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Women, sex and the cut

Legal Issues. Hygiene and medical. Religion and origin. Doctors promoting circumcision. Intact care. Infant Circumcision specifically. Pictures. Vids. Cut and hate it. TGB gential mutilation. Circumcision. Circumcision. A circumcision resource. Penn & Teller on Circumcision (1 of 2) Penn & Teller on Circumcision (2 of 2) We're Still Right About Circumcision. Ob/gyn fees. Penile sensitivity chart. Identifying Damage to an Adult Male's dick. 20121108-202606.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 960 pixels) - Scaled (94%) Doctors Opposing Circumcision. Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe. When I was pregnant with my first child, I just thought that circumcision was what you did, no big deal, and that every man was circumcised.

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe

Then one day I saw a picture of a baby being circumcised, and everything changed. Just one tiny, grainy photo was enough to make me want to know more, and the more I knew, the worse it got. It turns out, circumcision really is a big deal. Not true. The foreskin is half of the penis's skin, not just a flap. Wrong. Not necessarily. The body is a historical repository and remembers everything. Not possible without total anesthesia, which is not available. Incorrect. Many circumcised boys and men suffer from meatal stenosis. . Circumcision can lead to trapped or buried penis - too much skin is removed, and so the penis is forced inside the body. . .

But, you say, aren't there important health benefits? {*style:<b>POSTS IN THIS SERIES </b>*} : Surgery Myths. UNCUTPLUS. Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision. Circoncisione: Metodi & Strumenti. Methods of circumcision Tribal Tribal circumcision has common in Africa.

Circoncisione: Metodi & Strumenti

The commonest method is to pull out the foreskin and chop with a spear or slice with a knife against some hard substrate. The terror and pain of this seems to be part of its appeal (to the adults). Barzel and Izmel The izmel (Hebrew for scalpel) is a double-bladed knife, to ensure that a nervous mohel can not choose the wrong side and thereby cause (additional) pain to the baby. The barzel (Hebrew for iron) also known as a mogen (Hebrew for shield) s a slotted shield to protect the glans, which it may or may not do, depending on the glans' size and conformation.

Forceps guided A basic surgical method before the invention of the various medical clamps - widespread in the British Commonwealth when it was still believed to do some good. LpwfinZcLG1qg0gii. Abandon the knife - People & Power. The World Health Organisation estimates that between 100 to 140 million girls and women live with the consequences of circumcision or female genital mutilation, a right of passage and a prerequisite to marriage in many societies.

Abandon the knife - People & Power

Physically and psychologically painful it is without health benefits and mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and 15 years of age. In Africa alone it is estimated that 92 million girls from the age of 10 have undergone the practice. But in the Pokot community of highland Kenya, young girls are now fighting back against the process which they call "cutting". The Circumcision Secret. By Stan Emerson I am a 51-year-old, circumcised man.

The Circumcision Secret

By age 43 I had lost all glans sensitivity. It became difficult, at times even when I was alone, to reach orgasm and ejaculation. This is the big secret here. Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience. Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience There is a circumcision scar on every circumcised penis.

Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience

This scar is very sensitive to touch. If you are a circumcised male you can touch the skin behind the scar and then the scar itself and compare. Circumcision Videos. Male circumcision incidence in Australia. In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child. Sex and Gender: Blog Post: Female Genital Circumcision! Female Genital Mutilation became of interest to me when we read “A Statement on Genital Mutilation” by the Association of American Women for Research and Development and “We had Equality till Britain Came” by Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti.

Sex and Gender: Blog Post: Female Genital Circumcision!

When one has respect for women they will have respect for their bodies, the female body is a temple. Most men don’t have respect for the person, much less the body. In Ransome- Kuti’s article men found it just to strip young girls naked in the street to determine whether they were old enough to pay taxes or not. The author blamed this lack of fairness on the new rule of Britain, because before Britain’s rule everything was equal for both men and women. Although disagreeing with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on male circumcision.. By Lena Nyhus / iQvixen Now don’t get me wrong, I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an incredibly bright and brave woman who makes a true difference in the world and I thoroughly respect her work, but while I completely agree with her opinion on female genital mutilation (FGM) I reserve the right to disagree with her stance on male genital mutilation aka circumcision.

Although disagreeing with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on male circumcision..

