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The Best Portable Vaporizers for Your On-The-Go Needs. The Best DynaVap Vaporizers. Levo 2 Infused Coconut Oil Chocolate Brownie Easy Recipe. Essential Accessories for Smoking At Home - TIME BUSINESS NEWS. When it comes to smoking accessories, there are some for smoking on the go and others better suited for smoking at home.

Essential Accessories for Smoking At Home - TIME BUSINESS NEWS

These days we’re all mostly staying home so we have time to indulge in slower and possibly more relaxing habits. Hey, some of us have time to try out new, high tech desktop vaporizers or just bring back the old rolling hands and try something old school. Whatever the case, smoking at home is generally the best option, regardless of any external circumstances. So what are the essential smoking accessories to have at home? The list could be endless for some, but we can narrow it down to a few essentials, like a grinder, a tray, a storage box, and of course, cleaning supplies.

Grinders A grinder is a simple instrument used to literally grind dry herbs so they are easier to smoke. If you’d rather have something that doesn’t involve batteries, you could go for any of the 4-piece grinders that help separate unwanted material from your final smoking product. Trays Storage Boxes. New Cloud Kartz Vaporizers by The Stash Shack. The Stash Shack has released it’s own vaporizer line called Cloud Kartz.

New Cloud Kartz Vaporizers by The Stash Shack

We have developed our first product, the Dot Vaporizer. The Dot is a powerful 650 mah battery that will let you have a discreet vape available all day long. This vaporizer has an Independent voltage button which eliminates multiple clicking to change to one of it’s four voltage settings (2.8/3.2/3.7/4.2v). It is one of the smallest vaporizers in the market that has a power display. A Quick Guide to Clean Vape Pens At Home. As a proud owner of a vaporizer pen, you would understand how important it is to keep it squeaky clean.

A Quick Guide to Clean Vape Pens At Home

A clean pen will perform better whereas a neglected vaporizer is likely to smell bad even while using the best of dry herbs available to you. Moreover, a vaporizer that is not cleaned regularly also runs the risk of getting gummed due to residue build-up. This can force the device to overwork, harming it and impacting its longevity in the process. You will also end up saving money if you take the trouble of cleaning your vape clean. You won’t need to worry about ordering replacement parts because your vaporizer would always be in top-notch condition. How to Choose the Right Vape For You. As vaporizer use continues to increase, consumers have a mind-blowing amount of devices to choose from to help them enjoy vaping.

How to Choose the Right Vape For You

When it comes to choosing a vaporizer, there are a plethora of options that might seem confusing, unnecessary, or over the top. Below we will provide valuable information to use when selecting the right one for you. Basics of a Vaporizer Vaporizing heats flowers (or oils, or concentrates) to a steady gentle heat, which releases medicinal properties without burning the materials or releasing harmful, toxic smoke.

What will I vape Herbal Vaporizers Concentrate Vaporizers Multi-Use Vaporizers. The Stash Shack: 4 Reasons You Should Try Handmade Glass Smoking Pipes. Smoking is no longer a pas1me to be enjoyed in the dark alleys.

The Stash Shack: 4 Reasons You Should Try Handmade Glass Smoking Pipes

With state a9er state legalizing weeds you should smoke without any inhibition and with a sense of class. Today’s smokers carry their kit with pride and when it comes to choosing the right accessories you need to start with a smoking pipe. You can buy yourself one of those cheap metal pipes or go for the suave handmade glass smoking pipes. Here are four reasons you should consider the handmade glass ones -Each Piece is Unique - Like all other handmade products, each glass pipe is unique in its shape and design.

Carmelocks Patio Stroll with Cloud Kartz. Looking for a Vaporizer? Go for Dr. Dabber Switch. The vaporizer market is highly fragmented.

Looking for a Vaporizer? Go for Dr. Dabber Switch

While there is no dearth of premium products in the market the challenge is not to end up buying a substandard one. The popularity of vaporizers and smoke accessories has led to the market being intruded with several products that don’t offer you the kind of experience you’d aspire for. In fact, the experience can be so bad that you may not want to try your hand at one. The Making of a Glass Spoon Pipe. Nikos Flores, Puerto Rican artist, shows us how he makes an “A Fuego” Glass Spoon Pipe.

The Making of a Glass Spoon Pipe

Nikos attended glass blowing classes in Murano, Italy. In his learning career Nikos was mentored by Eddie Bernard, Doug Ohm, Jennifer Pagliarini, Martin Janecky. Since 2006 Nikos’s workshop has contributed to the glass blowing scene by mentoring almost all of the island’s glass blowers. Look at his work here: Be sure to visit the handmade glass section: 5 Smoking Accessories That Are A Must Have In Your Kit. Buy DR. Dabber Switch. HALLOWEEN SALE!!

Buy DR. Dabber Switch

20% OFF STOREWIDE Sale ends in: 06days 08hrs 57mins 27secs The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is an advanced dual-use vaporizer that utilizes induction heat technology. Significantly faster than others methods, induction heating creates an even heating surface temperature with less hot-spots, providing a consistent flavor during the vaporizing experience. HALLOWEEN SALE!! 06days 08hrs 57mins 24secs The Dr.