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Fashionable District Chelsea Explore West London this Season 2017. London city is transformed into a whole new destination during the spring and summer months of April to June and you can eat, drink and play outdoors all day, late into the evening to chill out and relax.

Explore West London this Season 2017

If you are planning to visit London this summer, it is the best time to take a trip to the capital as you get to explore London’s amazing outdoor attractions and open-air events, right from the pop up shops to street festivals- see it all! With such an extensive range of events and entertainment options for all ages, London city becomes even more lively and vibrant than it usually is. Fall for the charming London this summers and make the most out of your trip following our simple tips. Things to do in Capel Street, Dublin. Top Attractions & Places to visit in Capel Street, Dublin. Restaurants, Cafes & Places to eat in Capel Street, Dublin. Best Shopping Places in Capel Street, Dublin. City Center Serviced Apartments Dublin. London Living – free guide by Best Shopping Places in Southwark. Aldgate East Studio Apartments - Aldgate East Studio Apartments -

Aldgate East Studio Apartments - Aldgate East Studio Apartments - Brewhouse Yard Serviced Apartments. Brewhouse Yard Serviced Apartments- Brewhouse Yard Serviced Apartments- Brewhouse Yard Serviced Apartments- Aldgate East Studio Apartments- Exploring Popular Attractions in the Vauxhall Neighborhood - Travefy.

Popular Restaurants in Limehouse District. Popular markets for a Foodie gateway in London. There are a host of local and specialist food markets in London selling everything from home-made treats to gourmet ingredient and organic produce to a quick snack.

Popular markets for a Foodie gateway in London

London’s street food scene that is simply vibrant will surely entice you with its impressive sights and fragrances of many eateries. Explore the capital’s large sprawling markets that offer variety and colour by the basketful. Stall-hopping way of shopping can be really enjoyable at one of these vibrant markets. Here are our picks for best food market in London: Borough Market Its a huge wholesale and retail market, situated under the railway lines in southwark. Details: Location: 8 Southwark St ·Opening hours: 10AM–5PMNearest Tube Station: London Bridge Urban Food Fest Urban food fest is a weekly night market organised in Shoreditch neighbourhood. Location: 162-167 Shoreditch High Street, Euro Car ParksOpening hours: 5pm until midnightNearest Tube Station: Shoreditch Camden Lock Market: Bite Street Food Market About the Author. Attractions in Islington, Places to visit in Islington. Facts Paris. Chelsea NYC 01. Infographic things to do in camden. - infoguides - Things to Know When Moving to New York.

Things to Know if planning to work in Paris. Things to Know if planning to work in Paris If you are planning to work in Paris, you are lucky!

Things to Know if planning to work in Paris

You are going to work in France’s business hub and one of the largest urban economies of the world. More than twenty five percent of the national gross domestic products are made by people employees in Paris. Top Travel Destinations for Travel Enthusiasts - Travefy. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta If you are passionate about travel, we have rounded up a list of the lively cities known all across the globe for their museums, monuments, natural beauty, and beautiful architecture – all with that little something extra that makes it a unique destination.

Top Travel Destinations for Travel Enthusiasts - Travefy

Berlin A bon vivant and passionate city, Berlin mesmerizes everyone with its fine architecture, vivid culture, excellent food and profound history. Its unparalleled aura pulls people from far and beyond and makes this city nothing less than addictive. The city boasts of a rich history including the fall of Berlin Wall of 1989. You should also see Berlin’s ‘Louvre on the Spree’, a group of treasure houses, definitely one of the highlights of the city’s museum landscape. If you love to party, Berlin stands the tallest. Economy and working in London. Over the last 40 years, London has made transition from a labour intensive to a service intensive economy.

Economy and working in London

The money making capital city of the UK has long been a focus for global business and most multinational companies have set-up atleast one branch here. Working in London is both an inspiring and challenging experience, owing to the city´s continuing potential to compete on an international stage. The city boasts of plenty of micro, small and medium-sized businesses and its main asserts are its ability of putting great value on innovation and creativity. Top Things to Know When Living in Paris by thesquare re. Articles by thesquare re Travelling Community Paris is a global center for art, history, culture, fashion and gastronomy.

Top Things to Know When Living in Paris by thesquare re

Beautiful and wide boulevards, and river Seine characterize the city. Paris is popular for landmarks like Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame cathedral as well as interesting cafes and trendy boutiques. Although the residents in Paris experience high rents and things related to high population, people take pride to live in one of the world's leading business centers and cultural capitals. Let us look at some of the significant features of Paris: Cost of Living in London. Long Term Stay Preparations for London - Maiden Voyage. London is one of the most visited European cities, fascinating and mysterious with a rich history and characteristic monuments.

Long Term Stay Preparations for London - Maiden Voyage

For those who think of visiting it, London proposes many itineraries to the discovery of its cultures and legends but there are also many who think of long term stays in the British capital, for career purposes or for studies. - travel community - Ultimate Dining Experiences in Paris. If you are a food lover, you probably seek out bistros and brasseries more than museums and monuments. - travel community - Ultimate Dining Experiences in Paris

And when the city is Paris, food is easy to put on top of the list. Often referred to as one of the food capitals, Paris offers countless beautiful dining experiences. You can go to Monsieur Bleu or have an excellent dining experience at Cinq Mars. Top 10 London Serviced Apartment Providers. St Germain Rue Du Cherche Midi 3 bedroom apartment, Paris. A delightful home in fashionable Saint-Germain, you’ll be spoiled for choice with an array of big name retailers, iconic designer labels, café sun-terraces, tiny wine bars, one hundred year old cinemas, and quirky restaurants brimming with lively locals.

St Germain Rue Du Cherche Midi 3 bedroom apartment, Paris

This lovely apartment is within one of the classic Haussmann-style apartment buildings for which Paris is famous. Endless rows of beautiful windows with cream shutters and ornate balconies topped by a chic grey attic level, with protruding windows looking out on the busy shoppers below. You can’t help but feel like a local as you open the huge windows to check the progress of your blossoming window boxes and catch your neighbours doing the same. The heart of this home is the huge living room with three large windows letting the light pour in.

Three deep red sofas (one of which opens up as a double sofa-bed) surround the... more. Things You Learn the First Time You Visit NYC - thesquareblog's deck. Posted about 2 hours ago.

Things You Learn the First Time You Visit NYC - thesquareblog's deck

Visible to the public. I love talking about my travels, about the cities I visited and about the people met in the various corners of the world. But start talking about New York City was more difficult than I thought, I couldn’t find the right words to describe my fantastic itinerary and the amazing sights I discovered. It is said that more you learn less it seems you know, and that happened with me and New York. Victor Hugo scintillating 3 bedroom 150 m² Paris apartment, Paris. A grand three bedroom apartment on the premier floor of this beautiful building on prestigious Avenue Foch.

The generous entrance hall gives a palatial first impression. Chunky gilt frames displaying moody still life, symmetrical art deco furniture and a bold heavy rug on rich parquet flooring welcome guests in style. The grand living room is impressive in its vast proportions. With three individual sets of elegant ceiling height French windows each with a decorative Juliette balcony and framed by sumptuous curtains, the leafy views across the courtyard are delightful. The stunning wooden dining table provides formal dining for up to six guests and the piano is perfectly placed for a budding virtuoso.

The first of three attractive and spacious double bedrooms has a cream carpet on parquet flooring, its own full French windows and an indulgent ensuite, featuring twin was... more. Infographic things to do in camden. Things to Do In Marais. Located on the right bank of the river Seine, Marais spreads across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris. It is a beautiful neighborhood that houses several buildings of architectural and historical importance. With a wide range of charming art galleries, hip boutiques and lovely restaurants, Marais is a popular place that beautifully brings together contemporary feeling with quaint charm. A visit to Marais will make you experience the feel of medieval Paris.

No other area in Paris is dotted with this many per-revolutionary buildings and streets left intact. Some of the famous attractions in Marais include: Luxury Victor Hugo Plaza 2 bedroom, Paris. Dining and shopping in Chelsea, NYC - News for Public - The Best Guest Blogging Website. A remarkable and contemporary neighborhood, Chelsea is a cool combination of visual and artistic history. This charming place has a vibrant community held together by common institutions-houses of worship, schools, affordable housing units and popular business establishments. The great way to know what’s going on is to get off the High Line and walk its historic streets. The neighborhood is home to many chic restaurants, bars, shops, clothing boutiques and flea markets to keep you entertained.

Restaurants. TOP 9 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2016 – BY SALES DIRECTOR, NATHAN LOVEGROVE. Technology is constantly evolving and becoming a bigger part of our lives. From a vague and nascent entity to the one that is widely accepted, we are used to having technology all around us. Today everything and everyone are so well connected and online that it is hard to think how we ever coped without it. Considering the progress that we see, it is hard to predict how the world will play out in the future but here are a few thoughts on the important trends in technology that will take root or go mainstream in 2016. Things you cannot miss in Montmartre, Paris - Vishualization. Montmartre is a historic neighbourhood and a unique village located in Paris’ 18th arrondissement.

