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Teaching Current Events: Finding Resources Online. The Week UK (@TheWeekUK) Explore History Through Project Writer. Disclosure: BoomWriter is an advertiser on When BoomWriter started out it was simple platform for collaboratively creating fiction stories.

Explore History Through Project Writer

Over the last couple of years it has steadily grown by adding WordWriter and ProjectWriter into the mix. WordWriter is a BoomWriter service through which students practice using vocabulary words in context. ProjectWriter is a service through which students can collaboratively write reports while using vocabulary terms and dates that you have assigned to them.

The benefit of using ProjectWriter for this process is that you get to see each student's contributions to the project in your teacher dashboard. Top 10 Immigrant Countries. De kracht van visualisatie. Onderstaande video illustreert m.i. hoe krachtig visualisaties kunnen zijn voor leren.

De kracht van visualisatie

Dankzij een bericht van Jurroen Cluitmans op Facebook ben ik op onderstaande video gestuit. Deze video verhaalt aan de hand van staafdiagrammen en enkele foto’s hoeveel militairen en burgers er tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog zijn gevallen (70 miljoen), en wat de belangrijkste oorzaken daarvan waren. Enkele conclusies: Er is ook een interactieve versie van de video beschikbaar. Je kunt dergelijke video’s gebruiken om feiten te leren, maar ook om de dialoog te voeren over de interpretatie ervan. 10 Apps and Online Museum Resources. 6 Jun Finding the time and resources for on-the-ground field trips can be a challenge.

10 Apps and Online Museum Resources

Here are ten terrific apps and websites that can help students explore museums, artifacts, and information from anywhere: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (online search tool)Power of Poison Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (companion app)Gettysburg Battle App (virtual battlefield tour)Museums of the World (app with access to multiple museum exhibits)The Getty Museum (artifact exploration)Smithsonian Museums and Zoos (location search)Timeline: Art Museum (timeline app with artwork)Shadow Puppet EDU (search museum archives and create slideshows)Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Faking It (art exploration app)MOMA Art Lab (creation and exploration app) Here are two other lists of resources to explore: Like this: Like Loading...

Tags: museum, virtual field trip. PBS LearningMedia. Cowbird · Home. These 14 walls continue to separate the world. On Sunday, more than 100,000 Germans gathered in Berlin for a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

These 14 walls continue to separate the world

Speaking at a memorial center, Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “We can change things for the better — that is the message of the fall of the Berlin Wall. " Merkel did not cite any examples, although she would have had plenty of choices. Today, dozens of walls and border fences continue to separate nations or territories across the world. 10 Grim Separation Walls From Around The World. Politics In 2014, a mock-up of “The Wall” (Israel’s West Bank barrier) was displayed in London; the public asked to write messages and place graffiti like people do at the real barrier.

10 Grim Separation Walls From Around The World

The issue is treated like a problem that is unique to the region of Palestine. But there are over 50 border barriers currently built around the world, such as in Korea, Saudi Arabia (which is almost completely walled in), and just a few miles away from the “The Wall” display, at the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, with electrified security fencing, electronics, and permanent guards. The latter serves much the same purpose as the West Bank Barrier, and carries many of the same controversies, and the media barely bats an eye. The US is also making efforts to expand its Mexican barriers to cover the entire border. 10 Cyprus Green Line Separation Barrier The barrier consists of a buffer zone, barbed wire fences, watchtowers, anti-tank ditches, minefields, and concrete wall segments. Family. Life. is a collaborative student project initiated by Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. The project explores the feelings, relationships, obstacles, and identities of families through visual stories produced by photography sch.

More Than 500,000 Historical Video Clips. This post comes from the "in case you missed it department.

More Than 500,000 Historical Video Clips

" Last week the Associated Press announced the publication of more than one million minutes of archival footage on YouTube. That footage is being published in collaboration with British Movietone. A sample playlist is embedded below. Applications for Education Much of the footage in the AP and British Movietone archives is under two minutes. The short clips could be good as supporting material to add to a reference page for students. CNN Student News is Back for 2015-2016. BBC iWonder - Multimedia Answers to Interesting Questions. The BBC's iWonder website is a neat resource that provides answers to interesting questions.

BBC iWonder - Multimedia Answers to Interesting Questions

The answers are arranged as multimedia collections of information. For example, one of iWonder collections answers "what were the 20 key events of WW2? " That collection is arranged as a timeline that you can scroll through. Each event in the timeline is accompanied by text, image, and video (some videos might not play in all regions of the world). In addition to academic questions iWonder tackles some lighter questions like "why can't I resist food cravings? " Applications for Education The content on iWonder provides good, general overviews of a large assortment of topics. Bringing the World to Your Classroom.