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Sam Fitzgerald

My name is Sam Fitzgerald. I am working as Sr. WordPress Developer at Wordprax for the past 10 years. I have several years of experience in developing different kinds of customized WordPress websites, WordPress theme customization, and WordPress plugin development. I am an expert in Core PHP and all areas of WordPress front-end and WordPress back-end development. As a hobby, I also write Technical Articles related to WordPress development to share my deep insights into this subject.

8 Best Kindergarten & Elementary School WordPress Themes 2020. In today’s high-strung society, spending time with your younger one has become a luxury.

8 Best Kindergarten & Elementary School WordPress Themes 2020

Our commitment and dedication towards work and career advancement have created the need for a place that can look after your offsprings. And that one comfy place is “Kindergarten”. Kindergarten can supervise and care for your junior, providing an essential aspect of social service. This helps in nurturing the sapling with proper sunshine and water that blooms into a beautiful flower. Moreover, this allows children to socialize daily, facilitating the development of appropriate social values. However, your Kindergarten must be absolutely stunning. Firstly and foremost, most parents will interact with your online presence, aka “website”.

De facto, the first impression is the last, and at this high time, a sleazy page can ruin your impression and cause you to lose business. Fortunately, there are ways of improving your website that too without having to hire any proficient developer or company. 1. 2. 3. Wordpress Plugin Development Services USA, India. WordPrax is a leader in Wordpress plugin development services with over 10 years in operations.

Wordpress Plugin Development Services USA, India

Wordpress Plugin Development Services USA, India. How To Edit HTML In WordPress Pages? The Proper Way - FaceArticle. Undoubtedly, WordPress is universally popular for its plugins that add advanced functionality and flexibility to your website designing.

How To Edit HTML In WordPress Pages? The Proper Way - FaceArticle

With the great support of library and plugins, you can make corrections in the codes with minimal efforts, which is what makes it a win for everybody. With the extensive library, WordPress makes it easy for non-coders to manage a website, but there will probably come a time in your journey when you need to edit codes in WordPress to get a bit more control over its functionality and designing. Now you must be wondering, what is the need of editing HTML codes in WordPress? Well, multiple reasons create the need for editing codes in WordPress. Whether you want to update your theme or want to make some advanced customized changes or to protect your site from the malicious malware attack, editing the source code will be your next step. What Things Do You Need To Consider Before You Get Started With The Editing? Use A Child Theme For Any Direct Code Edits. 15+ WordPress Themes and Templates for 2020. If you recently dig the internet in the urge to find an ideal blogging platform, you might have come across numerous websites suggesting “WordPress”.

15+ WordPress Themes and Templates for 2020

Even Statistics don’t lie: 90% of top sites working with blog technologies are based on WordPress. 4,000+ WordPress themes with 54,000+ free plugins available to make a choice. Over 30% of online stores run on WooCommerce (The Best Hosting Choice). Well, it’s quite evident by now, WordPress provides an extensive array of blogging platforms accompanied with capabilities to convert HTML to WordPress and lot more to list here. Undeniably, “Tangibility” and “Simplicity” are the two pillars of WordPress as a blogging platform. De facto, there are several multi-purpose, responsive as well as niche-based WP themes on the internet. WP themes, you may be overwhelmed but the treasure trove is to choose one. Therefore, I have collected some of the best 15+ best WordPress responsive themes to help you put it all in perspective. Authority Pro Ultra Divi Felt. 10 Most Essential Wordpress Widgets Empowering Your WP Website.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or you are in the path of becoming a Developers for Plugin Development, WordPress widgets are those magical powers that provide with the right spell to everyone for creating a website in WordPress.

10 Most Essential Wordpress Widgets Empowering Your WP Website

“WordPress Widgets comes in the form of a handy tool that tends to make it easy for users to customize a WP based website.” In general terms, widgets are termed as one of the smallest applications that tend to have restricted functionality which can be established and executed within the web page with the help of the users. Likewise, a WordPress widget is a meagre standalone piece of code that tends to add amazing types of content or functionality to the website. Thus WordPress tends to come with a handful of built-in widgets that the user can use right away.

WordPress themes and plugins have the tendency to add their own widgets as well. Hire Wordpress Developers, Consultants, Experts. Wordprax is one of the leading Wordpress web development companies in the US, strives to deliver excellent Wordpress solutions that suit your budget, timeline and business needs.

Hire Wordpress Developers, Consultants, Experts

Our core team of Wordpress consultants and years of experience in operations, empower us to handle and deliver hundreds of projects to clients from different verticals and geographies with perfection. From in-depth conceptualization to implementing the latest methodologies to the pixel-perfect development, our highly skilled Wordpress experts revolutionized the way businesses established their online presence by creating beautifully crafted, responsive Wordpress websites.