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Make videos online with photos, clips, music - Stupeflix. Three Good Tools for Building Animated Videos in a BYOD Environment. One of the challenges that teachers face in BYOD environments is finding tools that will work for all of their students and all of the various devices they bring to school.

Three Good Tools for Building Animated Videos in a BYOD Environment

I was reminded of this today when I received an email from a reader who was looking for a tool similar to Tellagami for her students that didn't have iOS or Android devices. Tellagami is an app for iPad and Android that is a lot of fun to use to create narrated animations. Tellagami allows you to create customized animated scenes in a matter of minutes. To create a narrated, animated scene simply open Tellagami and tap “create.” After opening the create menu you will see a default character and background scene. Wideo is a neat video creation service that allows anyone to create animated videos and Common Craft-style videos online through a simple drag-and-drop process. Scratch allows students to program animations, games, and videos through a visual interface. Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects - A Handout. CristinaSkyBox: Life, Light, Action! Videos for Storytelling.

He squats motionless, his hands nimble with a lifetime of practice.

CristinaSkyBox: Life, Light, Action! Videos for Storytelling

At times, I wonder - is it him or his reflection which breathes? Under the midday sun, light, and life play tricks on my vision. Light, water, life all take over; harmonious movement, intense colours lightening up under the unforgiving heat. I hold my breathe, not wishing to disturb, yet aching to know the stories beyond. The stories that shimmer in the midday heat.

Stories. Stories are meant to be told. When I began teaching, I did not have digital tools nor apps nor any digital device to entice learners. The longer I am in classrooms, the more I understand how relevant stories are to our learners, regardless of level and purpose of study. Wevideo is accessible on any brower and device; just perfect for our age of mobility! Learns can create videos for different subjects while teachers can also create videos for flipping the classroom. As most teachers, I have had my good and less happy moments in classrooms. Credit: TogetherTube: Watch videos or listen to audio together with others online. One of the amazing things that webtools can do is to bring students together no matter where they are.

TogetherTube: Watch videos or listen to audio together with others online

TogetherTube is another great free tool that doesn’t require registration. It allows groups of people to watch videos or listen to audio files together in realtime, even if they are in other parts of the world. The files are synchronized so they all see it as if they were in the same room together. This could be a really great tool for the language classroom where students could be assigned a video or audio file to watch or listen to with their classmates or in a group.

Instead of doing it as a class, they could use their own devices or even be in different places and watch or listen to together and comment in the chat box. Here how to use it: Go to TogetherTube and click on ‘Create a Room’ You now will be taken to the viewing room. Now to add your audio or video files. You will now see the video or audio files found using your search criteria, or the file using the URL. Like this: How to Create a Video on Stupeflix - No Registration Required. Stupeflix - Create Audio Slideshow Videos Without Registration. Vibby - Break YouTube Videos Into Segments With Commentary. Now Take Notes on Drive Videos with Three Audio Slideshow Video Projects for Students. Tools like Stupeflix, Animoto, and Shadow Puppet Edu make it easy for students to quickly create videos.

Three Audio Slideshow Video Projects for Students

I often use these tools when introducing video production projects to teachers who have never attempted to have their students make videos. Here are three types of assignments that you can build around audio slideshow video tools. Biographical/ Autobiographical Stories Have students arrange a short audio slideshow about historical figures they're learning about in your classroom. Shadow Puppet Edu offers a built-in image search tool that makes it easy for students to find public domain pictures of historical figures. Create Interactive Videos on Wideo. Wideo is a nice tool for creating Common Craft-style videos.

Create Interactive Videos on Wideo

You can create animated videos on Wideo by dragging and dropping clipart and text in storyboard frames. You set the position and animation sequence for each element in each storyboard frame. When you have completed your storyboards Wideo generates a video for you. This week Wideo added a new feature that allows you to build interactive buttons into each frame of your video.

YouTube. Create beautiful movies on the go Capture the momentStitch together an unlimited number of clips as you build your story.


Start recording in a snap Record as many clips as you’d like Edit on the goEasily trim and rearrange clips right from your phone, and add a soundtrack from your music collection or Capture’s audio library. How to Privately Share Videos Through YouTube.