Non-traditional spaces

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Intermission: We Dare You to Not Get a Crush on This Poetry Bomber - Culture. Agustina Woodgate is an Argentine artist living in Miami whose work includes everything from doormats to produce-sticker collages to giant rugs made of stuffed-animal "hides.

Intermission: We Dare You to Not Get a Crush on This Poetry Bomber - Culture

" When she's not doing all that, Woodgate also finds the time to go "poetry bombing" around Miami thrift stores. Using her deft hands and a needle and thread, Woodgate sews short poems into pieces of clothing with the goal of anonymously brightening some shopper's day. "So that poems can be in every day life," she says.

Judging by her CV, it's only a matter of time until Woodgate is up on the walls at your favorite gallery. The smart money is scouring Miami clothing racks right now, looking for a soon-to-be priceless pair of old pants. TrustoCorp – Satirical Upstart Art. TrustoCorp.

TrustoCorp – Satirical Upstart Art

It sounds as if it might be a global organisation bent on domination from a film such as RoboCop or Blade Runner and perhaps they may just as well be. Although the truth is somewhat different very little is known about this mysterious artist (or perhaps collective). One thing is known – TrustoCorp’s work is becoming more and more recognized and popular. There are some for sure who know who TrustoCorp is (or are) they are keeping their lips tight shut. Nothing is quite as enigmatic as an unknown but hugely talented artist(s) but it does have to be said that their number is growing in to a potentially tediously large number. Bells « this town is small. Bells in Hillsborough park - Becka Viau, Holly McGee, Allison Cooke 2011 -bells, silk ribbon, moss, found object - written by Becka Viau This is a place to pray.

bells « this town is small

Je Suis Mon Rêve. A series of photographs displaying supermarket products divided per color.

Je Suis Mon Rêve

Per Color is a project realized during my residency at JACA, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I see the supermarket space as a space of manipulation. The attempt, in this action, is to subvert this structure of power.