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Frivolité celtique

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 Le Blog de Frivole: Rose & Crown. The Piney Woods Tatter: Pumpkin Pie Pendant. Good morning!

The Piney Woods Tatter: Pumpkin Pie Pendant

Are you ready for another goody??? How about a little bit of Pumpkin Pie? A size 8 tatting needle with S244 "Love of Life" Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk, 5 4mm Swarocski bicones, 1 6mm Swarovski bicone and a number of Delica seed beads were used to tat this pendant. Begin with a foundation of 5 ICRs (interlocking chain rings) with the following counts: ICR 13 very sm - 3 - (with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead) 3 very sm- 13 CL Repeat 5 times, leaving a bit of the ends as they will be used later to anchor the 6mm Swarovski bicone.

For the next step, string 15 seed beads on the silk, + to very sm - to the right of bead set and tat as follows: The Piney Woods Tatter: Pumpkin Doodle & Pumpkin Blossom Earrings. The Piney Woods Tatter: St. Patrick's Day FREE Pendant Pattern. Celtic Faire Happy St.

The Piney Woods Tatter: St. Patrick's Day FREE Pendant Pattern

Patrick's Day from the Piney Woods!!! Here is the finished pendant featuring the beautiful Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S9 (Herb Garden). The foundation can be found on this past Friday's blogpost, but I will include it here, too. Using a size 8 tatting needle, Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S9 (Herb Garden), 8 Swarovski 3mm bicones in a Spring green, and 8 dark green Czech seed beads, tat as follows: Celtic Bookmark. Section Two R: 20 CR RW CH: 2, sp, 6, sp, 2 RW [R: 20 CR RW CH: 2, (+ to p of prev chain), 6, sp, 2 RW] 2 Times R: 20 CR RW CH: 2, (+ to p of prev chain), 6, (+ to p of first chain), 2, join to base of first ring Cut and hide threads using your method of preference.

Celtic Bookmark

Make 7 of these motifs. Now we need to put the rings of the second sections through the rings of the first section. The picture below shows one of the motifs inserted as instructed. Section Three : Side Section *R: 4ds, join to space between rings of first round, 4ds CR RW. The Piney Woods Tatter: Interlocking Chain-Rings. After receiving several inquiries concerning the interlocking chain-ring foundations I use in many of my designs, I have decided to post a few images of the way I tat them.

The Piney Woods Tatter: Interlocking Chain-Rings

The example will be a 5 ICR foundation motif. The thread used in my example is size 5 DMC cotton perle in color #4025. Amalie Earrings FREE Pattern. Good evening, dear readers!

Amalie Earrings FREE Pattern

At long last, here is my new FREE needle tatted earring pattern "Amalie": This design is tatted with size 8 tatting needle using size 8 Valdani pearl cotton in M24 "Water Reflections" and is accented with 3mm and 4mm Light Turquoise Swarovski bicones, a 6mm Swarovski chaton and Delica seed beads. Pendants celtiques / Celtic pendants. J’aime beaucoup l’aspect des entrelacs, aussi j’ai tout de suite été attirée par le pendant celtique créé par Ruth Perry.

Pendants celtiques / Celtic pendants

A Celtic Style Picot Demonstration - ©1998-2009, Paradise Treasures. Simple Practice Edging using Clovers Fan Motif using SCMR Ring with Celtic Knotted Picots in the second ring of the Cloveror add 3 Celtic Knotted Picots to the same True Ring For larger diagram to print, click on diagrams Ready, Set, Go Enjoy!

a Celtic Style Picot Demonstration - ©1998-2009, Paradise Treasures

Tat-a-Renda: That pesky final ring! I have been practising, all of two days in fact, to understand the movements of the interlocking rings.

Tat-a-Renda: That pesky final ring!

My main issue was to get the rings to overlap in the same directions throughout, but all I was getting was this kind of imperfections. I know there is a way to get it, but it just did not come to me. After many tries, I had no problem following the video for the other rings, but that last ring is not getting it. Rita'sCelticBrooch. Celtic_5_Point_Motif. Sue's 5 point Celtic Motif - Sue Hanson ©1999 ©2001 ©2005This motif is made in three steps, two separate motifs are worked, and posted through each other, then a final round is worked to tie it all together.Example worked in No 20 Coats Mercerised Crochet thread First Section Ball & shuttle, two colours joined. * RA: 5 - 5 -5 -5 -5 - 5 clr RW Ch: 18 RW Repeat from* 4 more times joining 2nd p of R’s to 4th p prev R’s + (last Ch to base of 1st R) T & C.


Tatted False Plait with Beads by Gina Brummet. For the butterfly slide necklace, I put about 8 yards on each shuttle but 10 would be better.

Tatted False Plait with Beads by Gina Brummet

I wasn’t sure how much it would hold with the beads strung. I threaded 100 beads for each set and put 50 beads on each shuttle. When you do split rings, the carrying thread shuttle consumed thread faster than the second one, so when I used all the beads from the first shuttle, I did the shoestring trick after I closed a ring and before the shuttles were pulled through the next ring. That way the second shuttle now was loaded with beads and the first shuttle still had enough thread to handle the second half of the split ring and I didn’t have one shuttle overloaded with beads. I did have to add thread but had it been fully loaded at the start, I don’t think that would have been necessary. The original pattern which inspired this pattern was from the 1915 December Needlecraft, issue.

Gina Brummet has a website too. Questions? » Easy Celtic Motif Pattern Tatted Treasures. Inspired by Fox’s recent venture into Celtic tatting, I played around and came up with this little motif. I did a lot of Celtic tatting in the past, but for whatever reason haven’t done any in the last few years. I have been working on putting tatting around an ornament, but took a break to show you a tatted snowflake i came up with. Supplies: Tatting thread size 10 Tatting needle size 5 Beads (60) Collapsable eye needle Scissors Inner part of the snowflake: Use your collapsable needle and thread on 30 beads. Now put on your tatting needle. 1. CelticWreath. Bracelet2. Helen Bailey's CELTIC EGG PATTERN Tatting Exchange - April 2000 © Helen Bailey This pattern was adapted and worked by Helen Bailey from a circular motif by Sue Hanson.

The pattern for Sue's original motif is available at: Sue's Celtic or or in 'Lace' no 93, page 23. Many thanks to Helen for sharing this with the online tatting class. This pattern is made in three steps: two separate motifs are worked, posted through each other and then a final round is worked to tie it all together. Original worked in Manuela 20 - mauve 013, yellow 046. What I did was follow the well-illustrated celtic knot instructions from the book "Celtic Tatting" by Rozella Linden, adding a "stem".

Then I added a 2nd round of rings and chains to form the shamrock, starting at the top. I used an "alligator join" at the stem, continued around, and finished with a short Lock Stitch chain and a ring for hanging. Actually, it ends up that the celtic knot isn't exactly centered, but I think it looks pretty anyway. Ruth Perry has graciously provided the link to shamrock patterns from the Tatting Pattern Calender. You'll see other shamrocks there that use the celtic knot center. © If you use the pattern, you should refer to this site. © If you use the pattern, you should refer to this site. Spring has sprung – finally… Did I hear someone mention Ground Hog stew recently? Oh well, the warmer weather is welcome. May is the month to start thinking about all the beautiful flowers that we will soon be seeing.

Here is a pretty little flower that I did way back in 2008. It looks like a morning glory to me. Along with the morning glory leaf of loops from the Celtic Leaves and Flowers book. Tatters.