Established in 1955, the area boasts Parisian art, culture and ancient history and is especially popular for its white-domed Basilica Sacré-Cœur. Beautiful artisanal shops, corner cafes, lovely plazas and ageing apartments are the highlights of this hilly region. The area is easily accessible by public transportation. Metro stations in the area include Abbesses, Pigalle, Place de Clichy and Blanche. Montmartre offers beautiful sights to explore and you can spend an entire day dedicated to sightseeing here. Sacré-Cœur: Situated on Montmartre hill, 127 meters above sea level, Sacré-Cœur is a Roman Catholic Church designed in Roman Byzantine style.

Moulin Rouge: A world famous cabaret theatre, Moulin Rouge is situated near Pigalle metro station. Parc de la Turlure: This attractive public park was formerly the site of a windmill. Things to do in Midtown East, New York. Explore the busy streets of Midtown East by browsing through a wide range of options whether you are looking for a quick bite, lunch or a relaxing diner. You can easily spot plenty of awful restaurants and eating joints scattered throughout the area. St Germain Rue Du Cherche Midi 3 bedroom apartment, Paris. - infoguides - Places to spend outdoors in Paris. 5 bedroom penthouse with stunning Eiffel views, Paris. Exclusively designed, this luxurious 5 bedroom apartment is located on the 7th floor in its building in Trocadéro, Paris. Infographic8 thingstodoinShoreditch. Style and perfection 3 bedroom apartment in Champs-Élysées, Paris. This stunning and sophisticated 3 bedroom apartment is located at the former Louis de Funès's flat in a prime location of Champs-Élysées.

Tastefully decorated this fully furnished apartment is a perfect amalgamation of modern amenities and classic architecture. London square serviced apartments 6. Unbelievable Paris and Eiffel views 2 bedroom in St Germain, Paris. Best Free Things to Do in Paris. What do to in East Village, New York « – the travel community. - travel community. Top 5 beautiful parks in Paris. The beautiful parks in Paris are carefully planned and reserved that imitates nature in its best form and are a lot more than just a sports ground or a green spot.

All the parks in the city are an elegant place, where people can seek fresh air, stroll, play and enjoy a day out in the lap of nature, surrounded by tree lined lanes, colorful flowers and historical marvels. - travel community - Famous Attractions on the Upper West Side, New York. Rich and wealthy, Upper West Side is one of the quieter and classier neighbourhoods to visit.

It is where the cultural and intellectual lot of New York lives. Outstanding 2 bedroom in Ile St Louis with Seine at your doorstep, Paris. A French classic next to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris. Haussmann luxury 4 bedroom in Opera, Paris. An enormous loft apartment respectfully renovated to complement its 19th Century heritage. Exposed original beams and tall Haussmann windows look out across the boulevard to more Haussmann residences in the same style. When these beautiful city-centre homes were first constructed there were no automatic lifts and tenants had to take the stairs. Therefore, the first floors above ground level (often reserved for shops or offices) were usually the most desirable part of the building. Paris at its best with unforgettable views of River Seine, Paris. Trendy 3 bedroom in St Germain Des Pres by famous Brasseries, Paris. Enjoy a relaxed stay at this charming and completely refurnished apartment in Saint Germain. Tasteful and classy, the apartment is characterised by beautiful decor, delightful location and effective services.

The dominance of earthy shades in the colour palette lends a very simple yet elegant touch to the apartment. East river view 1 bedroom in Murray Hill, New York. Murray Hill is a casual low-key part of town that is miraculously serene despite its proximity to bustling Midtown. Perhaps it’s the breeze from the East River, or the omnipresent peak of the Empire State Building; whatever it is, Murray Hill has a quiet confidence and a very warm welcome. FEATURED: SHOREDITCH SQUARE APARTMENTS. 7 TRAVEL GADGETS YOU NEED IN 2016. 2 bedroom close walk to Columbus Circle, New York. Gramercy Serviced Apartments for Short Stay - Charming studio on Kips Bay area, New York. City Reach Serviced Apartments, Canary Wharf, London. Attractions in Vauxhall,Places to visit in Vauxhall. Things to do in Vauxhall. Contemporary Times Square Serviced Apartments, London.

Bezier, Old Street Serviced Apartments, London. Saving on Calling Costs When on Foreign Shores. St George Wharf Serviced Apartments, London. Monument Street Serviced Apartments, London. Cleveland Residences Fitzrovia Serviced Apartments, London. Portobello Square serviced apartments, London. Contemporary Times Square Serviced Apartments, London. London Serviced Apartments. Lexicon Serviced Apartments in City of London, London. Things to do in Chelsea. Things to do in Marylebone. Things to do in Opera. Things to do in Saint Germain. Things to do in Covent Garden. Things to do in Canary Wharf.