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8 ways to contribute to open source without writing code. 45 Apps to Make Being an Adult Much Easier. 7 Ways to Score Free Shipping on Every Online Order. If you shop online at least once a month, you could be paying a small fortune in shipping costs over the course of a year.

7 Ways to Score Free Shipping on Every Online Order

Why not save all of that money and use it on something fun? Here are seven ways you can get free shipping when you shop online. Be sure to share your favorite tips in the comments below, too! Amazon Prime This is a big one – if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get a lot of benefits, but one of the most significant is free two-day shipping on any order. Combining it with other benefits makes it worth the annual $100 fee, especially if you’re taking care to save money on your Amazon purchases. Also keep in mind that if you choose “No-Rush Shipping,” you’ll get a small credit toward another purchase (usually a Kindle book, movie, or MP3 download), and that can add up over a lot of purchases, too. ShopRunner and FreeShipping Just sign into the relevant service at checkout, and you’ll get free shipping as well as free return shipping.

Watch for Free Shipping Sales Just Ask. List of 10 Best Free HTML Web Editors for Windows. 9.

List of 10 Best Free HTML Web Editors for Windows

Bluefish Bluefish is a full-featured HTML editor that runs on a variety of platforms, including Linux, MacOS-X, Windows, and more. The latest release (which is 2.2.7) fixed some of the bugs found in previous versions. Noteworthy features that have been in place since the 2.0 version are code-sensitive spell check, auto complete of many different languages (HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.), snippets, project management and autosave. Bluefish is primarily a code editor, not specifically a Web editor. 15 Ways Cops Use Your Favorite Social Media Platforms. It’s not just your new media pals and ranting uncles constantly scouring social media – a 2014 Lexis-Nexis study reports that 81% of all U.S. law enforcement professionals actively use social media in investigations.

15 Ways Cops Use Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

From collecting evidence to identifying the whereabouts of criminals, cops around the country (and world) are finding ways to utilize just about every social media platform in existence. Sometimes, they have to get very, very creative. Instagram San Francisco Police Officer Eduard Ochoa doesn’t simply walk a neighborhood beat; he patrols Instagram. Ochoa recently identified a 17-year-old seen toting guns on Instagram as a wanted felon on probation, and SFPD detained the minor soon after. Last year, 30-year-old Jeremy Clayton posted a picture on Instagram showing him flashing a middle finger at a South Carolina sheriff’s department’s webpage while holding a joint. Twitter and Facebook We can all support a good live-tweet of, say, an awards show or a Super Bowl. 75 Top Apps of 2015 - German Pearls. With over 1.5 million apps in the iOS App Store and over 1.6 million in the Google Play store it can certainly be overwhelming to find great apps for your smartphone or tablet.

75 Top Apps of 2015 - German Pearls

So, we’ve sorted through reports, statistics and news articles to compile this list of top apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The list includes social media apps, entertainment apps, photo and video apps, productivity apps, shopping apps, health and fitness apps and, of course, games. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Top Apps of 2015 – Social Media.

5 Writing Tips for Starting a Blog - Grammarly Blog. So you’re thinking about blogging.

5 Writing Tips for Starting a Blog - Grammarly Blog

Presumably, you’re passionate about something. 9 Things To Remember When Your Friend has Depression. It can be hard to know how to be a good friend to someone who is struggling with depression because it’s such a difficult condition to understand.

9 Things To Remember When Your Friend has Depression

Even if you’ve experienced it yourself, it can be hard to understand a friend’s depression and to know how best to help. Taking the time to try to understand how depression feels can be a great start; but it’s not easy. 20 Simple And Creative Ways to Earn Money. We could all use some extra cash.

20 Simple And Creative Ways to Earn Money

Whether it’s to pay off your debts faster, save up for a vacation, or buy yourself that new gadget you’ve been wanting, it’s always helpful to have that little extra in your pocket. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to make yourself a nice little side income, and you can do these whether you have a full time job or you’re looking to work from home. Try these tips out and start earning now: 1. 10 Free And Useful Websites For Music Lovers. Pandora and Soundcloud may be awesome, but the web is full of even more creative, fun, and useful music websites.

10 Free And Useful Websites For Music Lovers

There are numerous ways to engage with music apart from just listening to it. From crafting your own tunes to converting different formats, here are 10 amazing free sites that all music lovers will find handy — and slightly addictive. 1. 10 Ways To Earn Money Without Being Employed. Unemployed individuals don’t need to despair anymore—there are tons of online opportunities for gaining money.

10 Ways To Earn Money Without Being Employed

What’s more, the joy of earning money without being employed is much more pleasurable than you could imagine. You have plenty of options to choose from without even focusing on a particular niche and with very little hard work. Being unemployed also gives you much freedom for personal development and investing in your personal growth. You can improve your personal skills daily and become better and better with each masterpiece created.

You can reap all these benefits from unemployed status by following one of the proposed strategies and gain a fair monthly income. 1. If you don’t have a job, and need money—who doesn’t? We all have old clothes that we haven’t worn for years, books we never opened or already read, pieces of furniture that have been unused for decades, and so on. 4 Books that Can Make You a Different Person. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been a fan of books.

4 Books that Can Make You a Different Person

Granted, I was not as an avid reader as I am today, they have always caught my attention. In my elementary days, every year there would be a hosting of The Scholastic Book Fair. I remember I would push and shove other kids to be first in line. After our librarian would tell us about the books, she would let us wonder off, I went crazy. It felt as if I was stepping into a candy shop for the first time. Five tools for working with text files. Although text files are undoubtedly useful, they are somewhat limited when it comes to function. Thankfully, a number of utilities can convert, edit, or manipulate them. This article lists five such tools. Note: This article is also available as an image gallery and a video hosted by TechRepublic columnist Tom Merritt.

