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Under ground housing by Mike Oehler. Unique, affordable shelter you can provide for yourself Building underground with Mike Oehler’s PSP system By J.D.

under ground housing by Mike Oehler

Belanger, Countryside founder and editor The biggest investment most people have is their home. A mortgage, or rent, is a major item in most budgets. Many Americans who can’t scrape together a down payment on real estate, or get a mortgage loan, feel locked out of The Good Life, and the American Dream. And according to some sources, thousands of people, even in America, have no homes at all. Most people regard these as inevitable facts of life. A few, however, are proactive. Huge 5,000-Year-Old Underground City Discovered in Turkey. A 5,000-year-old underground city discovered in central Turkey in December 2014 is thought to be the largest in the world!

Huge 5,000-Year-Old Underground City Discovered in Turkey

The previously unknown ancient metropolis was unearthed in the course of the implementation of an urban transformation project initiated by Turkey’s Housing Development Administration’s (TOKİ) in Nevşehir province of Central Anatolia. While carrying out earthmoving works in the area, which was meant to be used for the construction of new buildings, the developers stumbled upon a massive underground network of cave tunnels, escape galleries and chambers spanning over 3.5 miles (7 kilometers).

In fact, it is not the first time when a subterranean settlement is found by accident in Turkey. The region of Cappadocia, where the province of Nevşehir is located, is known for its historical and archaeological legacy as it once was a province of the Roman Empire. “It is not a known underground city. Featured image: Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey. Natural homes built by inspirational women. 6 Fascinating Underground Homes That Go Above and Beyond.

When it comes to cool eco architecture, some people feel like the higher up you build, the better.

6 Fascinating Underground Homes That Go Above and Beyond

But don't forget to look down once in a while! There are some astonishing examples of naturally sustainable construction right under your nose - hidden underneath the ground. Come with us as we explore six fascinating examples of buried homes that you may have overlooked the first time around. Cordwood Construction. Problem loading page. Make Natural, Non-Toxic Paint from CLAY! The particles of clay are like mini suction cups, which makes clay a superb sticky binder!

Make Natural, Non-Toxic Paint from CLAY!

Sticky binder, means you have a great way to put pigment (paint) on a wall. 3 Hard-Working Hand Washing Machines. The Laundry Pod is a circular washing system that spins away excess moisture—and helps save the planet.

3 Hard-Working Hand Washing Machines

Laundry is one area where you can really make a difference saving water and energy—and tread more lightly on the planet. Conventional washing machines use between 35 and 50 gallons of water per load—they are the second-largest water user in your home. Even high-efficiency front-loading washers are water-intensive, using between 15 and 30 gallons per load. Welcome to Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs. Small wind turbines scaled to the right size for residential and urban areas have so far lived in the shadows of their larger wind-farm-sized counterparts.

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs

The power output has been too low for a reasonable return on investment through energy savings and the noise they produce is louder than most homeowners can deal with. A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working to solve both of those problems in a new class of small-scale wind turbine -- one that is almost silent and is far more efficient at converting wind into energy. The company states that the Liam F1 turbine could generate 1,500 kWh of energy per year at wind speeds of 5m/s, enough to cover half of an average household's energy use.When used in combination with rooftop solar panels, a house could run off grid.

"When there is wind you use the energy produced by the wind turbine; when the sun is shining you use the solar cells to produce the energy," The Archimedes CEO Richard Ruijtenbeek said. When to Vent Cold Frames. How should I monitor my garden cold frame on warm days to ensure I’m not frying my plants?

When to Vent Cold Frames

Do I need to check the temperature every hour? No, not every hour, but you’re right to err on the side of vigilance anytime the sun is out — even if the temperature isn’t particularly high. During spring and fall, when temperatures range widely, check your weather report early in the morning. If the day will be sunny with temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold frame’s internal temperature will rise too high for your plants, so you should crack the lids open to allow excess heat to escape.

Choosing the Best Wood for Burning (Video) – DIY – GRIT Magazine. Whether you’re cooking on a wood-burning stove or heating your home for the winter, it is important to know how to choose, store and season firewood properly.

Choosing the Best Wood for Burning (Video) – DIY – GRIT Magazine

By Caleb Regan A good fire starts with carefully selected and properly seasoned fire wood. The type of wood you use matters, but it is not as important as whether or not it has been properly seasoned. Seasoned wood produces the hottest and cleanest fire with the least amount of creosote buildup. Awesome Hidden Lair Tucked Under Mounds of Green Grass. We're really into buried homes here at Inhabitat - from this crazy flower-shaped one in Britain to these 700 year old hobbit houses in Iran, we've scoured the globe looking for the coolest ones.

