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Infant Circumcision specifically

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944365_10151448254233691_1719416862_n. Fear of Unknown/STD's/Complications. [If you do not see a blue menu bar on the right, click here.

Fear of Unknown/STD's/Complications

You are at "The Issues: STD's/Complications/Caring for the Penis".] Fear of the unknown is undoubtedly the strongest motivating factor in making the decision to circumcise. Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics. What is done to children they will do to society. Specialstatement.pdf (application/pdf Object) Circumcision and Hypovolemic Shock. Circ myths 3 - "younger the better" Everyone's Gran: Circumcision - I Wouldn't Do It To My Child If You Paid Me - Part Three. A warm welcome back to those of you who are following this story, and thank you for staying with me.

Everyone's Gran: Circumcision - I Wouldn't Do It To My Child If You Paid Me - Part Three

We have looked at the general, simplified anatomy of the penis, and the main ways in which circumcision is performed. Now I want to dispel a few myths, many of them perpetrated by the medical profession, and to enlighten you about the facts. There are still staunch advocates for infant circumcision, but it is fact that there is no medical organisation anywhere which recommends this routine circumcision. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, The British Medical Association and the American Academy of Paediatrics are included in those organisations.

Routine neonatal circumcision has been declared unlawful in South Africa, Sweden (apart from on religious grounds) and Finland. Peaceful beginnings from rosemary. “Wah!”

peaceful beginnings from rosemary

If I got an answer to my telephone ring in the circ room, there was always the sound of a crying baby in the background. When I asked the operator for the circ room extension, invariably she asked me if that was really the extension I wanted. I wondered what happened when Betty’s son, and other boy babies I had seen delivered, were circumcised.

The Effects of Circumcision on Newborn Boys. June 10th, 2010 by Dionna | 104 Comments Posted in Circumcision/Intactivism, Compassionate Advocacy, Feed with Love and Respect, Healthy Living, natural parenting, Pregnancy and Birth If you are planning a hospital birth for your son, you should expect hospital staff to approach you at some point in the first day or two after your son is born to ask about circumcision.

The Effects of Circumcision on Newborn Boys

There are many long-term reasons to leave your son intact, but you may not have considered the more immediate benefits to you and your new baby. No American medical association recommends infant circumcision as a routine procedure. The reason that American medical associations (and the vast majority of medical associations worldwide) do not recommend routine infant circumcision is because it is not medically necessary. Immediate Consequences of Routine (Medically Unnecessary) Infant Circumcision.

Mythbusting Circumcision. I am the world that hides the universal secret of all time - Mutilation Nation. If you have come from another site, you have missed the warning notice that states you must be at least 18 years old to read this post.

I am the world that hides the universal secret of all time - Mutilation Nation

If you are under 18, please leave now. However, leave knowing that the graphic images and description used here are used for the purpose of opening a dialogue, of educating, and persuading people against circumcising babies without any dire medical need to do so. Circumcision Information for Parents. One Baby's Experience - Photo Sequences 1 and 2. 100% of babies oppose circumcision. 20120911-185529.jpg (JPEG Image, 720 × 266 pixels) The Circumcision Decision: Who Made You The Decider? By Nina Cohen © 2012 An open letter of response to Norine Dworkin-McDaniel's essay Circumcision Decision which won the 2012 Third Annual Two Kinds of People Essay Contest.

The Circumcision Decision: Who Made You The Decider?

Photograph by Danelle Frisbie, Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2012, Washington D.C. Fox's Megyn Kelly gets pawned by anti-circumcision activist. Circumcision Statistics. U.S. hospitals and practitioners are not legally required to report how many circumcisions they perform, so the state circumcision statistics on the map below are drawn from government surveys.

Circumcision Statistics

They were compiled by Hugh O'Donnell using the State Inpatient Databases (SID), Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), and Kids' Inpatient Database (KID), all of which are published by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). Utah data is drawn from the Utah Department of Health IBIS-PH. The data only includes statistics for boys who are born in hospitals and circumcised before discharge, though, so boys who are circumcised later are not counted. This means that the actual infant circumcision rates may be considerably higher than the rates shown below. The overall average U.S. hospital infant circumcision rate in 2011 according to the Nationwide Inpatient Sample was 57%.

To Not Circumcise or to Not Circumcise; There is No Question. « All Things Mothering. In the world of natural parenting, we are often blessed with the sciences to prove that certain stances we take are adhered to for the long-lasting benefit of our children.

To Not Circumcise or to Not Circumcise; There is No Question. « All Things Mothering

For instance, no matter how many “experts” have written books claiming that cry-it-out methods work & are harmless, we know that the opposite is true: these methods often fail & are harmful. Still, parents make choices. To bed-share, room-share, or not? Circumcision Guidelines « Woman to Woman Childbirth Education. Several leading medical organizations (CDC, AAP, AAFP) are considering recommending circumcision right now.

Circumcision Guidelines « Woman to Woman Childbirth Education

Many people (including myself) believe that this is due to a faulty understanding of circumcision, its risks and benefits, as well as the flawed studies done on the subject. Click here for more information, and to sign a petition asking the organizations not to recommend this painful medical procedure that causes more harm than good when used routinely. Mothering: The Case Against Circumcision. Paul M.

Mothering: The Case Against Circumcision

Fleiss, MD, MPH, is assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California Medical Center. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in leading national and international medical journals. Published in Mothering: The Magazine of Natural Family Living, Winter 1997, pp. 36--45. Created as a Mothers Against Circumcision Web Page w/express permission from the author and Mothering. "Routine circumcision of babies in the United States did not begin until the Cold War era. "The natural penis requires no special care. Circumcision: Will You Make the Cut? By Derek MarkhamThe 'Natural Papa' We had our oldest son in the hospital and he was circumcised at birth, partly because we didn’t know any better, and partly because I wanted him to “be like me” (”it’s normal, everyone does it”). I decided that I would accompany him and be with him during the process because I needed to know what it entailed, and I wasn’t going to send him to a room with the doc by himself.

After witnessing his birth and holding his tiny body to my chest, being filled with love and awe at this miracle, I couldn’t let him be taken behind closed doors to have surgery without me. Intactivism - Pictures at a Circumcision. Nurses and Circumcision. Nurses and circumcision Every nurse who has seen a circumcision has a story to tell. Here, one nurse tells hers. Nurse's Rules They Obey for Circs. Dr. Sears Statement on Circumcision. By William Sears, M.D. A Facebook timeline cover you are welcome to download/use.

Circumcision is a decision that many parents face, and there is a lot of misconception and out-of-date information that parents read today. Here is a summary of the pertinent issues that you should consider when making this decision. Circumcision Video. [If you do not see a blue menu bar on the right, click here . You are at "Different Methods/Video".] "As a nurse I've seen dozens of circ's and there is very little variation from child to child. The video is the reality of the procedure. "- Joy. Birth Care Providers Circumcision and Foreskin Resources. What is done to children... Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision. Long-Term Consequences of Neonatal Circumcision. Is Circumcision Correct for Newborn Boys?


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Death and complications. Pain and effects of the pain. Cut and hate it. Parent's regrets.