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Generation What? Infographie, Marketing et Image De Marque. Millenials GenY Infographics sur Pinterest  3 Tips for Marketing to Generation Y Consumers. Generation Y accounts for more than 20 percent of total consumer spending in the U.S. / Credit: Generation Y image via Shutterstock Generation Y — the segment of the population born in the 1980s and '90s — is more or less all grown up now.

3 Tips for Marketing to Generation Y Consumers

They're graduating college, entering the full-time work force, renting and purchasing homes, and, perhaps most important, spending their disposable income. It's this last factor that makes Gen Yers such an attractive target to marketers. A 2013 article on Barron's found that the 86 million millennials in the U.S. account for $1.3 trillion of consumer spending — more than 20 percent of the nation's total — and that number will only rise as their careers and salaries advance. But there's another important reason that brands are focusing so intently on pleasing Generation Y: their unprecedented influential power. Loyalty and the Y Generation. Gen Y is different.

Loyalty and the Y Generation

When it comes to brand trust and loyalty they are vastly different from their parents. They have single-handedly flipped the marketing model upside down. Lifetime trust to a brand is for the most part, over. Témoignage d' Emmanuelle Duez- Les 3 caractéristiques de la Génération Y.

Why you can’t retain millennials, or why you aren’t getting value from them. Why you can’t retain millennials, or why you aren’t getting value from them I read this article in Inc about why Millennials are getting fired.

Why you can’t retain millennials, or why you aren’t getting value from them

I’m not a millennial, I’m Gen Y on at least one of the scales (there’s differences of opinion about 1980 births), but I got angry anyway. Will Gen Y change branding? The Agenda 2020 series asks experts to discuss what business leaders should be doing now to prepare their organizations to be healthy, efficient and growing by 2020.

Will Gen Y change branding?

Read more at A decade ago, marketing and branding experts from around the world predicted the era of the brand would be dead by now – they were wrong. But the evolution of branding has been a significant one, and with baby boomers moving out of the main consumer box and making room for Gen X and Y, more changes are expected in the coming years.

Patricia McQuillan, president and founder of Brand Matters Inc., describes how traditional marketing will find its place in the digital age and what she calls the renaissance of branding. Millennials aren’t the problem — you are — Life Learning. Millennials aren’t the problem — you are A few weeks ago I was making my rounds of the company, checking in with various teams to see how they’re doing, when one of our younger employees grabbed me for a quick question.

Millennials aren’t the problem — you are — Life Learning

That’s common. (I have an open-door policy, and impromptu hallway conversations are the norm.) But what this individual had to say was surprising. He asked me for a raise and a substantial increase in equity. How is Generation Y changing the way we work? Les Jeunes (la génération Y) 5 Stereotypes of Millennials at Work.

Generation Y has been labelled a bunch of lazy job-hoppers—the truth is very different This article titled “Millennials at work: five stereotypes – and why they are (mostly) wrong” was written by Aisha Gani, for on Tuesday 15th March 2016 11.01 UTC Millennials will make up half of the global workforce by 2050.

5 Stereotypes of Millennials at Work

Although generalisations are not helpful, broadly speaking members of this generation, born between 1980 and 1994 and also known as Generation Y, are bound together by the fact they have come of age during a severe financial crisis, have been both the pioneers and guinea pigs of technological change, and are more plugged into a global network than their predecessors. Now they’re in the workforce, it should be no surprise that they are working differently too. But often those differences are reduced to lazy stereotypes. Emmanuelle Duez - Positive Economy Forum - Le Havre 2015 - Français. Generation Y: A Guide to a Much-Maligned Millennials. Tech-savvy?

Generation Y: A Guide to a Much-Maligned Millennials

Narcissistic? Open-minded? What does being a millennial really mean? This article titled “Generation Y: a guide to a much-maligned demographic” was written by Kate Lyons, for on Monday 7th March 2016 11.00 UTC Who are they?