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How to Make Your PC Safer by Uninstalling Flash Player. How to Buy a Tablet. It’s time to face the inevitability of a tablet in your life.

How to Buy a Tablet

They’re no longer luxury items. These slab computers play a critical role in travel, leisure, second screen and productivity computing. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. Table of keyboard shortcuts. In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a computer keyboard which invokes commands in software.

Table of keyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other. Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously (indicated in the tables below by this sign: +). Keyboard shortcuts may depend on the keyboard layout (localization). Comparison of keyboard shortcuts[edit] Keyboard shortcuts are a common aspect of most modern operating systems and associated software applications. Timeline. Triumph of the Nerds: A History of the Computer. Time-warp Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades. Information Literacy, Research Instruction. Learn Computer Skills] Computers. How to Buy a Wireless Router. Will Apple Reveal a Garage Band for eBooks?

Prep for Facebook's Timeline Layout: 6 Must-Do Privacy Tweaks. Get ready for your Facebook past to come back with a vengeance; the social network is now rolling out its new profile layout, Timeline, to all users worldwide.

Prep for Facebook's Timeline Layout: 6 Must-Do Privacy Tweaks

6 Things you Need to do Right Now to Prepare for the New Facebook Timeline. Facebook’s Timeline was announced at the F8 Developer conference in September of this year.

6 Things you Need to do Right Now to Prepare for the New Facebook Timeline

We knew it was coming soon, but we just didn’t know when. It appears the wait is finally over! Elementary School Technology. Share a secret - One Time. Text Snowflake Creator. Turning around like Apple By Sören Stamer Turnarounds from the brink of death or irrelevance are in high demand these days.

Former star companies like AOL, MySpace, Yahoo! , Nokia, and RIM are in deep trouble or slowly faded away. Apple was in 1997 almost bankrupt. Continue Reading Blue Box Before Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built Apple in the 1970s, they were phone phreaks. Continue Reading The Legend of Steve Jobs – His Life and Career Steve Jobs combined his visions with art and technology in order to bring products to the market that have changed the lives of millions of people.

Continue Reading Apple remembers Steve Jobs on anniversary of his passing Apple’s CEO Tim Cook remembered the company’s late cofounder, Steve Jobs on the one-year anniversary of Jobs’ passing. Continue Reading. PowerPoint Games. Coolest Gadgets - reporting on the latest cool gadgets. Help Mozilla stop Internet Censorship Legislation. Yesterday, we blacked out the default start page in Firefox and redirected visitors to the Mozilla sites to a special action page.

Help Mozilla stop Internet Censorship Legislation

We also sent direct messages to members of the Mozilla community through multiple online channels. Saving iPhone Battery Life: 10 Tips And Tricks For The iPhone 4S And Older Models. Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads. PayPal's Online Safety Tips. The Best Antivirus for 2012. Well over a year past the Mayan apocalypse, we're all still alive.

The Best Antivirus for 2012

Whew! And all of our friends in the antivirus industry survived, too. Find, share & upload documents. The Best Antivirus for 2012. The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) is responsible for implementing the Department's national strategies in combating computer and intellectual property crimes worldwide.

CCIPS prevents, investigates, and prosecutes computer crimes by working with other government agencies, the private sector, academic institutions, and foreign counterparts. Section attorneys work to improve the domestic and international infrastructure-legal, technological, and operational-to pursue network criminals most effectively. The Section's enforcement responsibilities against intellectual property crimes are similarly multi-faceted. Intellectual Property (IP) has become one of the principal U.S. economic engines, and the nation is a target of choice for thieves of material protected by copyright, trademark, or trade-secret designation.

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Internet Beginner's Guides Tutorials refdesk

OnGuard Online. Fix Your Computer Screen Color: NaNoWriMo Tip #17. OpenID Foundation website. Computer buying tips from Consumer Reports. Also known as the CPU (central processing unit) by Intel and CPU and APU (accelerated processor unit) by AMD, this is the computer's "brain," responsible for processing information.

Computer buying tips from Consumer Reports

Performance is the most important factor, and is determined primarily by the number of cores it has and its clock speed. Intel and AMD are the dominant processor manufacturers. Laptop buying guide. While our laptop and mobile PC buying guide will give you the tools to go out and research, shop for, and buy the perfect laptop, hybrid, or Windows tablet, there's no harm in starting off with a few favorite picks for 2013. It's hard to go wrong with the latest version of Apple's MacBook Air. Both the 13-inch and 11-inch models have updated Intel Core i5 processors and excellent battery life.

For a Windows version of something similar, check out Samsung's expensive 13-inch Ativ Book 9 Plus , which has a better-than HD screen.