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Karma Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset. The wise man once said you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

Karma Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

A human is seldom shackled in the web of karma of his own mind, He is liberated from the karma under the guidance of a true master. Everyone reaps the labour of our deeds. It is believed Bad deeds performed by a person wreaks havoc upon them and good deeds prosper them, this is our understanding of karma. Loneliness Counselling & Therapy. Alone, not lonely used to be my favorite catchphrase.

Loneliness Counselling & Therapy

Appreciating solitude, taking out me-time, and connecting with friends and family when not spending time alone used to be my pass time. The time I moved to a different country for better professional opportunity, my personal life took a setback. Love Failure Quotes and Sayings - BetterLYF. Best Love Quotes in Tamil with Images. Love is pure, pleasing, painful, sweet, and dreadful, all at once.

Best Love Quotes in Tamil with Images

But, love is a basic necessity in every human’s life. We all need love and care to live a healthy and happy life. Love has many definitions, many languages but one emotion. Break Up Quotes For Broken Heart. LOVE, these four letters holds the magic that fills our world with colour and happiness.

Break Up Quotes For Broken Heart

Sometimes you get it and sometimes you lose it but ultimately it stays in your heart, in your life. We all witness the true tragedy of love, not all loves end in a wedding and those that do don’t all last permanently. When you are in love with someone and it’s true and when it breaks, You feels the world is ending for you and hope of living is lost somewhere. You separate yourself from colleagues and family and settle into degraded depression. The feeling you have right now has been felt by almost everyone who is dealing with love failure. Inspirational Quotes for Depression. Depression causes the persistent feeling of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities which were enjoyable before, and causes significant disability in functioning in daily life.

Inspirational Quotes for Depression

Here are some depression quotes and sayings, which will give you an insight into what depression is, and what it is like. Overcoming Depression Quotes With Images Depression Quotes 1- It is a common misconception that depression means being sad, or crying a lot, or dressing ’emo’ to be dramatic, to show sadness. Love Quotes in Telugu with images. Know Your Counsellor. Inspirational Quotes for Depression. Karma Explained- BetterLYF. BetterLYF Online Counseling. Introspection - Definition, Psychology, And Applications. Had one of those days where you have just sat back and thought about what is happening in your life?

Introspection - Definition, Psychology, And Applications

Have you tried to figure out what is going wrong and tried to understand where all this is coming from? If yes, then you have engaged in self-introspection briefly. Counselling For Relationship By BetterLYF. BetterLYF Wellness Coach. Happiness plays a pretty important role in our lives and impacts a lot the way we live our lives.

BetterLYF Wellness Coach

As per some researches, our happiness depends on how satisfied we feel in our life and how good we feel on a daily basis. Although both things are moderately stable as our life is bound to changes, our mood fluctuates, and our general happiness is more determined genetically than anything else. Still, the good part is, with constant efforts, this can be balanced. Although there is no fixed definition of happiness but some philosophers, politicians, actors and others in between have sometimes tried to explain their view of happiness in words.

Read these best happy quotes to learn the meaning of true Happiness. Relationship Counseling - BetterLYF. Sexual Dissatisfaction According to research published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships(2005), incompatibility in sexual desires and drives leads to sexual dissatisfaction, this is one of the main motivators for cheating in men .Apart from that 20% of men seek novelty and adventure in sexual experiences which leads them to seek it outside the primary relationship.

Relationship Counseling - BetterLYF

Emotional Dissatisfaction Intimacy is a cornerstone of any relationship. It involves connection and closeness with our partner. Lack of emotional intimacy, validation and attention can lead to feeling disconnected and dissatisfied within the relationship, increasing the chances of seeking intimacy outside the relationship. BetterLYF Wellness Coach. Psychology Myths and Misconceptions - BetterLYF. After Breakup Quotes - BetterLYF. Breakups look a lot like grief.

After Breakup Quotes - BetterLYF

You can be angry, shocked, depressed, hurt and sometimes ALL at once. The pain of separation can feel like actual physical pain. But when it comes to breakup, you got to go through to grow through it. Quotes and Sayings about Karma - BetterLYF. Online Psychiatrist - BetterLYF. Psychology Myths and Misconceptions Which Need To Be Busted. With the expansion of mental health initiatives and awareness, many philosophies and terms related to psychology are being used by the general public.

Psychology Myths and Misconceptions Which Need To Be Busted

But there are a lot of myths created because of the layman definitions. Below are some common psychology myths which need to be busted. Psychology Myths and Misconceptions 1. You are either left or right-brained We often hear that a creative person is right-brained while the analytical one is right-brained. Reality:- Researches show that there are no dominant sides of the brain. 2. We often hear that people who are opposites attract. Reality: – Researches show that this is not true. 3. BetterLYF Depression Quotes and Sayings. Best Marriage Quotes by BetterLYF. Friendship Therapy: Free Online Friendship Counseling and Help.

HISTORY TAKING:In initial sessions, the focus is on the concern and its impact. In-depth history about the nature, duration, and quality of the friendship, what changed and how differences started causing conflicts are taken. DEALING WITH EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES:Moving forward the counselor explores how you are dealing with the concern, how it is affecting you as a person, what are the emotional consequences of the concern. Differences and conflicts can cause extreme sadness, mood disturbances and loss of interest. Therapy sessions aim to address these emotional challenges so as to counteract day to day disruptions. BUILDING AWARENESS:In a therapy session, psychoeducation and building awareness is an important part. Comparison:It's human nature to compare yourself to those around you. Online Counselling - BetterLYF. Best Quotes About Marriage - BetterLYF. Marriage word can be scary, dreamy, restraining, or simply a fear of unknown.

Be it love or arranged, everyone faces challenges of all sorts to sustain or flourish in this bond. Here are the best marriage quotes that can help you understand the fundamental principles couples can adopt in their lives. Marriage is not the main goal, it is a process that involves innumerable efforts to sustain what the couple has signed up together. In a marriage, things will keep changing, there will be no point where things aren’t changing. How to Convince your Parents for Love Marriage? Marriage Counselling BetterLYF. Marriage is about two families or two individuals? The institution of marriage in India is considered to be a very sacred bond.

With a gradual shift from a traditional approach to a modern one, the view of marriage has found to be taking a different shape. The traditional Indian families favour arrange marriages because of various reasons, but in recent times, a different picture is being painted, that is adults choosing their partners going beyond the conventional background. Know Your Counsellor. True And Real Love Quotes and Sayings.

Talking about true love, expectations, relationships, it is too subjective and individualistic to everyone hence difficult to write down a general concept. Have you ever wondered how far should a person go in the name of true love or whether the person we are with even matches our definition of love that we all have in our mind. When was the last time you could pause and look at your relationship and felt that this is true love and i am genuinely happy in this relationship be it between a couple or friends. Do we still doubt after several months or years of being together that are we even in love? Am i even interested anymore or got bored? Is it just infatuation or am i just attached because of my own insecurities? We all go through the phase in a relationship where we do question it based on our past experiences or present circumstances or define it based on “how we choose for the other person to love us” which when we do not see getting fulfilled, we doubt the emotion, love.

True And Real Love Quotes and... Impact & Overcoming Negative Thoughts. Table of Contents “Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistake of logic.” — Edward de Bono What are Negative Thoughts? Can you identify with the thoughts mentioned below? I often find myself ruminating specially over an unpleasant incidentA fearful anticipation of what’s going to happen next or in future always keeps me preoccupiedThere is always an unsaid need to feel validated from my loved ones to feel safe and happy about myself and my choicesI tend feel dejected, upset, irritated and moody when things do not go my wayOften, I find myself expecting a lot from people/ loved ones and when they fail to deliver, I hold onto it against them and myself tooI question myself somewhere even if I know the other person has done me wrongI just find positives to not be very convincing or believable based on my observation and experiences in life We may be able to relate to some of these thoughts with varying degrees of intensity.

Impact of Negative Thinking: 1. How to Convince your Parents for Love Marriage? BetterLYF. Love Quotes in Telugu - BetterLYF. Love Quotes in Tamil - BetterLYF. Love Quotes in Tamil with Images - BetterLYF. Happiness Quotes - BetterLYF. Know Your Counsellor. Best Inspiring Counseling Quotes. There come times in life when we have days of joy and happiness that makes us feel fulfilled and then sometimes we feel less inspired or motivated than usual. Sometimes we feel our best less often than usual, we want to and then difficult times can make us feel falling apart. But only a few words of encouragement can help a lot to get out of a slump. Encouragement plays a major role to get higher success in completion of goals, improve our self-esteem, and increases openness.

This encouragement can be support from family members, close friends, life-partner, co-workers, a counsellor or therapist or anyone around us. Although, some people might not be so lucky to have such support around them, specifically in case of those staying far from home for work, who rarely get a chance to spend quality time with closed ones. True Love Quotes. Online Therapy by BetterLYF. Depression Quotes Images - BetterLYF. How to Find a Therapist Near You? Find the Right One But HOW? If you are wondering, “How would I discover a therapist close to me?”

This is an indication that you are already trying to help yourself with the various mental concerns. Seeking therapy can help one better deal with psychological and emotional concerns developing from the environmental, social or personal front. Inspirational Quotes for Depression. Relationship Counseling by BetterLYF. Introspection - Definition, Psychology, And Applications.

Online Counselling - BetterLYF. Online Relationship Counselling. BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy. Relationship Quotes That Motivates You In Love. Online Counselling for Relationship by BetterLYF. Know Your Counsellor. BetterLYF Best Online Psychiatrist Near YOU. BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy. EAP by BetterLYF Counselling and Therapy Services. EAP by BetterLYF Counselling and Therapy Services. Unlocking Secret Behind A Happy Relationship. Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind a happy long-lasting relationship? Well, a recent study with data from over 11,000 couples have found some interesting results that you must know! Using first-of- its-kind artificial intelligence (AI), they have identified the top predictors that make partners feel positively about their relationship. Surprisingly, they found that characteristics related to relationship (couple’s perceptions of the relationship itself) were significantly more powerful predictors of relationship quality overall than individual characteristics of couples.

In simpler words, the kind of relationship you build with your partner has a direct impact on your happiness than your individual characteristics like satisfaction with life, anxiety, whether their parents’ marriage worked out, etc. Some relationship-specific factors which most reliably predicted relationship quality were: Perceived partner commitment (eg. Glocal WebsoftMetrite Web. Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life From Quran. Islam. Online Counselling by BetterLYF. BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy. How to Deal with Adversities? Pro Tips To Deal with Adversity. ‘Our problems don’t define us, but the way we handle them does.’ BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy.

Online Psychologist. Online Psychologist. Psychological Help Online. BetterLYF Online Psychiatrist Consultation. Online Psychotherapy By BetterLYF. Managing Fears and Anxiety With Help of BetterLYF. How to be a better friend? Friendship Counselling by BetterLYF. When we look for ways to be a better friend, it’s not necessary that we are a bad friend. Maybe we’re just company. If you stumbled upon here by choice, your willingness to be invested is commendable. However, one can only level up their friendship, given the effort is a two-way street. We all understand that the key here is mostly to show genuine care, respect and trust, but let’s discuss on the implementation of it: 1. 2.

It’s easy to jump to advice when a friend is sharing a personal experience. 3. Online Counselling and Therapy by BetterLYF. I have been noticing a change inside me, a gradual shift from an effortless smile to a smile which is now taxing. Getting up in the morning is now a BIG task. Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life From Quran. Counseling for Relationships: Online Relationship Counselling in India - Betterlyf. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ Quotes About Life & Success. A 2006 released movie “The pursuit of happyness” An elegant story about a dad and his son, inspired people over the world.

What is Sapiosexual? Definition, Meaning and Signs of Sapiosexual. Karma Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset. BetterLYF: Online Counselling. Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life From Quran. Relationship Quotes That Motivates You In Love. Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life From Quran. What Could Have Sushant Rajput Done? It is always shocking to hear news on suicide.

We never see it coming, and perhaps that leaves us with a lot of questions in mind. What were they feeling? Why didn’t they share? How could I have helped? BetterLYF: Online Counselling. Online Counselling and Therapy by BetterLYF. Online Psychologist. Online PTSD and Trauma Therapy- BetterLYF. What Our Kids Are Hiding Behind Their Misbehavior. Warning Signs of Mental Illness. Know Your Counsellor. Online Psychologist. Depression Quotes. Anxiety Counselling Online in India - Betterlyf. BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy. Best and Short Karma Quotes - GlocalWebSoft. Karma Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset. BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy. Online Counselling and Therapy By BetterLYF. How To Cover the Gap Between Generations? BetterLYF. I am Attracted to my Brother and It Does not feel Wrong. Bridge The Generation Gap with BetterLYF Family Counselling. Health & Wellness Books By BetterLYF.

Online Counselling by BetterLYF.