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The Tailory New York is an appointment only custom clothing company that combines the modernity of Fashion Design with the heritage art of Custom Tailoring. We are unique in that we cater to both the Men and Women market.

Custom Overcoats - The Tailory New York. Thetailorynyc: 3 Reasons why getting custom tailored suits is a good idea. How can you choose the best custom clothing company for suits? Brooklynbespokesuitsbrooklynbeachtailors. Why choose bespoke outfits instead of off-the rack suits? Outfit tells about a person’s personality.

Why choose bespoke outfits instead of off-the rack suits?

Choosing bespoke suits for special occasions like wedding, party or for interviews, meetings, and conferences, definitely leaves a good impression on people. If you wondering how, then listed below are the benefits of a custom suit- Suited for all the occasions Off-the-rack suits are available in limited styles. You cannot choose them to wear on all occasion like wedding, office meeting or on a date. Choose your own style In comparison with off-the-rack suits, you can customize it the way you want.

Perfect fit Often people think that off-the-rack suits provide a good fit, but this is a misconception. Exceptional quality You can select fabric of your choice in bespoke outfits. Tells about personality It isn’t only style that comes with wearing a custom-made suit, but it also tells about a person’s personality, such as financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. Like this: Like Loading... Why you should buy only custom suits for special occasions? Thetailorynyc: Times when female celebrities rocked suits. Thetailorynyc: Times when female celebrities rocked suits.

The Tailory New York , New York NY. Thetailorynyc: Which aspects you should consider while buying a bespoke suit? Thetailorynyc: Occasions when you can spread your charm with a suit. An impeccably tailored suit is the perfect ensemble for many occasions that come in your life.

thetailorynyc: Occasions when you can spread your charm with a suit

There are times where situations demand that you look picture-perfect or when you need to make the long lasting impression on others. However, here are the top most important occasions where you get the chance to spread your charm with a suit – Job interview – A job interview is an important time in anyone’s life as it can lead them to a successful career. A good first impression is required in these situations. A custom suit can help you leave that good impression on your interviewers. Weddings – It is another special occasion where you need to dress smartly.

Business meeting – Business meetings require a perfect suit, so that you can impress your colleagues or clients with your smartness. Corporate events – You should also get a custom ensemble for the corporate event of your company. HAUTE LIVING-CUSTOM CONVERTS?! - The Tailory New York. Kelly Barbieri of Haute Living stopped by our showroom last month and fell in love with custom clothing.


Read her coverage HERE. By: Kelly Barbieri Imagine, having a brand new wardrobe every season without the toil of trekking from store-to-store looking for the perfect items. Imagine your new wardrobe not only fits perfectly, but is designed for just one person: You. The Tailory New York, which opened late last year in NYC’s midtown, goes way beyond simple custom shirts. The process starts before the client arrives for their first fitting. With more than 10 years in the custom industry, Yang understands the subtle differences in how to dress for various industries: finance vs. law vs. real estate vs. creative jobs. In the beginning of her career, Yang gravitated toward custom tailoring for men, but today the focus, she hopes, will be on designing and creating custom clothing for women.

But what The Tailory New York can provide goes far beyond just work clothes. HAUTE LIVING-CUSTOM CONVERTS?! - The Tailory New York. The Tailory is now Editor tested and Approved by InStyle! By now, you know of our obsession with the classic white shirt, so when I was invited to visit The Tailory, a year-old custom clothier in New York City, I couldn’t get to 53rd street fast enough.

The Tailory is now Editor tested and Approved by InStyle!

Wanting equal parts tailored, timeless, and tomboy, I met with founder Shao Yang and sales director Garrett Wexler, in the hopes of creating the white button-down of my dreams. “The whole idea came about because there is no custom clothing for women,” Yang tells me at The Tailory’s studio. Finding it nearly impossible to buy off-the-rack themselves, Yang and Wexler could relate to my difficulty finding this elusive closet staple.

Prior to our appointment, the girls did a little research, referencing my Instagram and conducting a quick (likely embarrassing) Google search. They then constructed a Pinterest mood board, with reference images that distinctly matched my ’90s minimalism meets French girl cool aesthetic. The Tailory is now Editor tested and Approved by InStyle! InStyle X The Tailory New York...Take two! BY: Priya Rao Ever wonder why celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Lupito Nyong’o and Kendall Jenner manage to make an everyday pair of jeans or a white oxford look especially chic?

InStyle X The Tailory New York...Take two!

Sure, you could credit their enviable figures, but their real secret weapon is tailoring their clothes. With the help of a team of stylists, these women make ready-to-wear clothing exactly that—ready to wear. How it works - The Tailory New York. Custom Tailoring for Men & Women.