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Jasmine Robertson

Clock motions are the core cpus within timepieces that determine minute by minute where all the hands must be pointing. Clockmakers start with clock movements (likewise called clock electric motors) when they are working out their preliminary design, as everything else pretty much hinges upon them. Over the centuries these little mechanical computer systems have turned into innovative gadgets capable of some absolutely jaw-dropping things. The majority of clock motions report temporal information at varying degrees of information and also according to cycles of various lengths. The cycle might be 12 hours, 1 Day, a week, or a month. The degree of information could be the minute, the second, and even something finer.

Untitled. Clock Movements and Motors USA Made in Stock. No one has a better selection of American made quartz movements (MVT) than, no one.

Clock Movements and Motors USA Made in Stock

The reason is simple, for over 40 years we have been the exclusive US distributor for Takane MVT. Takane has located their California factory about half an hour from ours, and the owners of both companies are now in the second generations of a long-term family relationship. Takane Movement We actually stock 9 different categories of Takane American Made Quartz Movements.