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Kumihimo. §. I love friendship bracelets. They're one of the first crafty things that I ever learnt to make as a kid and they make me rather nostalgic. They're so easy to make and so fun to mix and match, I for one really appreciate the resurgence of the friendship bracelet trend! The fab Mollie Makes magazine did an issue about friendship bracelets a while back and flicking through recently, I got a little inspired and decided to make up my own design and tutorial, so I present to you my Ombre Fishtail-Braid Friendship Bracelet!

I say this every time I write a tutorial (which is rarely), but I'm fairly new at it, so apologies if large portions of this don't make a lot of sense! I've tried to include a couple of photos diagrams, so hopefully with the aid of both words and pictures, we'll muddle through! Step 1: The first thing you will need is a bunch of thread, in varying degrees of your chosen colour. Step 2: I then measured out my threads. Step 3: Start braiding! Step 4: Finish and fasten!