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Capadia Designs: Spirelli Fun. Just before I left on vacation, a blog reader contacted me to see if I had a file for an adjustable "32 bump" scalloped circle.

Capadia Designs: Spirelli Fun

I have done several adjustable scalloped circles but none with that exact number of "bumps. " She wanted it to do some Spirelli designs. Spirelli designs are done by winding thread around a shape in a pattern that forms interesting designs on top of the shape. I didn't have time to make an adjustable scalloped circle with that many bumps before I left but I did take a look at the Accent Essentials cartridge to see if there were any shapes that would work. I found several... This floral shape already has 32 bumps and can be used directly from the cartridge - just set the size to the size you need. I found two other shapes that had 16 divisions - you could use these as is for a different look but I decided to use Design Studio to make 32 division shapes. The shapes are highlighted on the keypads above and below. Here is the cut shape. Free string art candle pattern to download and print. I have created an easy string art candle picture.

Free string art candle pattern to download and print

This would make an attractive picture for Christmas, a religious occasion or just to hang on your wall. The downloadable pattern includes a numbered diagram, stringing instructions and general instructions for the technique. The illustration shows a red candle in a gold holder on a black background. Free Heart Circle Pattern. String Art and Math: A Project in Multiplication.

Multiplication math facts are generally introduced in the second or the third grade.

String Art and Math: A Project in Multiplication

Occasionally, some students have difficulty learning them. There are many ways to help such students either in the classroom or outside of the class remedially. One such way that has motivated students to practice and learn the factors of multiplication is with string art. The possibilities of geometric designs are virtually unlimited. Once a geometric design has been created, the points at which line segments meet can be given a numeric value. To complete the project, each student will need a circle template that is copied on cardstock.

The template can be modified accordingly. This is an example of the question sheet with the answers and diagram filled in. Click here to download a sample work sheet. The work sheet is in PDF format. Free patterns and templates to make your own String Art. Discovering Sunday School. Lately I’ve been inspired by the educational ideas of Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of kindergarten and the genius for many of the elements used today in Early Education such as unit blocks, fingerplays and movement games.

Discovering Sunday School

His ideas transfer very well into the Sunday School realm—creating connections between people, ideas, nature and God. The Froebel occupations have found good use in our class. We built boats out of recycled materials and popsicle sticks, started a new concept-map bulletin board, used pattern tablets, folded window stars, made pin-prick pictures and illustrated scriptures about the Tree of Life. When I presented the story about the liahona, several children chose to make string art liahonas in response.

String Art - By Blikfang » DIY: String Art & Easter Decoration. Både ophæng og vaser er vildt dekorative og super hyggelige at lave samt nemme DIY’s I kan få glæde af.

by Blikfang » DIY: String Art & Easter Decoration

Materialer: By Blikfang. Jeg har længe haft lyst til, at eksperimenter lidt mere med string art og nu hvor det snart er jul, kom denne ide ret hurtigt til mig.

by Blikfang

Ophængene er superhyggelige at lave og indtil videre er det blevet til 4 fine stjerneformet ophæng. I’ve designed 5 different templates with following tutorial. DOWNLOAD templates BEMÆRK venligst! At skabelonerne er tiltænkt (print selv) til eget brug. NOTE Please! Sidste års String art ophæng har været meget populære både her på bloggen, Instagram og ikke mindst på Pinterest, så det var mere end oplagt, at jeg også denne jul skulle designe en String art DIY.

Jeg har designet, nørklet, testet og ikke mindst hygget mig med at finde på nye fine mønstre og ophæng. Last years string art ornaments has been very popular both on the blog, Instagram and not least Pinterest. It was obvious to create a new string art DIY for this christmas too. I’ve designed, created, tested and enjoyed the process of creating new patterns.

Med udgangspunkt i det klassiske string art look, har jeg lavet en tutorial bestående af forskellige mønstre.

Der er uanede muligheder, mix mønstre, farver, garn, tråd og opnå et unikt design. Lav string art i karton med huller, på træ eller direkte på væggen med små søm. Based on the classic string art look, i‘ve made a tutorial consisting of different patterns. There are endless possibilities, mix patterns, colors, yarn, tread and achieve a unique design. Create string art in carton with holes, on wood or directly on the wall with small nails Print en skabelon! Gem blot billedet på din computer og print det ud på A4. Ønsker du et større motiv, skal du huske at designe cirklen med lige antal søm eller huller. How Do You Make A few ideas, how do you can make some of my stringarts.

Click on the drawings to enlarge it!!!