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Square knot variations with eight strings / DIY Tutorial. Macrame is all the rage again, and it isn’t restricted to make wall hangings any longer.

They can be used in any type of craft creations, as long as you master how to tie the basic knots. So, I’m showing this macrame earring pattern here and looking forward to every of you loving how I make this macrame earrings! Supplies needed for making the macrame earrings: 1mm Nylon Thread 6mm Acrylic Pearl Beads Earring Hooks Lighter Scissors How to set out to make the macrame earrings? Step 1: Prepare the threads and tie a button knot 1st, cut 4 strands of 1mm nylon thread to approximately 60cm; 2nd, thread 1/2 of all threads through the earring hook; 3rd, tie a button knot with the left threads and right threads; 4th, tighten the threads to push the knot next to the earring hook. 5th, repeat the procedures 1~4 for the other button knot.

Step 2: Add bead and secure with figure-eight knot 3rd, add beads on the rest 7 threads and secure with figure-eight knot. Step 3: Remove the excess threads. In this macramé earring tutorial, four kinds of knotting technique will be utilized.

Although the techniques are not difficult, you had better get familiar with each of them before starting the macramé earrings pattern. För drygt 1 1/2 år sedan gjorde jag luftballonger av rislampor och det var bland de roligaste pysslen jag någonsin gjort.

Det är även ett av mina genom tiderna mest populära blogginlägg. Nu har jag gjort en mindre variant med små rislampor och de var minst lika roliga att göra! Denna gång blev det en 6 min lång videobeskrivning där jag visar både hur jag dekorerade lamporna och hur jag vek askarna som fungerar som korgar. Vet du redan hur du viker pappersaskar kan du hoppa över det partiet i filmen (från 1.50 till 3.50). London-tavlan ovan är en illustration från Laura Amiss, Etsy. Du behöver: Decoupagepapper, små rislampor (7,5 cm i diameter, säljs i 10-pack), linjal, nål, snöre, pensel, decoupagelack, limstift, sax och ett 7,5×7,5 cm ark mönstrat papper till varje korg (120 g papper är lagom). Photography by: Aaron Dyer Opt for cords made of natural fibers like cotton (available at sewing-supply or trim stores), and take your pick of beads from crafts shops (make sure they’re big enough to accommodate the cord thickness).

The materials pack well for road trips, and the technique is a cinch. So spend a rainy afternoon or a long flight creating one, or a whole bunch—giving them to friends is part of the fun. 1. Cut a 50-inch length of cord; fold in half. 2. With left strand, make a loop around circle, weaving end under right strand just above circle. Pull same strand toward left and under itself to form a pretzel.

Tighten by pulling the two ends outward. DIY Easy Square Knot Flower Bracelets.

To make this bracelet you only need to know how to make a square knot (also known as Reef knot or Flat knot). Oval Bracelet. Fashion Bracelet. Sliding Clasps. Zip Clasp. Description: The Zip Clasp is a unique way to form a Micro-Macrame jewelry closure.

Zip Clasp

The advantage to using it is that it's very easy to open and close. It's a great clasp for Paracord bracelets, and can be used for a necklace or belt as well. When making something with this technique, I recommend you use 2mm size materials like Hemp, Nylon, or Satin. Materials easily compressed and flexible, such as cotton, are not the best choices for this type of clasp. In the example I used Square Knots for the entire bracelet. Learn Macrame. Learn Macrame is a knot gallery of detailed instructions for tying a variety of basic as well as unique knots.

Learn Macrame

You should use scrap pieces of material and practice each of these decorative knots individually. The decorative knots found in most Macrame patterns are listed below. Just click on the images of the knots you want to learn. The step-by-step process, with photos, will come up in a new window. To learn Macrame properly, I recommend that beginners practice all the basic knots, which are labeled Basic or Vintage above the image.

Vintage knots are those decorative knots used in the late 1800's to mid 1900's. After you have practiced, choose an easy project from the many free patterns in the other areas of this site. Please visit the home page for instructions on how to convert these pages to a PDF prior to printing. Macrame School - Free Macrame Tutorials and Patterns. Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen. Copyright 2014 Dottie Hoeschen all rights reserved People have been tying knots since the beginning of time and they serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen

It is a fascinating combination of art and science. I hope that these step by step photos will take some of the mystery out and encourage you to try it on your own. By the way, a knot can have several different names, so don't be surprised if you find these same knots under different names.