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Google+ Profile Picture and Cover Photo Size Guide. Google+ has a lot going for it as a place to share and show photos.

Google+ Profile Picture and Cover Photo Size Guide

It has nowhere near the active user base of Facebook, but it has more photographer-friendly features. When using images of your Google+ profile page, the image sizes are generally more logical than the mishmash of image sizes that is a Facebook Page. But there are still some sizes to know and tricks to getting the images to look their best. Google+ Cover Photo The cover photo is the large one at the top. Because Google+ uses a responsive layout that adjusts for different-sized screens, the actual size that it’s displayed at varies quite a bit. The semi-transparent part at left also resizes, and it duplicates part of your image. The ideal size for the image you upload is 1080 x 608 (aspect ratio of 135:76, which is very close to 16:9). JPEG Image Quality Issues with the Cover Photo But there’s a solution.

Be aware, though, that a PNG-24 creates a much larger file than a heavily compressed JPG image. Facebook Backgrounds, Facebook Themes, Dislike Button For Facebook, Facebook Skins, Myspace Layouts. Myspace Layouts, Myspace Premade Layouts, Premade Myspace Layouts, Layouts For Myspace. Twitter Backgrounds - Layouts and Graphics from

Free Twitter Layouts. Twitter_layouts. Free Twitter Backgrounds. Twitter Backgrounds Gallery. Freelayouts S2. Refuted graphics. Welcome to Freelayouts. Livejournal Layouts. Fruitstyle - Livejournal Layouts Archive. Google Plus Cover Photos - Google Plus Covers. Set a Custom Background Image on Google+ with Layouts for Google Plus. You are here: SumTips » Software » Browsers » Set a Custom Background Image on Google+ with Layouts for Google Plus Layouts for Google Plus is a new Chrome extension that lets you personalize Google+ with a custom background image.

Set a Custom Background Image on Google+ with Layouts for Google Plus

Google Plus Background Image Once installed, the extension takes you to its website where you can select an image from the public gallery. If you want to set your own image as the background, that can be done as well by uploading an image from your computer. Right now it doesn’t offer an option to select an image that’s already hosted somewhere online. Images that you upload can be kept private, by ticking the “automatically adding it to the public gallery. The extension also adds a quick access “Change Background” button next to the existing “Send Feedback” button in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

Whitespace Remover for Google Plus Cleans Up the New Google+ Layout on Chrome and Firefox. Yeah, I never noticed it before the recent change, but as soon as it popped for me, I immediately noticed the terrible layout spacing and all of the sudden the trending/suggestions became less of an annoyance and more of an enragement.

Whitespace Remover for Google Plus Cleans Up the New Google+ Layout on Chrome and Firefox

I immediately sent some feedback about this, to nearly the exact effect of your comment. I even mentioned that if THEY don't change it I would make my own plugin to change it, or use someone else's. Lo and behold, not a couple days later here is what I was looking for. I figured it would take at least a couple weeks after the change for this to appear, but apparently severe annoyance is the teenage mother of creation. Now if I can just get a legitimate addon to remove trending/suggestions altogether I'll be golden. Flagged. Customize Google Plus with Google Plus Theme Skins and Layouts. Here i have new and latest themes for Google+ profile .

Customize Google Plus with Google Plus Theme Skins and Layouts

For applying these free Google Plus themes you need to install “Greasemonkey“ and “Stylish” add-on to your Firefox and Internet Explorer browser. But remember these themes can be viewed by those who have installed these add-on to their Apply these free skins or free layouts to your Google+ profileSo first step is to install Greasemonkey and Stylish add-on to your browser.

Then select one of these themes, just click the link below themes. then you will see “How to install” click on the required button of install with stylish or Load as a User Script for Greasemonkey add-on. after that click on the install button.sigin to your facebook you can view your changed layout.

Google plus Template. Our Google plus template interface includes elements such as buttons, patterns, menus, icons, sliders, forms and many, many more.

Google plus Template

This huge GUI pack comes loaded with hundreds of elements that will satisfy the needs of pretty much any project you apply it to. Take a look and download the free version now, as well as our huge pack with over 200 Google+ interface icons. Read Carefully, Specially: Hotmail / MSN / OutLook users, please check your spam/junk folder to get our msgs and mark us as safe senders (see how) to be sure you can get all our freebies. Our email is: Get this set bundled with all other designshock sets (icons, themes, design sets, vectors and much more) Tumblr Backgrounds, Tumblr Themes, Girly, Cute Themes. Tumblr Themes. Tumblr Themes - ThemesLtd.  Themesthatyoulike. New Autumn tumblr thme!


Here is the new Autumn tumblr theme! It’s perfect if you are searching for a theme with a big header and show your avatar. Simple gird design Optimal for portfolio2, 3, 4 or 5 RowsDifferent content sizesSet a header imageMinimalistic designFree to use for you Download the new theme: Autumn Download. Tumblr Themes, Tumblr Backgrounds, New Tumblr Themes.