Awesome Hidden Lair Tucked Under Mounds of Green Grass

So you can imagine how we felt when we stumbled upon this delightful hidden gem by Vetsch Architektur. Made of concrete and earth, the Swiss estate is actually a cluster of grass-blanketed houses encircling a pretty little lake. Aside from using natural and recycled materials and having a green roof, the structure was built using typical earth house construction, resulting in an insulating blanket that protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion. Phillip Ross Molds Fast-Growing Fungi Into Mushroom Building Bricks That Are Stronger than Concrete.

Mycologist Philip Ross is seriously into mushrooms, but not as a food -- instead, he uses fungi as a building material.

Phillip Ross Molds Fast-Growing Fungi Into Mushroom Building Bricks That Are Stronger than Concrete

Beneath the surface of the ground, fungi form a wide network of thin, rootlike fibers called mycelium. That part of the fungus isn't particularly tasty, but Ross discovered that when dried, it can be used to form a super-strong, water-, mold- and fire-resistant building material. The dried mycelium can be grown and formed into just about any shape, and it has a remarkable consistency that makes it stronger, pound for pound, than concrete. The 100% organic and compostable material has even piqued the interest of NYC's MoMa PS1, where the award-winning Hy-Fi Mushroom Tower pavilion is currently being built. We first discovered Ross’ unique mycelium material at The Workshop Residence in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood during the 2012 AIA SF‘s month-long Architecture and the City festival. Phillip Ross Molds Fast-Growing Fungi Into Mushroom Building Bricks That Are Stronger than Concrete. Self defense firearms classes Safe Havens International - A non-profit campus safety organization.

Build your own solar concentrator at home with GoSol's free DIY guide. The good people of GoSol have spent years trying to eradicate energy poverty by bringing solar energy to the masses. To that end, they have just released a free solar concentrator (Sol1) construction guide that aims to teach communities how to harness solar energy using low-cost DIY technology. Which means getting off the grid is no longer a luxury confined to the rich.

“Solar energy for all” is more than just a slogan for the crew at GoSol; the company has been bringing solar energy access to even the most off-the grid communities for years. The GoSol concentrators power solar thermal devices that provide heat energy to communities without contaminating the environment. Related: GoSol could be the key to no-cost solar heat around the world The new Sol1 guide covers all of the information necessary to construct a 0.5kW solar concentrator with a mirrored surface area of about 1 square meter. Construction Guides - Start Building Now! - Chelsea Green Publishing - The Forest Garden Greenhouse. "Society does not generally expect its farmers to be visionaries. " Perhaps not, but longtime Maine farmer and homesteader Will Bonsall does possess a unique clarity of vision that extends all the way from the finer points of soil fertility and seed saving to exploring how we can transform civilization and make our world a better, more resilient place.

In Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening, Bonsall maintains that to achieve real wealth we first need to understand the economy of the land, to realize that things that might make sense economically don't always make sense ecologically, and vice versa. The marketplace distorts our values, and our modern dependence on petroleum in particular presents a serious barrier to creating a truly sustainable agriculture. For him the solution is, first and foremost, greater self-reliance, especially in the areas of food and energy. Humanure. Bear-Proof Your Homestead - Animals. Bear-proofing Homesteading where the world is still wild comes with many challenges. When the obstacles are overcome, though, we see the reasons we work at it: self-reliance, stability, safekeeping and more. The predators that are just a notch or two lower on the food chain than humans will forever search for a piece of the simple man’s pie, and the homesteaders who are able to protect that pie will see the highest rates of return.

Bears are among the worthiest contenders with which a homesteader will ever share the land. Stripped down to the tools and skills we naturally possess, man is no match for a big bear. Some say that adaptation should come in the form of packed bags and uprooting a family’s foundation. Wood Stove Videos by Vermont Iron Stove Works. Maybe you are able to bring your stove to my workshop for refurbishing, or possibly you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer. If you bring your Elm to my shop I can refurbish it like the one in this youtube video. Take a few minutes to watch these informative videos to see the process we go through to bring your Elm back to factory specs, and a more efficient burn.

Watch the short promo video to get a feel for the whole process. Watch all 3 to see the more detailed step by step process of an Elm getting a long needed makeover. NH Elm Woodstove Rebuild, Part 1. 8 Plants That Repel Mosquitos Naturally. Look, mosquitoes are awful. They may be great food for birds and bats, but you don’t want them hanging around your backyard. You also don’t want to cover yourself in harsh chemicals to repel them. So, aside from making your property less friendly to the buggers by getting rid of any standing water, including those rain gutters, what can you do to keep them away?

It turns out that mosquitoes, along with many biting insects, are attracted to certain odors in human skin. They’re especially attracted to your body odor and other secretions, meaning that if you’re spending a lot of time running around and sweating, you can expect to have more mosquitos following you around. Build A Stealth Fire The Smokeless Dakota Fire Pit. Tips: How-to Manage Humanure Composting. Shaun's Backyard - What is Permaculture? Publications - WATER institute rainwater systems. To achieve both behavioral and systemic change, the WATER Institute has cultivated strategic partnerships with community-based organizations, agencies and centers of governance in both the rural and the urban areas of Northern California.

The following publications are a product of these collaborative efforts. Habitat Enhancement in the Salmon Creek Estuary. Cleaner, More Efficient Method of Creating Biofuel. If ever you feel slightly pessimistic about the future, remember that there are brilliant young people out there who are willing to take charge and develop solutions to the world’s great challenges. 16 year-old Evie Sobczak from St.

Petersburg, Florida has engineered a new method of turning algae into biofuel. Optical rectenna turns light directly into usable electricity. Preparing Your Homestead for Winter - From the Ground Up Blog. Although it’s hard to believe right now, winter will be here before you know it. Solar-powered Fontus pulls water from the air while you ride your bike. Brilliant WarkaWater Towers Collect Drinking Water from Thin Air in Ethiopia.

Italian designer Arturo Vittori has unveiled the WarkaWater Tower, a revoluntionary new way to collect clean drinking water in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. Off-Grid (And Power-Free) Refrigeration For Year-Round Food. How to get rid of wasps naturally. In my last post, I shared two reasons you may want to leave a wasp nest up in your yard or garden. However, there are a variety of reasons you may not want to do that, For us, our small backyard means that any wasp nest is easily disturbed — making for angry wasps, which can lead to stings. How to Build a Root Cellar in 7 Steps. Portable woodstove folds down, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes. Growing and Rediscovering Hedgerows. I Dream Of A Rocket Mass Heater This Winter.....41 Fantastic Views.

Thermal Mass & Energy Efficient Design: How Much is Enough? By guest author, Ashley Lubyk Thermal Mass Defined When it comes to building an energy efficient home the discussion often rests on how much insulation should be in the walls, in the ceiling, under the slab, etc. Small-scale solar desalination system aims for affordable water independence. What to Do If You Are the Victim of an Overspray - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. DIY Natural Backyard Pond. Peace Country Gardens. Circular Homestead Calendar. La Cañada family's solar oven business on the rise - LA Canada.

11 Easy Plants for Your Fall Garden - The Farm Barbie Blog. This Duckweed Survival House emergency shelter rises above floods. A new kind of glass could create next-gen OLEDs and solar cells. Steffen Welsch Architects' Rammed Earth House produces all its own energy and captures all its own water in Australia. Sweetgrass as bug repellent. Chamfer Home: Tiny Self-Sufficient House Operates Off-Grid in Any Locale. 100% Sustainable Electricity From Plants. Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Earthship houses. Solar-powered POD-Idladla is a tiny flat-pack home for two that lets you live almost anywhere.

Tiny self sustaining houses Rural Life CAN Be for Everyone - Gritting Real Blog. Nation's First Hempcrete House Makes A Healthy Statement. Tesla homepower battery. I Heart Intelligence 11 reasons why Earthships are the future - I Heart Intelligence. All Year Growing - Underground Greenhouses. Organic Art-itecture: Dream Home Inspiration From Mexico. Vegetable Waste Into Durable “Leather” Natural homes built by inspirational people and their advice... Bladeless Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine! Beautiful Woven Refugee Tents Get Their Power from the Sun. Live off the grid and rent-free in the charming Wohnwagon mobile caravan. SolSource Solar Grill. Green Heron Tools - Farm & Garden Tools for Women. Crystal Clear Solar Panels Could Turn Your iPhone Into an Energy Generator.

Wilson Solar Grill Stores the Sun's Energy For Nighttime Grilling. 16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers. How a Modern Root Cellar Could Help Small Farms Sell Food Year-Round. Hemp Insulation: A Carbon Negative Alternative To Rock Wool. Inpenetrable living fence?? (trees forum at permies) Property Protection: Living Fencing. American Lime Technology Website. Search results for "rainwater harvesting" (showing 1-20 of 28 books) Blue Future Filters, Inc. Slow Sand Filters. Centre for Alternative Technology. Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies.

Maya Pedal - Pedal Powered Machines in Guatemala. Natural Building Collective. Yestermorrow Design Build School offers a variety of courses in sustainable design : Think with your hands. Hemp Concrete: Promising New Green Building Material.

Cave Homes: Can You Dig It? - Eco-Travel. American Lime Technology Website. Chill food without electricity with the flowerpot fridge. DIY Varnish: Linseed & Bees Wax. The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Carts and Tools - Exceptional farm and garden tools. Agroforestry for Sustainability: An Online Resource Collection: Flowforms. Turning Body Heat into Power: Ann Makonsinki's Latest Inventions. Diverting Urine in a Compost Toilet System. Country Internet Access - Tools. 17 Tiny Houses to Make You Swoon. Restoration Agriculture Development Keyline Design: Thoughts from Neil Bertrando - Restoration Agriculture Development.

8 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most Of Us Have Forgotten) Hemp Based Batteries Could Change The Way We Store Energy Forever. How to Eco-retrofit Your Home with Rosemary Morrow.