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The Yellow Spot is a Corporate Training Company based out of Mumbai which has been offering Corporate Training, Leadership Development, Coaching and Consulting services to its clients since 2008. It has had the opportunity to service more than 130 clients and touch the lives of over 32,500 participants over 21 locations across India. The company offers a large spread of services with Soft Skills Training, Behavioural Training, Sales Training and other Competency Based Training, Team Building, Leadership Training and Organisational Development services.

Communication Skills Training using Body, words & voice

Work Life Balance and Mindfulness. Work Life Balance and Mindfulness You all know how I have been exploring Mindfulness since the past 5 years and have become only more and more crazy about the entire thing!

Work Life Balance and Mindfulness

Well my madness is only going to increase and I am going to keep talking about it until I can motivate all of you to come and explore it with meJ To give further fuel to my madness I attended a workshop last week. Yes you guessed it, it was on Mindfulness! I had been trying to attend it since last December and my time had finally come. At the start of the session, as usual we were all asked to introduce ourselves. The facilitator assured me that she would answer my questions and started with the science behind the entire practice. Customized Human Resource Solutions Blog. Something very interesting happened the other day.

Customized Human Resource Solutions Blog

We were looking for a sales executive who could help us out with our sales efforts. We had interviewed a couple of people but somehow were not satisfied with what we had seen. It was then that one of our associates suggested that we pick up interns from an MBA college. So we had some interns from a particular college sent down to our office. There was a sizable number and we were sure we would be able to find at least one candidate that matched our criteria. TYS — Technical Skills - Our Additional Offering. Is It Possible To Practice Work Life Balance Or Is It Just A Training Fad? So what do you think, can Work Life Balance really be achieved or is it one of those subjects that are best left in the training room?

Is It Possible To Practice Work Life Balance Or Is It Just A Training Fad?

I totally agree. In fact it is one which has puzzled me for a long time and now, finally, I feel I have been able to get a hold on it, a hold on the question and the answer both! I can definitely say that it is achievable and although I can’t say that I have been able to practice it to the extent that I would want to, but am much better at it than I used to be. Just goes to show where inquiry and a deep longing to understand something can take you! So how do you achieve this difficult feat? Self Esteem : I can really see your head spinning now! Like this: Like Loading... TYS : Selling Skills Training Companies That Give It All. Selling Skills Training covers a wide spectrum or should I say very wide spectrum!

TYS : Selling Skills Training Companies That Give It All

It’s a huge field and encompasses many different aspects of Selling. It could be based on the type of selling like Retail or Rural Selling or it could be on the channel that is used like Channel Sales or Feet on Street Selling. Effective Ways Of Making Corporate Training In India Engaging. TYS — Where Should Entrepreneurs Look For Leadership... Personality Development- An Amazingly Effective Measure To Ensure Company’s Growth. Personality development is defined as the qualified persistent pattern of feeling or thoughts of an individual that differ him from another one.

Personality Development- An Amazingly Effective Measure To Ensure Company’s Growth

According to the postulates mentioned in Personality psychology, a person’s personality develops initially and it profoundly continues to change throughout his entire lifetime. One’s thoughts and action are undoubtedly required to be in righteous direction. Because it is our thinking that leads us to action. A confidence boost helps great to developing a person’s personality. Behaviour growth is a skill that helps in enhancing and grooming one’s innermost and outermost personality traits. We will pour every last drop of knowledge we possess, in turning your more personality conscious by helping you grow dominant personality and sustaining it in the years to come. To let firms grow and prosper, we contribute our skills and earn prestige for the change we deliberately bring in a man’s personality. Like this: Like Loading... Exceptional Communication Skills Using Crucial Conversations.

Exceptional Communication Skills using Crucial Conversations March 30, 2016.

Exceptional Communication Skills Using Crucial Conversations

Train the Trainer Open Workshop. Train the Trainer Open Workshop March 21, 2016 Train the Trainer is a workshop which has gained lots of momentum in the past ten to fifteen years.

Train the Trainer Open Workshop

The reason for this to be a sought after workshop is cause the training industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past many years and is every growing. Almost every company has a training division to train their employees comprising of functional and behavioural trainers or they outsource this job to free lancers and training companies. The demand for different types of trainings is ever increasing. The Work, Coaching and More. The Work, Coaching and More March 17, 2016 I was having a very interesting discussion with my Mom yesterday on the mind and its crazy ways!

The Work, Coaching and More

We were talking about how we could tell the mind to stop acting like an idiot if we reasoned with it. I was telling her on how if you questioned the mind on what it was thinking, you would actually land up realizing that what you were thinking was not true and in fact could well be very far from reality. What Selling Skills You Must Learn From Selling... - Corporate Training Companies in India - Quora. After creating a successful line up, what any entrepreneur requires is a set of selling skills which works well in the real world.

What Selling Skills You Must Learn From Selling... - Corporate Training Companies in India - Quora

The foremost thing one must learn to grab a hands on sales experience is to learn the psychics of the bunch of individuals who are going to buy the product that you are selling. Learning about the different spheres of selling is a major yet manageable challenge for all the entrepreneurs out there. If you are also an entrepreneur worries for the sales part of your product, we bring here some of the important lessons which are imparted during the selling skills training session: Comfort Factor. What Leadership Skills Training You Must Have As You Scale Your Company? What Leadership Skills Training You Must Have As You Scale Your Company?

What Leadership Skills Training You Must Have As You Scale Your Company?

