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Adjustable Sliding Knot Necklace. Adding Josephine Knots to a Hemp Bracelet. Adding Josephine Knots to a Hemp Bracelet If you want to add an intriguing twist to hemp jewelry designs, try your hand at tying Josephine knots. Mix and match them with square knots to create an elaborate focal point, or use this technique from beginning to end to make a hemp bracelet or necklace with a lacy weave.

To make a Josephine knot, begin with two strands of hemp twine. 1. For more striking Josephine knots, use four strands (two As and two Bs), or 6 (three As and 3 Bs) and mix-and-match colors. Photo Credit: Sol-Creations. DIYEARTE ♦ DIY: CÓMO HACER UN NUDO CORREDIZO | HOW TO MAKE KNOTS III. Cela fait une éternité que je n'ai rien publié, que je suis en retard dans les publications des webnoueurs, mais j'ai vraiment manqué de temps ces derniers mois, dû, notamment, à quelques changements dans ma vie. Pour me faire pardonner, voici aujourd'hui un petit tuto pour réaliser un petit bracelet tres sympa, très girly (j'ai appris un nouveau mot) avec du petit bout rose, mais qui peut être très masculin avec de la ligne à thon.

Vous allez voir, il est très simple à réaliser, et vous allez faire un tabac avec ! L'intérêt de ce bracelet, cest que vous pouvez mettre autant de noeuds de carrick que vous le souhaitez. Prenez votre bout, pliez le en deux, et réalisez le shémas ci dessous : (un demi noeud, puis un autre demi noeud) Commencons le premier noeud de carrick, passez le brin de droite sur celui de gauche commencez la première demi clé du noeud de carrick en passant sous la petite ganse deux fois dessous, puis dessus, puis dessous, et dessus.

Ajustez le noeud... Donc deux demi noeuds... Carrick Bend | How to tie a Carrick Bend. Uses: The Carrick Bend (ABOK # 1439, p 263) joins two ropes together. Ashley describes it as "the bend commonly tied in hawsers and cables. " It is also makes the center of the very decorative Lanyard Knot. Structure: The knot curls up under strain and the attractive, mat-like appearance vanishes. It is important that the tails lie diagonally opposite each other; if tied incorrectly, an intermittent pull will gradually work the knot towards the tails until it is undone! Place: Because the Carrick Bend is reliable and has the enormous advantage of being easy to undo, it probably deserves to be used more often.

Knots for Net Making Knots for Making a Net: Making a Cargo Net is tedious, time-consuming, and only to be undertaken out of necessity or by the enthusiast. The image on the left shows the two knots that are most commonly used at each junction when making a net. Climbing Net Tying Size: In practice many more vertical ropes will be used to make it wider, and it will be longer as well. Today I will show you how to make a wonderful knotted bracelet. I like these bracelets in white, red and blue, probably because these are nautical colors. But for the DUY I decided to choose a nice pale pink cord) You will need: pliers cord about 0.5-0.7m/20-30" cord ends 2 jump rings 5mm/0.2" diamete lobster clasp if it's possible, the chain-extension ruler scissors So, lets begin.

Pass the second cord besides the first one. Tighten the knot. Measure your wrist. Attach cord ends to both ends of the bracelet. At one end attach the lobster clasp, at another end - the chain-extension. Your bracelet is ready! This bracelet needs a little time and materials and you can make them in different colors))I wish you good luck! How to Make a Tiny Globe Knot by TIAT. How to Tie a Chinese Button Knot You can learn to tie this Chinese knot by following the steps shown on this site. Click here for step-by-step instructions presented as a series of web pages. Alternatively, you can select from the links below for printable full-page images of the instructions. They will display in a separate browser window. Use the Print command to print out the first one, then close the window.

Click the second one, print, then close. Click on the third one, print, then close. Monkey fist knot can be used as a pendant, or as a component of your jewelry designs. Let's look at how to tie a monkey fist knot next! To work the monkey fist, you may need to prepare at least 100cm long cord. Step1: Use your index and middle finger of left hand, secure the starting end tip by your thumb and start to wrap the other working end of the cord three full turns around two fingers; Step2: Wrap the working end around three previous circles made in step1 for another three times; Step3: Pass the working end through the middle of the cords to direct it from right to left; Step4: Take the coils off your fingers and hold all circles in place carefully. Step5: Tighten the coils one after one, take your time and be patient until you have a neatly finished monkey fist knot.

Step6: Done! If you have mastered monkey knots tying, I'd like to introduce you button knot- another beautiful decorative knot, keep going!