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Duckduckgo Safe Browsing to Next Level - The Vyper. Most of the search engines like google, bing, Yandex etc track where search activity and more.For privacy reasons, you can use different things for stopping your tracking activity by search engines.You can try Duckduckgo which is so easy, simple and fast.Visit From here.

Duckduckgo Safe Browsing to Next Level - The Vyper

Duckduckgo( is a safe search engine that does not track any of your search activity and maintain your privacy.It was established in sep 25, 2008 in the USA and it has lots of facilities.It is also highly customizable.You can also save its setting in the cloud and change its themes, colours fonts and more.You can also day and night mode. This is the browser that cares about your such queries and is user-friendly.It also can block the adult content site.You can customize to enable or disable adult content.It is the search engine that i usually prefer.An App is also available for android and ios.You can also use duckduckgo as a browser in your android or ios.

Best Android Apps - The Vyper. The Best Android App These are the best android apps available and play store.Here are the best android apps in all field. 1.Nova launcher (The Best Launcher) Nova Launcher is the launcher replacement for android with highly customizable features.It is known as the best launcher of all time.You can customise everything from an icon, grid, dock, folder and much more.It is based on the best looking of material design.You can use custom icon packs for icons, dock, desktop and app drawer but also can use different icons for each of them by editing icons.The most recommended launcher is Nova Launcher. 4.Mx player (The Best Video Player) It is the best video playing app which can play any formats of video on any android devices.

Best Android Apps - The Vyper

Top Wordpress Plugin - The Vyper. Plugins are the extensions which are plugged in that adds additional features which can be remove and add anytime you like.We use many plugins in WordPress.Here are top WordPress Plugin Google Analytics by Yoast Google analytics by Yoast is the best plugin to track your audience.It tracks all the things about your visitors from where they came,how long they stay,what they are doing and what they want.You can know visitors traffic and do your further plans for your website and business which ultimately increase your profit.

Top Wordpress Plugin - The Vyper

Top WordPress Plugin WP Super Cache WP super cache is the best caching plugin.Wp super cache makes your site much faster than the normal.It takes long periods to load PHP which contains hundred of files communicating data with one another.So it saves sets of HTML files and serves much faster to the visitors. Top Native Ad Network - The Vyper. Top Native Ads 1 Revcontent is the fastest growing ad network with about 5 billion users worldwide.

Top Native Ad Network - The Vyper

It is native ads having pro looks and become the best alternative to the AdSense. It is the best native ad.Some of its partners are,The Christian Post,International Business Times etc.It comes after other native ad networks like taboola and outbrains but growing users is greater than other ads network. They are famous for targeting capabilities.The have more control for publishers and high geotargeting facilities for publishers. Revcontent is a CPC ad network. Top Link Shortener - The Vyper. While sharing the link it is hard to remember and also copy or share the link to any website if they are not shortened.So it is better to use short links using different URL shortener.

Top Link Shortener - The Vyper

You can easily share such shorten link and they are also easy and looks nice.Also, you can only tweet 140 characters link in twitter.So you need link shortener. Some of the link shorteners that you can use are given below.You can also look pay per using link shortener. is the best link shortener by Google.Just go to URL type your link and enter shorten URL.Links are shortened easily and also you can take the history of all list you have previous shorten and also can see the analytics data of the link.You can see the detail about the link clicker,browser used,country, platform, time, date and also the number of time the link is been used.

These are the top link shorterners whichever you like. Google launches official wallpaper app runs on all android devices - The Vyper. How to remove attribution by blogger - The Vyper. Here is the way how to remove attribution written powered by blogger.You cannot remove the attribute simply from layout since it is locked so you should remove this attribution by editing HTML.It is easy.

How to remove attribution by blogger - The Vyper

Simply follow the following steps 1.First, go to your blog in blogger.Then go to the template. 2.Go to edit HTML. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Iphone 7 Plus - The Vyper. In this year 2016,Two biggest Smartphones competitors Samsung and Apple launched the two flagship smartphones on September.Samsung launched Samsung galaxy Note 7 whereas Apple launched the iPhone 7 plus which runs with two different operating system Android and IOS respectively.They both have lots of features and both are flagship of 2016.Here is the Top flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Iphone 7 Plus - The Vyper

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus : Display iPhone 7 Plus consists of 5.5 inches LED-backlit LCD display with 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of ~401 ppi and 16M colours with multitouch feature.It has wide colour gamut display.It has Ion-strengthened glass coated with oleophobic for protection.3D Touch display technology is the features that it has but not on Samsung devices.It is the technology which lets the features while pressing hard or soft via sophisticated vibration motor. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus : Design and Body Related. The Vyper. The Vyper (@TheVyper_Com) The Vyper on Pinterest. The Vyper (@the.vyper) The Vyper. Security Check Required. The Vyper - The Vyper.

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