A lot has been written and read on how entrepreneurs should lead their startups, but very little material is present on how the entrepreneurs need to lead their startups as it scales up in order to accommodate growth. The founders indeed require some sort of leadership skills training when the company moves from the beginner level to the growth level. The leadership tactics must scale up as the startup scales up. During the early stages of the company, the leaders need to give a different set of directions to their staff so that the operation continues at a warp speed. Leadership Training or Awareness Training! Train The Trainer Programs – A Necessity For Creating The Best Modern Day Trainers. With the growing need for skilled and professionally trained workforce, there has been a consequent rise in the demand for efficient trainers. Get A Job Easily With Computer Based Training. Management Skills Training is a very broad term and can include various different types of trainings.

While it may also include the technical skills required to get a job done as well as the soft skills required doing the job well, Management Skills Training basically points towards training used to manage people well. In other words, training that teaches us how to handle our teams well. Today let’s have a look at one particular aspect of this type of training called Managerial Communication Skills. Be A Complete Professional With Business Etiquette Training - Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai. The way in which the companies work has evolved during the past years. A job in a company is just not about doing the task and going home anymore. There are many things one should know about while working inside a company. While working in an organization, there are some conventional codes and rules that you may need to follow. These codes might not be officially compulsory, but it is very important to follow them because, you are judged by these factors in an organization.

Some people do not understand these codes people live by and fail miserably at organizations, costing even the job itself. The Revolutionary Train The Trainer Modules. The Revolutionary Train The Trainer Modules The business houses and corporate have today become a complex conglomerate of various sectors and departments, and aim to have a lean workforce which is both knowledgeable in terms of technical skill sets, and has the required level of soft skills too. Hence training, learning and development is now at the heart of all companies and they look to upscale their employees on various aspects. All About Leadership Courses In Mumbai. 5 Communication Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Conquer. Communication is not just communication when it is related to an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs spend their considerable amount of time in working hard to give their ideas a reality picture. The entire responsibility of the idea being a success or a failure depends upon the manner in which the entrepreneur communicates his/her idea to the team.

If you are an entrepreneur, you ought to conquer the below mentioned communication skills in order to achieve success in the business: Conversation The basic form of any communication is the conversation. Negotiation The business life revolves around negotiation. Listening. Some Common Myths And Truths About Soft Skills - Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai. Need For Corporate Establishments To Invest In Leadership Training. Tao of Selling Skills. Selling Skills are required for all and every one in their lives. Every individual though not being into sales profession has to sell himself or his thought processes to others for other to believe in him and his capabilities.

Unleash The Leader In You - Corporate Training Companies in India. Looking at the Transactional Analysis perspective of Effective Communication Skills Training. Management Skills Training is a very broad term and can include various different types of trainings. The Debate Around Soft Skills Training Companies In India. My First Encounter With E-Learning Solutions and Custom Application Development. Struggling with Life? Attend our Work Life Balance Workshops. Work Life Balance Workshops, a personal favorite of mine. Why? Having being troubled by it for a major portion of my life I really understand the value of it!

A question that may pop up in your head, especially for the folks who know me is “Work Life Balance Workshops are for working professionals, you’re not that old to have had such issues for a major portion of your life!” Well if you take the word “work” literally then you can come up with that question, but what about schooling or working at home for a house wife. Our recent Selling Skills Training Experience! One fine morning I got a call from a client. They wanted something for their new joinees. What they really wanted they didn’t know and unfortunately they were unable to explain it to me either. So I sent our representative to meet them and find out what they really needed. He came back with a really weird combination. Any Other Type of Management Skills Training, You Can Bank on Us.

Leadership Training, know your style! Leadership Training, know your style! There are and have been a large number of leaders through the ages, each one having a typical style of leading. On one hand you have the Hitler’s and Joseph Stalin’s while on the other hand you have the Mother Teresa’s and the Mahatma Gandhi’s. So what’s your style, inquisitive to know? Why don’t you join us in our Leadership Training sessions and we could give you an insight into it. TYS Soft Skills Training, Changing The Face of Soft Skills Training in India. Train the Trainer in you. To manage a company effectively, managerial skills are mandatory. Management is not an ordinary task. The knowledge and ability of an individual in a managerial position is to effectively carry out the activities and tasks that his or her position demands.

These skills can be learned, or acquired through practical experiences. 1. Leadership Training - Addressing Your Leadership Woes. Leadership Training, an interesting term isn’t it? Have You Honed Your Supervisory Skills? Selling Skills Training For Your Sales Team. Are you looking for Corporate Training Companies offering Corporate Training in Mumbai?

Converting Leads To Orders Through Our Selling Skills Training - The Yellow Spot. TYS : Is Leadership Training What You Are Looking For? Custom Application Development – Change How Your Application Development Works. Custom Application Development Just For You - Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai. Not Just Another Of The Many Corporate Training Companies Giving Corporate Training In Mumbai. Leadership Training – Be The Inspiration Your Team Needs. Learning The Program Objectives Of Train the Trainer Open Workshop in Mumbai. The Benefits Of Hiring The Service Of Corporate Training Companies In India. What Are The Goals Of Organisational Development? Chef’s Paradise, One of the Most Engaging Outbound Team Building Activities. Beyond the Run of the Mill Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai.

Growing Seriousness in Soft Skills Training in India - The Yellow Spot. Are You Ready to Train The Trainer Inside You? Selling skills to Increase the Number of Prospects. TYS : Leadership Training to Develop Your Instinct. Customized Human Resource Solutions Blog. 5 Important Personality Development Tips.