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Autumn Tree Pillow [Tutorial] It's that wonderful time of year when the leaves are changing color and the weather calls for sweaters, scarves and hot chocolate.

Autumn Tree Pillow [Tutorial]

I've been meaning to make a few new pillows for our new place, so I thought that an Autumn tree pillow would be perfect! Thanks to the Ribbon Retreat, I have just the tutorial for you. I could picture it in my head, but I had no idea if it'd work and after it was finished it turned out better than I expected. Plus, it was an easy and very quick project. Autumn Tree Pillow Tutorial: Level: easy Time: maybe 3 to 4 hours (I spread mine out over days) Supplies: - a throw pillow of any size - A variety of other colors of fabrics for the leaves.

. - Two sided fusible interfacing. - Go HERE to download the tree template and adjust it in word or photo shop so that it fits your pillow according to the size. //1// Measure one side of your throw pillow (my pillow is 18x18). //2// Did you go HERE to get your tree template? Happy Autumn! Pinwheel Pillow Tutorial. DIY: Patchwork pillow case made from free IKEA fabric samples. When I first saw that "our" IKEA (the one we're visiting quite regularly) had a new corner installed, filled with fabric samples for all sofa covers available...

DIY: Patchwork pillow case made from free IKEA fabric samples

Can you guess my reaction? My brother was with me that day on his very first trip to an IKEA store ever and he had to witness my muffled scream "Free fabrics!!! ", the crazy eyes and my immediate plans to rob IKEA off their full stock of samples to make a huge bed cover. Thank god crazy runs in our family and he was willing to help! We decided to proceed cautiously to not attract too much attention. - Okay, well, we still took so many samples we could stuff into our pockets and my handbag (We were really interested in all the options we had for our new sofa cover...of course.).

The bed cover had to be postponed, however. So, here we go! [2] Get rid of the paper. . [3] I wanted the pillow case to be colorful and use all the different types of fabrics. . [4] After that I sewed the pairs together to get the rows of the pillow. DIY Felt Accented Pillow Cover - Blog - homeandawaywithlisa. I love throw pillows.

DIY Felt Accented Pillow Cover - Blog - homeandawaywithlisa

I have what seems like a million of them and it is fun to have different covers to swap out and change the look of my rooms. When I saw this pillow cover on Joss and Main I thought it looked really cute and I liked the dimension of the folded material. It reminded me of the first fold in making a cootie catcher when I was a kid. The fuschia color was not my style, but I liked the concept of the pillow so I pinned it to refer to later.

I decided to use the Pinterest Challenge hosted by Sherry, Katie, Michelle and Megan as an excuse to break out my sewing machine and make a throw pillow inspired by this pin. To start I cut a bunch of 4" squares from various shades of blue and teal felt using my rotary cutter. I then folded all of the points into the center and pinned them. I arranged the little felt shapes on the front of a piece of pale tan linen and pinned them in place. I sewed through the shapes across the centers and then removed the pins. Iron Craft ’13 #5 – Shaggy T-Shirt Pillow. For this Iron Craft challenge we had to do something green, either the color green or something that was green because it reused something else.

Iron Craft ’13 #5 – Shaggy T-Shirt Pillow

I struggled for an idea, but then realized some of my husband’s old t-shirts would work great to make a shaggy pillow like this inspiration from CB2*. I think the result turned out very chic. Not only did a reuse t-shirts that were meant for the trash in this project, but I also dyed them with tea that we didn’t care for and were going to throw away. (You can read about how I dyed the t-shirts here.)

I also reused a pillow insert from an old pillow. I’ll admit this was one time consuming project. I felt a bit under the gun, because I was leaving on vacation and didn’t have the full challenge period to get it done. As I said, I am very happy with the results, though as always there are a few buts. Supplies: t-shirtshook rug canvas (you could also use the sticky, plastic grid used to help hold carpets in place) Tools: 1. 2. 3. Fold a strip in half.