Following the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation to allow a nick in the clitoris as a symbolic alternative to more intrusive female genital mutilation rituals (the lesser of two evils argument) Ayaan Hirsi Ali voiced a strong counter argument; allowing any ritual even a nick – which is still genital mutilation by the way – is sending a signal that we as a society accept the basic premise, that women are inferior beings with an evil sexuality that should be harnessed.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Circumcision & Foreskin Restoration. ► What’s lost with circumcision ► What’s gained with foreskin restoration ► Statements from survivors ► Trauma & post-​traumatic recovery ► Photos of the intact penis ► Useful links Warning: This page contains pictures of penises. Victims of circumcision reading this page unprepared may get triggered and may drown in sorrow and depression, shock and terror ! If you feel you can’t handle this please exit now !

I Am Against Male Genital Mutilation. Circumcision - An Elephant in the Hospital. One of NotJustSkin's primary missions is to educate the public about violations of informed consent or bodily integrity.

Circumcision - An Elephant in the Hospital

In the U.S., male genital cutting, more often called circumcision, is commonly practiced even though parents rarely receive the information that would be required to give informed consent to any other procedure. Circumcision is the only procedure where a doctor can legally amputate part of a nonconsenting child without any medical reason. You can watch our lecture on circumcision, Child Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital. Note that this presentation includes graphic material to convey more complete information about the topic. The following are answers to some commonly asked questions about circumcision. Intactivists.

Egypt: Anti-Male Circumcision Campaign. In 2008 Egypt passed a law that banned female circumcision (FGM).

Egypt: Anti-Male Circumcision Campaign

Today a group of bloggers started a campaign against male circumcision. Zobaida owner of Al Haramlek Blog gave birth to a baby boy and refused to have him circumcised at the hospital; She wrote about her encounter with the physician at the hospital: _2012_nwsltr. Circumcision Medical Revision Note - Meducation. Intactivism news. The Globe and MailJune 19, 2012 Liberian effort to end female circumcision runs into fierce opposition By Geoffrey York MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Talk candidly to women in Liberia, and they will tell the stories of friends who bled to death in forced ceremonies held deep in the forests.

Intactivism news

"My friend was 19 when they carried her away," said Cecilia Samujlah, the mother of four children. "She didn't want to go. The kidnappers later apologized to the parents of the dead woman. Bringing an end to the non-therapeutic circumcision of minors in Australia and New Zealand. Circumcision in Australia: neither needed nor ethical - On Line Opinion - 16/1/2012. The has stated that circumcision has no relevance to Australia's HIV problem, and their conclusion has been endorsed by a paper in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health , which argues that circumcision is not a surgical vaccine and is not appropriate as an HIV control tactic in Australia.

Because it is a highly emotional subject, arousing deep passions on both sides, the literature on circumcision – both for and against – is vast. Like the Bible, you can find a statistic for any claim you care to make, and if you go back to the nineteenth century you can find medico-scientific evidence that the foreskin is complicit in, and circumcision can prevent, anything from epilepsy, tuberculosis and polio to bed-wetting, pimples and brass poisoning. Circumcision; Pro's and Con's. Watu Wazima: A gender analysis of forced male circumcisions during Kenya’s post-election violence. This article is part of a debate organized by Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) in collaboration with Moi University (Eldoret) and Pambazuka News.

A selection of essays based on this debate will be published in an edited volume by Fahamu Books. For PDF documents of the debate please go to Stories of men being forcibly circumcised and even castrated peppered news accounts of the madness that overtook Kenya in the aftermath of the December 2007 elections. According to the Waki commission that investigated the Post Election Violence (PEV), by January 2008 the ethnic militia of the Kikuyu ethnic group, Mungiki, used blunt objects such as broken glass to forcibly circumcise at least eight men, some as young as eleven and five years old.

You wanna cut off my WHAT? Say No to Circumcision! By Thomas J. Ritter, MD, and George C. Denniston, MD (founder of D.O.C. [Doctors Opposing Circumcision]) Hourglass Book Publishing, 1996 Foreword by Ashley Montagu, PhD $9.95 plus $3 S/H ($7 outside U.S.) from NOCIRC, POB 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979-2512. All infant circumcision is child abuse and needs to stop! « Awesatious. D.O.C. - The Circumcision Quiz. Take this quiz, and find out whether you believe the myths that far too many doctors believe, or whether you are an informed layperson or a foreskin-friendly physician who knows and understands the scientific facts about circumcision.

Foreskin Curriculum. How to write about circumcision. - by Hugh Young. Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology.