to Western Australia and back again. The bike itself is an electric bike with a trailer, created from old trampoline parts welded together with a solar panel on top. It took Mr Mitchell about a month to put together. "I stayed up at friend's place in Goongerah ... and welded stuff together from an off-the-grid system," he said. Reserve Bank's Malcolm Edey sanguine about financial threats - Business.

Posted 'Just relax', is the implied message from Reserve Bank official, Malcolm Edey to Australian investors. Despite seeing the value of their share portfolios melt in the last few months, Dr Edey sounded relatively upbeat as he reviewed global risks and recent market turmoil. "It is relevant to note that market and media commentary often errs on the side of being unjustifiably gloomy," he told the Australian Shareholders Association in Sydney. Dr Edey suggested that the big sell-off could be in-part an "overreaction". He urged that the turbulence be put into perspective, pointing to evidence that markets have been through similar bouts of nervousness and recovered – using late-2015 as an example, adding that "relatively little" data had been released this year to warrant the increasing anxiety over global growth.

Best Way to Install PVC Horse Fencing. Top Reasons Why Farm Fencing is Important in a Rural Setup. Top Reasons Why Farm Fencing is Important in a Rural Setup. Lead exposure: Macquarie University study finds link between lead and violent crime.