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Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions. When I was putting together my book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I kept getting carried away with thoughts of how so many of the tools I discovered were so empowering.

Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions

Not long ago, a person’s talents were limited by money and other resources. For instance: If a writer wanted to write a book, he had to get the attention — and the financial support — of an established publisher.If a guitar player wanted to record and distribute her music, she had to get the backing of a music producer.If a painter wanted to sell his art, he had to find a gallery to show it.If a filmmaker wanted to see her film come to life, she needed expensive equipment — and a movie studio — to produce and distribute it to the world. But that’s all changed now. All of it. Because now, technology can enable the most ordinary person to do truly extraordinary things. The game really is so different now, and anyone with the tools can play. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:25 — 58.5MB)

iPhotography in the Classroom: Some Snappy Tips for Putting It Into Practice. The marriage of images and words seems like a predestined love affair.

iPhotography in the Classroom: Some Snappy Tips for Putting It Into Practice

Afterall, the secret wish of both writing and photography is to stop time and gain an audience. Pairing photography lessons with writing exercises only deepens a student’s aesthetic appreciation, while adding another dimension to her cognitive processing. So if the Whys for this pairing are obvious, then what exactly are the Hows? Today we continue our tips from Part 1 in our iPhoneography series as we delve past the tip of the iceberg and further into this sea of creativity!

A boost of enhanced colors dramatically changes the feel of an image. Creative Photography in the Classroom. Shutterfly Photo Story for the Classroom. Shutterfly Photo Story for Classrooms Our award-winning iPad app motivates and empowers students to create self-published books that demonstrate their knowledge.

Shutterfly Photo Story for the Classroom

The program leverages your school's technology investment, supports project-based learning and provides lesson plans that align with Common Core or State Standards for each grade level. See how Photo Story helps students in the classroom. Watch our how-to videos Getting started > Learn more about our Photo Story app. How to add audio > Add a 30-second audio message to each page. How to use Doodle > Our Doodle feature allows you to drawor write on your iPad. 30 Tutorials on Visual Design - And Infographic Lesson Plans. Collaboratively Create Multimedia Posters on LucidPress. Last fall I describedLucidPress as offering the best of Apple's Pages with the best of Google Documents.

Collaboratively Create Multimedia Posters on LucidPress

CristinaSkyBox: Presenting with a Flow. Another day, another blank screen.

CristinaSkyBox: Presenting with a Flow

And my mind wanders towards creating presentations. CristinaSkyBox: Adding Spring to Presentations. PowerPoint....

CristinaSkyBox: Adding Spring to Presentations

Keynote.... CristinaSkyBox: Creating Websites. When I began this blog, I had my (then) current students in mind as a potential audience.

CristinaSkyBox: Creating Websites

Since then, this blog has changed, gone through different phases, and it's likely that this may happen to everyone who shares in blog formats. For me, that is natural in the sense that blogs are organic, changing as oneself learns and grows professionally. As a result, I sometimes wonder what recommendations I could possibly give when others begin their own blog. In regard to learners, maintaining a blog is a great way to have an E-Portfolio ready to present whenever necessary, let alone an opportunity for practising and developing digital literacies. For others, it has become increasingly easy to set up a blog as there are plenty of videos and sites which readily offer tips, guidance and encouragement. However, there is one question that is not always asked - Why open a blog?

CristinaSkyBox: Poster Projects. CristinaSkyBox: Visualizing Time with Timelines. Where does time go?

CristinaSkyBox: Visualizing Time with Timelines

Rather than dwell on the disappearance of time and how each week blitzes away into vague memories mixed with marking, grading and prepping, this post is about tools which allow students to create timelines. Timelines are great for visualising events and trying to make sense of them, be they historical events or personal experiences. How to Quickly Create a Variety of Data Visualizations.

Getting Started With Canva - A Quick Guide to Creating Visuals. iRead a Book ... Now What? - Book Posters, Book Trailers, and More. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers.

iRead a Book ... Now What? - Book Posters, Book Trailers, and More

Transforming Learning Through Student Content Creation. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers.

Transforming Learning Through Student Content Creation

Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Mike Petty. Last fall our high school purchased Chromebooks and the new principal set high expectations for more project-based learning and technology integration in all subjects. As the instructional technology coordinator for the district, this was great news for me! This school year was a ton of work, but we’re now wrapping up what was certainly the best one of my career. Over the past several months I’ve often been asked by teachers for presentation options beyond PowerPoint. Poster Maker Online (Free) For once, powerful doesn't mean complicated. Lucidpress eliminates the learning curve of traditional layout and design software, so both new and experienced designers will feel right at home. More Features. An Interactive Infographic About Designing Infographics. Randy Krum wrote the book Cool Infographics and he maintains a blog of the same name.

Today, his blog features an infographic about the process of creating an infographic. The infographic was created on Visme. Visme offers tools for creating slideshows, banner graphics, and interactive infographics. Your Visme creations can be shared online by embedding them into websites or blogs. You can also download your creations as image, PDF, or HTML5 files. How to Create Image Collages and More on Canva. Student Blogging Activities and Tools That Don't Rely on Text. Book Creator for Windows - Create Multimedia eBooks. Tripline. FotoJet - Another Free Tool for Creating Image Collages. Stupeflix - Create Audio Slideshow Videos Without Registration.

A Nice Tool for Creating Animated Maps. 7 Good Options for Building Digital Portfolios - A PDF Handout. Padlet Now Offers an iPad App - 5 Ways You Can Use It With Students. Didactische mogelijkheden van Padlet. Normaliter besteed ik nauwelijks aandacht aan specifieke apps voor leren. Om twee redenen wil ik een uitzondering maken voor de applicatie Padlet. Padlet heette een aantal jaren geleden nog Wallwisher. Het is een laagdrempelige applicatie waarmee je online prikborden kunt maken. Lerenden kunnen hierop korte berichten, foto’s, video’s en hyperlinks plaatsen. Degene die een muur aanmaakt kan deze ook configureren (zoals privacy instellingen aanpassen of achtergrond en lay out veranderen).

Vanochtend ontving ik de aankondiging dat Padlet nu ook beschikbaar is voor de iPad. Kennis maken. Padlet had overigens al een Chrome app, en extensies voor verschillende browsers. Padlet Privacy & Sharing Settings You Might Have Overlooked. Pear Deck.