10 tips for spotting a phishing email. Every day countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. While some of these messages are so outlandish that they are obvious frauds, others can be a bit more convincing. 7 Ways Remote Workers Can Stay Engaged and Inspired. Are you ready for a raise? Here are 5 tips to get it! Get Our Free Emergency Checklist to Stopping Self Doubt Fast Sign up below to get it instantly. Plus, get more Skillcrush news and updates to your inbox! It was my first week after taking leadership of the internship program at work, and I was feeling…exhausted.

You know the feeling. For all intents and purposes, you just got promoted, but you didn’t get a raise OR a new title. And that’s awesome! In an ideal world, your boss or client would notice your great work and give you a raise. 1. 5 Places to Discover New Podcasts That You'll Love. Love the idea of podcasts, but have no idea where to get started? Here are five sites that can help. Podcasts are the greatest way to relax at the end of the day, or to distract your mind during an otherwise boring task, but if you’re new to the hobby it can be overwhelming. What should I use to listen? 15 Ways to Maximize Google Drive Productivity. It’s hard to believe that Google Drive is just three years old … yes, really.

For a tool still in its infancy, it’s remarkable how quickly it has inspired the question, “How did I live without it?” Google Drive is now ingrained in the daily lives of millions of people, many of whom rely on it for work. With an increasing number of companies moving towards full cloud office adoption, Google Drive usage is only going to rise. What started with humble—and admittedly limited—beginnings as Google Docs has transformed into a storage and collaboration powerhouse that serves as the focal point for G Suite and the centerpiece for many workers. 5 Sites to Play Music and Make Noise Just by Typing. Keyboards these days are awfully quiet. "The Ten"... 10 Free eBooks Guaranteed to Scare You Witless. It was All Hallows’ Eve and Stephen was peeved. His wife Tabitha was out with the grandchildren and wouldn’t be home for hours. 10 Ways to Promote Your Project for Free With...

22 ways to use pumpkin seeds - AOL. 1. Start Them Young - Entrepreneurial Skills All Kids Should Learn. 5 Ways to Find What's in Those Terms of Service. Admit it: you’ve never read the entire terms of service. 7 Legal Ways To Watch Movies Online For Free. 3 Easy Ways to Start a No-Signup Video Chat. 29 Giant Versions Of Your Favorite Foods You Can Make Yourself. Photos: 10 of the best places to study cybersecurity. 12 Most Profitable Places to Sell Your Photos Online. 12 jobs where you play all day. 11 Podcasts That Want Your WritingBeyond Your Blog. The Art of Mixing Styles: 7 Gorgeously Eclectic Rooms that Show How It's Done. 10 Smart Storage Tricks for a Tiny Bathroom. 3 Reasons Smosh May Be the Best Video Marketers EVER. Real Life in London: 7 Things You'll Need to Be Ok With To Love Living Here. Six Certification Exam Mistakes to Avoid. 7 Tips for Customizing the Windows 10 Taskbar. 8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore.

10 Creative Ways to Use PowerPoint for Self-Growth. Five apps for making YouTube even better. 10 Ways Keeping a Journal Will Genuinely Improve Your Life. The 7 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands. Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever. 18 Bizarre Home Remedies That Really Work. 10 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full-Time. 10 High-Paying Jobs You Can Do on the Side. 8 Terms You Need to Know When Buying Computer RAM. 9 basic photography mistakes (and how to fix them) 30 Trendy Internet Slang Words and Acronyms You Need To Know To Fit In.

10 Online Lesson Planning ResourcesLearn2Earn Blog. 8 clever DIY tricks for smartphone photographers. The 21 Best Websites for Men You Should Know About. What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) for Your Dorm Room. 9 must-have apps and tips for your Chromebook. 10 Common Renters' Problems (And How To Deal With Them)

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New. 5 IT Skills You'll Need as the Internet of Things Becomes a Reality. 7 Tips for Switching from Mac to Windows. 15 Websites that Use Typography Correctly. 7 Easy Ways to Quickly Automate Your Learning with IFTTT. 40 Useful Free Tools For Designers & Developers. 10 Ways Everyone Should Approach Cybersecurity. 10 Websites to Create Your Very Own Avatar.

13 New Alternative Operating Systems You Should Try Out - 3Rank. Top 10 Lists - Listverse. Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015 - Wealthy Gorilla. 10 Networking Terms You Probably Never Knew, And What They Mean. 9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew. 25 Incredibly Useful Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark. 30 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately. 7 Single-Page Productivity Planners To Organize Your To-Do List. 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing.

The Top 30 Torrent Sites of 2014. 7 Steps To Install And Optimize Minecraft For Linux. The Top 25 Sites For Finding Remote Jobs. 10 top IT skills based on increased demand. 10 top cloud computing providers for 2014. 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently.

Creative Writing Prompts. Art instruction sketch teaching. 7 Trends That Can Define the Future of Cloud Computing. 10 books on happiness and success that should be on every entrepreneur’s reading list « Entrepreneur, Startup, Small Business Articles and Resources. 100 Awesome Open Source Tools for Writers, Journalists, and Blog. 53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts. 6 links that will show you what Google knows about you — Productivity in the Cloud. The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers: Small Steps to Transform Your Teaching. 40+ Resources for Teaching Using Animation and Comics. 15 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know.

30 Interesting And Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online. 15 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know. 10 URLs Every Internet User Should Know. 10 admin tasks to knock out by the end of the year. 6 Wireless Router Security Features You Should Turn on RIGHT NOW!