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The Spanish Group is U.S.A's leading translation service provider. We provide professional Spanish translation for individuals, law firms and corporation throughout the country.

Leading Provider of USCIS Certified Translations. Planning To Study In Spain. 5 Differences Between Castilian Spanish And Latin American Spanish. Planning To Study In Spain: Here’s What You Will Require - The Spanish Group. There are many excellent universities in Spain.

Planning To Study In Spain: Here’s What You Will Require - The Spanish Group

The country is also home to rare ancient source materials. Spain’s location on the Iberian Peninsula means it offers students a great opportunity to learn about the cultures of Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It’s also the repository of rare information and artifacts related to the Moors and other ancient people. Plus its early role in world exploration means it’s libraries and museums contain a treasure trove of information available nowhere else in the world. However, to take full advantage of the information available requires the use of good documents translation services. 1. Specialized Visas Part 4 - The Spanish Group. Well, here we are again reporting about the different types of Visas that allow people to enter the US, which are broken down in 2 specific categories: Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas.

Specialized Visas Part 4 - The Spanish Group

Along with the information on Immigrant Visas which appeared a few weeks back, we have been informing you about Non-Immigrant J-1 Visas, which are primarily considered as part of the Exchange Visitor Program. This is the largest category of all of the Non-Immigrant Visas and has many applications, as we have already seen and will continue talking about today. Over this time, we have covered what we consider the most useful Visas for our readers and this will be the final Blog in the series, but as you must know all good things come to an end. 4 Top Trends To Watch In The Translation Industry In 2017. In 2017, the translation industry is going through a major apex of growth.

4 Top Trends To Watch In The Translation Industry In 2017

There are many trend influences that must be considered, as language translation waxes and wanes with the cross-cultural changes in the global marketplace along with growing online users. With this in mind, these are the top 4 trends in the translation industry this year. 1.Demand Drops For Language Learning Apps An obvious change has been coming in the last year. A rising sentiment against online globalism and nationalist economics in the United States and Europe has impacted the translation industry unexpectedly. 2.Asia Becomes Global Language Niche Market. Things That Separate A Translator From Interpreter. Immigrant Visa Categories. Over the last couple of blogs we have been telling you about the different types of Visas.

Immigrant Visa Categories

But up to this point we have only spoken about non-immigrant Visas such as those for student’s or people who wish to visit the United States. Order a Translation. Step 1: Choose If your documents are for business or professional use, then they are classified as Professional Translation and priced per word.

Order a Translation

If your documents require certification then they are generally priced per page and are either classified as Certified Translation or Academic Translation. Step 2: Price To check the pricing of your documents you can count the total number of pages or words and multiply it by the per page or per word rate. If you are still unsure of the total quantity of words or pages then please complete the form on this page for immediate assistance. Step 3: Upload. Spanish Website Translations. For Legal Translation Services. Best Spanish Document Translations. Certified And Professional Academic Translation. Business Profesional Translation. When Do You Require Certified Translation Services? When it comes to legal proceedings and matters related to documentation, it’s mandatory that you have all your bases covered.

When Do You Require Certified Translation Services?

You might have come across translation agencies that assure to meet your standards. Maybe you have a legal proceedings to initiate or a school project that needs immediate attention. At The Spanish Group, we understand that your needs are unique and at times require diligence to help you meet them. That’s precisely what we strive for. Excellence. Birth Certificate Translations for USCIS. 5 Legal Documents That Needs Professional Translation. Legal documents are generally have a great deal of legal terminology, structures and many other important aspects which can be difficult to translate in other language very effectively.

5 Legal Documents That Needs Professional Translation

Such complex terms and structures thus requires professional and qualified people for the task of translations. The professionals that you choose for your legal translations should have certain experience in the field of professional document translation for both personal and professional use. Although, the documents that may need translation may vary amongst individuals but here is a list of legal documents that should be translated only with the help of professionals. 1. Certificates Certificates that prove an official government record like birth certificates form an important part of the legal proceedings. 2.

When planning to move to a different country, immigration documents play a vital role. The Idea Of Translation: Towards An Inter-Cultural Dialogue. 6 reasons to Estudiar and Aprender Spanish. Knowing an extra language with full functionality is always considered a bonus skill, and we must have heard arguments to learn French.

6 reasons to Estudiar and Aprender Spanish

But, honestly other languages like Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or any other language which has a growing global importance is always considered to be a wiser choice. Spanish, with the fame that it’s receiving with its growing popularity can be considered a smart option to learn rather than opting for French. And, Spain has emerged as a popular destination for tourist and students. Spain currently enrols 2% of total International student applicants. Moreover, for people learning spanish has become a business necessity. The Spanish Group Te Lleva A Brasil. Uruguay, A Walk To The South.

Una Visita Al País Del Tango, El Fútbol Y El Asado. All You Need To Know To Get The Accurate Spanish Translation. With the advent of the internet, the world got connected to each other through a digital web.

All You Need To Know To Get The Accurate Spanish Translation

Business, connecting with people got a lot more easier. But, still there are countries, where English is not prevalent. All the businesses and transactions are made through their native language, with the likes of Latin America, China, Japan, Bangladesh. Tips To Choose A Good Translation Company. Choosing a translation company for your important documents is one of the most crucial work.

Tips To Choose A Good Translation Company

Since these documents hold immense importance for professional or official work, it vital to be sure that the translation process do not affect its meaning or objective. Birth Certificate Translations For USCIS. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Importance of Spanish document translation - Posts - Quora. Donald Trump Y El Voto Latino.pdf. Roland Garros: an unmissable event. Un Evento Imperdible. WHAT IS CERTIFIED TRANSLATION AND WHY DO YOU NEED IT? 6 Easy Ways To Monitor Professional Translations From English To Spanish. Why you need us for your Certified Translation needs. Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fail.