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[Infographic] Social Media Marketing Is Not Just About 1 Metric! HOW TO: Define a Social Media Strategy for Enterprise. Much has been written about social media strategy for small business. It's a personal medium, and a few employees engaging directly with customers on Twitter and Facebook can be a natural extension of a small biz web presence. But things can get complicated when you extrapolate engagement over the multiple departments, offices, and countries of a large corporation. Do you centralize your social message with a few managed accounts, or do you empower every employee to be a social representative of your brand? How do you manage the hundreds, if not thousands of daily mentions and messages directed at a global company while still keeping it conversational? We spoke with the architects of some leading social media enterprise strategies for their takes on this evolving field.

The Social Challenges of Brand Segmentation For many large brands, each product they sell could be considered a "sub-brand" in itself. "We have official Samsung USA accounts on Twitter (e.g. Empower Everyone. Madainitiatives’s Blog. 3 guides pratiques professionnels : maîtriser la communication 2.0, travail collaboratif et vocabulaire des technologies d'aujourd'hui. A l’occasion du 65e Congrès de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables (octobre 2010), l’organisation professionnelle a mis à disposition des acteurs de ce métier et plus largement auprès des internautes, des guides intéressants pour des entreprises et des associations ayant à être sensibilisés sur les apports des technologies en terme de développement économique : Stratégies de communication : Le guide du cabinet communicant : Maîtriser la communication 2.0 (13 pages, en pdf) sur l’importance de l’utilisation des outils du Web d’aujourd’hui dans une démarche de communication, de marketing et d’opportunités d’affaire : les plus des contacts établis et entretenus en ligne ; les réseaux sociaux (Viadéo, LinkedIn) ; les blogs comme outils de partage ; 5 manières de recruter des prospects grâce à une campagne d’emailing ; utiliser Twitter dans un contexte marketing, Licence : Creative Commons by-nc-saGéographie : France.

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The best blogging conferences in the world. This is a guest article by Hadley of My Dog Ate My Blog. Wanna be part of this great guest blogging community? Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines. Are you knee-deep in the blogging world and want to talk to some like-minded individuals? Check out some of these fantastic conferences around the world. Not only will you learn a plethora of new information to improve your blog, but you’ll get the chance to talk to individuals with the same passion as you. BlogHer Conference: BlogHer runs a blogging conference August 6-7 in New York City. It focuses on helping female bloggers gain a presence on the Internet, as well as how to turn blogging into a paid career.

BlogWorld and New Media Expo: Running October 15-16 in Las Vegas, this conference focuses on general blogging and Internet businesses. Blog Indiana: Blog Indiana runs from August 20th to the 21st, and focuses primarily on how to gain viewers and use a blog to promote non-blogging interests, as well as on general social media.


L’annuaire 2010 des acteurs du réseau social, du web 2.0. 45 Social Media Trends and Predictions #socialmedia. As I was writing this article about Social Media trends I remembered a quote that I had come across a while back from Bill Gates of Microsoft… “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” So when you read the list keep the trends in mind and prepare for a very interesting web world by 2019. Some rather influential Social Media commentators such as Brian Solis’s rather insightful article on his Blog PR 2.0 says that ”social networks will become our Individual online Operating System“ with Twitter and Facebook and Apple amonst others are vying to be your “One” operating system for social networks.

The Trend Spotting blog provided the inspiration, along with David Armano’s prediction in a recent post that “Social media will begin to look less social” and kicks off the the first 4 on the list. 266inShare. 15 reasons to love social media. My last few posts have been about the darker side of social media and thus I wanted to clear something up. I am the biggest champion of social media that you will find and here's why. I may get a little spicy sometimes, but that doesn't diminish all the “good” things about this crazy space and all that it delivers to us daily. So get a gander at these 15 reasons and when you're done reading them add your reason to the mix. 1) Today I have a very large network of close and semi-close contacts that I can reach out to at a moments notice. 2) If I need a really good PR firm for example, I can contact that person today and we'd know each other well enough to have a very nice conversation… without the usual vetting process. 3) If I wanted to have someone guest post on my blog and bring their incredible smartness and knowledge to the table, all I have to do is ask. 4) If I have to refer a killer web design person to someone, I can do that in 5 seconds. 5) Need a good email marketing company?

Explaining the Impact of Twitter, Friendfeed and Social Media 2.