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Global Start-ups News and Updates- The Tech Portal. Facebook introducing a gaming app: globaltechnews - The Tech Portal. In recent weeks video games have been surging in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook introducing a gaming app: globaltechnews - The Tech Portal

In global tech news, Facebook is rolling out an app designed for creating as well as watching live gameplay. It was supposed to be released in June, but the COVID-19 pandemic speeded up the release date. This app will give Amazon's Twitch, Microsoft's Mixer, and Google's YouTube some competition. With much of the world ordered or urged to stay at home, the video games world is booming. The New Windows 10 Update that Includes a Feature that Mac and iPhones have Love. Posted by thetechportal on April 18th, 2020 Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up, and they are going to bring us a new, incredibly useful feature.

The New Windows 10 Update that Includes a Feature that Mac and iPhones have Love

Here, we write all about Global Tech News and this article will help you understand more about this new feature. If you have used a MacBook or iPhone in the past, you will recognize this feature at first glance. With this feature, you will not need to plug in your smartphone with a USB into the PC whenever you want to transfer a photo or a file. This new feature is supposedly going to roll out for beta testing soon will allow users of Samsung smartphones to drag-and-drop files and photos directly into their Windows PC. If you are running the latest Windows insider build, you will be able to try out the new feature. According to SamMobile, the Samsung-centric blog, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 will be able to use this new feature. Apple already has AirDrop, which works in a similar manner across iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Copyright © 2020 Has Technological Gadgets Transformed Sports for the Better?

Technological gadgets have transformed our way of life, and it is also true that they have played a significant role in the evolution of sports.

Has Technological Gadgets Transformed Sports for the Better?

From the use of Hawk-eye in cricket to the use of video-assisted referee (VAR) in soccer, there must be a way technological gadgets have affected your favorite sport. In this article, you will find a summary of how technology has affected different sports. Technology in Cricket Cricket was one of the major sports to take full advantage of technology. Technology in cricket covers everything from assisting umpires in making the correct decisions to helping bowlers refine their deliveries.

The Umpire Decision Review System is probably the most visible use of technology in cricket, though. Video-Assisted Referee Controversy in Football Soccer has also embraced modern technology to revolutionize the game. The Tech Portal- The Hub for Latest Technology News & Updates. How Covid-19 Has Changed the World. The question in most people’s minds is when we will overcome coronavirus.

How Covid-19 Has Changed the World

Most of us, the first thing to do in the morning, is search for covid-19 latest updates or coronavirus news. The virus has shaken up the world, and I am pretty sure we all can't wait for it to end. However, before it ends, we have to agree that it has changed the world as we know it. Even after the worst has passed, things will never be the same again. It’s like we are waiting for a whole new world. Yes, it will not take a short time to recover, and this global recession may go up to mid or late 2021, but we shall overcome, and things will be very different after that. European Countries are Collaborating EU has always been there, but we have to admit that Covid-19 has brought the whole of Europe closer together.

Get The Best Quality Moringa Powder as Wholesale at Genuine Rate. Learn How Impatience Affects Our Digital Behavior : The Tech Portal. Research shows more than 53% of visitors to a web page leaves it if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Learn How Impatience Affects Our Digital Behavior : The Tech Portal

An article published by a Microsoft scientist in a newspaper showed that users visited their website less because it was about 250 milliseconds slower than their competitors. Two hundred fifty milliseconds is less than one blink of an eye, states the Microsoft Scientist. This simply means that success in the digital world boils down to one simple fact, "speed=revenue.” Another survey conducted last year (2019) found that most people start having second thoughts about adding things to a cart approximately after about 22 seconds. Half of the people on the survey stated that they are unlikely going to buy anything if the checkout process takes more than 30 seconds. The average buyer will wait a maximum of ten to fifteen seconds to get their credit card verified. This shows that revenue is tied to the speed of the provision of services. Own Your Digital Experience. The Best Global Tech News Source: The Tech Portal. The Tech Portal: Find the All Latest Tech News Online & Keep Updated Yourself.

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